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8.5.0 Release Features and Functionality (May 31, 2018)

BuyerQuest 8.5, released May 31, 2018, includes a number of significant new and enhanced features.


About BuyerQuest 8.5  

BuyerQuest 8.5 offers increased functionality in a number of key areas:

  • Content Group filtering for documents
  • Supplier Record maintenance
  • Delta catalog upload for Tiered Pricing
  • Improvements to Saved Shopping Lists

These Release Notes offer brief descriptions of each feature. 

For additional information on how to implement and configure a feature, access the Documentation Topics listed at the end of each feature description.

Platform Module

Content Group Filtering in Document Grids

Management of Content Group ownership of documents has been made more efficient with the addition of content group filters in document grids in the Admin Control Panel. It's easy to view and manage the documents that belong to any given Content Group and to limit viewing of documents by Content Group. 

The Content Group filters for all the document grids also allow easy export of data via CSV for use in reporting and tracking status of both resolved documents and documents needing further action.

Documents that can be filtered by content group are Transferred Carts, Requests, Requests Pending Approval, Purchase Orders, Receipts, ASNs, Invoices, and Credit Memos.

Tiered Pricing Catalog File May be Uploaded in Delta Mode

BuyerQuest has extended delta upload capability to Tiered Pricing files, allowing suppliers to upload only added or updated pricing information. Extending the delta upload capability to the Tiered Pricing file now offers delta upload functionality to the full complement of the catalog upload files. 

Suppliers benefit significantly from the delta upload functionality for all catalog files -- uploads for updated or added information are quick and easy and feature clear and useful validation reporting for straightforward product information updates. 

Delta Upload for Tiered Pricing Catalog File

BuyerQuest TieredPricingDeltaUpload2018May14.png

See Documentation Topics:

Catalog Files - Detailed Description
Catalog Upload - Tiered Pricing

Global Configurations for Notification Management

Email notifications in the buying workflow can be managed through a global configuration to enable or disable email notifications for each stage of the workflow, from Creation of a Request to Settlement Response Received. Through global configuration Administrators may then control which email notifications may be enabled in the Account Settings in the Main Menu for all users in the organization

For example, if an organization does not use a settlement provider, the Settlement Success Response Received Email Notification can be disabled in the Global Configuration so that it is not an option in the Account Settings for purchasing users in the organization. 

Global Configuration of Email Notifications

BuyerQuest EmailManagementGlobal2018Amy14.png

See Documentation Topics:

Email Notification Management 

Supplier Record Information Revamped for Easier Reference

Supplier Information has been reorganized and is easier to view and manage in the Supplier Record area in the Admin Control Panel. 

Corporate Information and Internal Relationship Manager Information are available in separate sections in the Company Profile and key fields have been updated and reorganized. 

Company Profile Section in Supplier Information

BuyerQuest SupplierCompanyProfile2018May14.png

See Documentation Topics:

Manage Supplier Information
Supplier Creation

Marketplace Module

Saved Shopping List Enhancements

Products from a Punchout Supplier may not be saved to a Saved Shopping List from a Cart or a Request to prevent products from being ordered which may not be available in the future

The Save to Shopping List function has been removed for punchout items on the Shopping Cart and Request Submission page and clear messaging displays when an attempt is made to save a punchout item to a Saved Shopping List.

For the same reason, items from a Disabled Supplier are not displayed in a Saved Shopping List. When the status of the supplier or product is enabled, the item will again display in the list and be available to be added to an order. 

See Documentation Topics:

Saved Shopping Lists

Products Must be Configured before they are Ordered

Products with multiple skus or custom options must be fully configured before they can be added to orders. Clearly worded warnings prompt buyers to complete necessary configurations for such products before these items can be are added to orders via Quick Order, an Edit to a Request, or an Edit or Change to a Purchase Order. 

See Documentation Topics:

Shop by SKU or Part Number
Edit a Request
Change, Cancel, or Close a Purchase Order

Notifications Widget Removed 

The Notifications Widget has been removed from both the Main Widget area and the Right Sidebar Widget area to alleviate any possible associated performance issues. Administrators can create a Content Management System (CMS) Block to provide the same functionality. 

See Documentation Topics:

UI Management - Home Page Widgets
Content Management (CMS) for Static Blocks

Payables Module

Attachments and Comments Enabled in Invoice Reconciliation

The addition of attachments and comments sections in the Invoice Reconciliation Page facilitates key information exchange and collaboration between the reconciler and their colleagues involved in the payables workflow. 

Similar to the Invoice Page, the Reconciliation Page features a section supporting the addition of attachments as well as a section where comments may be submitted. Note that comments added during reconciliation will trigger notification emails to the recipients configured to receive them. 

Comment and Attachments Section in Invoice Reconciliation Page

BuyerQuest CommentsAttachmentsReconciliation2018May15.png

See Documentation Topics: 

Reconcile Invoices and Handle Exceptions
Post-Reconciliation Approval

Invoice Improvements

Revamping of Invoice information on the Invoice Details page and the Reconciliation and Approval grids provides clearer information for approvers, reconcilers, and payables staff to view, filter, and reference.

  • Invoices feature more standard labeling of the Ship to and Bill to areas of the invoice and on the Invoice Approval page. 
  • When created, the Invoice date defaults to the current date
  • Administrative improvements include streamlining of permissions and logic for Global Invoice Search. 
  • Due Date and Invoice Date are featured on the Invoice Reconciliation Grid.  
  • Due Date has been added to Invoice Approval Grid.