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8.4.0 Release Features and Functionality (May 2, 2018)

BuyerQuest 8.4, released on May 2, 2018, includes a number of significant feature enhancements and additions.


About BuyerQuest 8.4 

BuyerQuest 8.4 offers increased functionality in a number of key areas, most notably in catalog upload improvements and efficiencies and with increased functionality in the import and display of product information. 
These Release Notes offer brief descriptions of each feature. 
For additional information on how to implement and configure a feature, access the Documentation Topics listed at the end of each feature description.

Supplier Network 

Product Videos May be Uploaded to Offer Additional Rich Product Content

Product videos are now included in the rich product content available in the BuyerQuest Marketplace made possible by capabilities in upload and display of video content. Suppliers may import any number of product videos using the Additional Attributes catalog upload file to provide key supplemental information on products benefiting from video. A new attribute type of "video" is available to display YouTube or Vimeo video files. Videos may also be added to Product Information in the Admin Control Panel. 

Videos are available for viewing  from the Product Details page. 

Video Display from the Product Details Page 

BuyerQuest VideoPDP2018APR16.png

See Documentation Topics:
    Manage Products
    View Product and Services Details
    Catalog Upload - Additional Attributes  - includes an updated upload template 

Common Fields Upload Accommodates Partial Product Data

The Common Fields Delta Catalog upload functionality supports uploads of partial product data, providing increased flexibility and efficiency for suppliers in maintaining up-to-date product data.  This capability allows suppliers to upload files containing only the product information they need to update rather than full product records.

All columns except SKU are considered optional in the Delta upload process, so that suppliers may include only the fields needed for a product update, such as price, lead time, an update to a product image, or the addition of a product video. 

The default catalog upload type has also been changed from Full to Delta. 

Catalog Upload Type Defaulted to Delta

BuyerQuest CatalogUploadDelta2018Apr16.png

See Documentation Topics:
    Self-Service Catalog Management Overview
    Catalog Upload - Common Fields - includes an updated upload template
    Catalog Upload Status and Validation Reports

Updated Validations for Common Fields Catalog Import

BuyerQuest has updated header and line level validation actions and messaging to provide more actionable information for suppliers monitoring catalog uploads. Messaging on both full and delta uploads provides specific information on errors and also presents the details on individual catalog requirements for fields when failure occurs. 

Warnings are also annotated in the error report, with warning messages reporting the system actions taken for specific field issues. 

The BuyerQuest documentation on Catalog Uploads offers the full list of field use cases with complete messaging and validation actions in Catalog Status and Validation Reports. 

See Documentation Topics:
    Catalog Upload Status and Validation Reports

Catalog Page and Process Enhancements 

Enhancements to the Catalog Grid support increased efficiency in catalog management by providing greater visibility into upload file types and processing status. Status Details are included in a separate column in the Catalog Grid, where they can be filtered for easy identification of uploads that may need further attention or action. 

The Catalog Grids offers a clear presentation of key catalog information in these filterable fields: Catalog ID, Type, Status, Status Details, Date, Submitter, and Suppliers.

The Catalog Details Page features the information in the grid, plus the ability to download the files for Catalog, Validation Report, and Change Report. 

Catalog Changes  are easily filtered and reviewed in a dedicated section.

Approve Catalogs Grid

BuyerQuest ApproveCatalogsGrid.png

Catalog Upload Details

BuyerQuest CatalogDetails.png

See Documentation Topics:
    Self-Service Catalog Management Overview 

Conditional Rules for Catalog Upload Approvals 

The addition of a Conditional Rule for Catalog Approvals provides increased flexibility in how catalogs are approved. Configuration options for catalog approval are no longer limited to either auto-approval or manual approval of all catalogs for a supplier. The addition of a Conditional Rule offers the choice to specify a percentage of tolerance for price increases in the catalog file along with a designated Approver. 

All Catalog Approval Rules apply to an entire catalog. 

Catalog Approval Rules in the Admin Control Panel

BuyerQuest ConditionalCatalogApproval.png

See Documentation Topics:
    Manage Supplier Information 
    Supplier Creation
    Suppliers Import - includes an updated import template

Updates to Catalog Notifications Emails

Email Notifications of key status changes offer crucial information for only the actionable points in the Catalog Update workflow. Suppliers and other key roles receive email notifications when a catalog fails validation, requires approval, is commented and is processed successfully. However, emails are no longer sent to Suppliers when a catalog passes validation or is pending approval. 

See Documentation Topics:
    Catalog Emails

Marketplace Module

Performance Improvements in Product Information Display 

Pagination of Search Results and product listings in Browse by Category and Shop by Supplier offer buyers more control over viewing and navigating through product information. Performance has been improved with product information display configured for 48 items per page and the ability to quickly navigate through pages.  Preferred Products display is optimized when preferred products are configured to be presented by relevance. 

Sort and filter are applicable to all the items in the set.

Navigation of Paginated Search Results

BuyerQuest NavigationofSearchResults.png


See Documentation Topics: 
    View Product and Services Details
    Shop by Category 

Improvements in Management and Display of Search Terms

The Search Terms Grid in Catalog Management in the Admin Control Panel has been revamped to increase the usefulness and visibility of crucial aspects of search term management. The Search Term Grid is used for review of use of specific Search Terms, multi-lingual Term management, and also serves as the hub for Search Replacements, Redirects, and Related Terms. 

Search Terms Grid

BuyerQuest SearchTermsGrid.png

See Documentation Topics:
    Search Term Management - Terms, Replacements, and Synonyms

Long Description in Product Information May be Configured to be Searchable

Buying organizations may now choose to expand searchable product content to include the long Product Description. Administrators can set a configuration for the description to include it in the rich product content available to buyers in search. 

Set Product Description to be Searchable in System Attributes

BuyerQuest DescriptionSearchableAttribute2018May03.png

See Documentation Topics:

Product Attributes in Search

Platform Module

Product Tags May be Imported and Exported 

Increased efficiency in the deployment and leveraging of Product Tags results from the capability for organizations to import and export Product Tags. A Product Tag is a relationship between a key term and a product SKU. The ability to import product tags replaces manual processes to identify associations of SKUs with terms, providing a quick and easy way to load tag-SKU pairs in bulk for easy management of this powerful search tool. Once loaded, Product Tags are easily leveraged to create product collections in the BuyerQuest Marketplace for groups of buyers.

See Documentation Topics:
    Product Tag Import - includes an import template    
    Search Boost, Product Tagging, and Preferred Products - includes an export template
    Creating Product Collections Using Product Tags

Payables Module

Invoice Reconciliation Page Enhancements

The Invoice Reconciliation page has been revamped to offer an improved presentation of the full complement of information necessary for Invoice Reconcilers to review and reconcile invoices. This detailed page offers three sections: Invoice Information, Header Level Exceptions, and Line Level Exceptions, with information presented for easy viewing and evaluation. 

New and revised features available from the page include a detailed invoice information section and header and line-level exception sections. Functionality in the Save as PDF feature and in access to all invoice-related related records connects the Reconciler to all the information needed for review and reconciliation. 

Invoice Reconciliation Page

BuyerQuest InvoiceReconciliationPage.png

See Documentation Topics:
    Reconcile Invoices and Handle Exceptions

"Deliver To" Field Added to Transaction Purchase Order Report

The "Deliver To" Field is included in the Transaction Purchase Order Report to provide critical information needed by the buying organization. 

See Documentation Topics:
    Purchase Order Transactions Report Export