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8.6.0 Release Features and Functionality (June 29, 2018)

BuyerQuest 8.6, released on June 30, 2018, includes a number of feature enhancements.

Payables Module

Settlement by Credit Card or P-Card Available at Checkout

BuyerQuest provides the functionality for Settlement by Credit Card or P-Card during Checkout. This enhanced payment functionality accommodates both types of card and offers a quick and easy payment solution that's comparable to an online consumer experience.

Settlement by card also supports owner/operators and organizations with decentralized accounts payable operations. It's a straightforward payment solution whose immediate and obvious benefit is that suppliers are paid more quickly. 

Configuration of this payment method is simple and straightforward at both the supplier and buyer levels. Buying organizations are afforded significant flexibility in the use of this functionality, as the payment method is configured by Content Group.

Card information is collected at Checkout and downstream processes proceed as usual. Invoice history and emails provide clear updates on payment status

Credit Card Payment in Checkout

BuyerQuest CreditCardPayment2018Jun12.png

Marketplace Module

Search Bar Placement Improves Visibility

The search bar in the BuyerQuest Marketplace is centered on each page for increased visibility to shoppers. 

Search Bar Centered in Marketplace

BuyerQuest SearchBarCentered2018Jun01.png

Platform Module

Expansion of Permissions Allows Non-Document Owners to View and Take Action on Requests, Purchase Orders, and Invoices

Users performing key roles in the procurement workflow who have Global Search Permission for a document type can now perform the same crucial actions as document owners  on Requests, Purchase Orders, and Invoices. 

For example, this expansion serves to enable Accounts Payable staff to create Invoices and Credit Memos from the Purchase Orders they have viewing access to.

Actions available to be performed by non-document-owner users with global search permission include the following:


  • View Request
  • Edit, Change, or Withdraw Request and Reorder Items require specific permissions for each.

Purchase Orders

  • View Request
  • View Purchase Order
  • Change, Cancel, Close, or Reorder Purchase Order require specific permissions for each
  • Create Invoice, Credit Memo, or Receipt require specific permissions for each. 


  • View Invoice and Exceptions
  • View Purchase Order
  • Save Invoice as PDF
  • Create Credit Memo or Update Status to Paid require specific permissions for each.

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