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8.8.0 Release Features and Functionality (August 31, 2018)

BuyerQuest 8.8.0, released on August 31, 2018, includes a number of feature enhancements.

Marketplace Module

Visual Search Offers Point-and-Click Search and Location of Items in Images 

BuyerQuest offers the code and capability for buyers to quickly search and locate items by clicking an image of an item to initiate a search. This Visual Search capability leverages the power of CMS Static Blocks that can be placed on a page or included in a home page widget. Buying organizations may also set up product collections with product tags to offer a set of recommended items associated with an image or area on an image. 

The image is set up with the code and coordinates so that when a buyer clicks on the image area, search terms or product tags are used in search to return a set of items the buyer should choose from. 

Watch the video below to learn the details of this powerful image-based search strategy.

See Documentation Topics:

Visual Search Uses Images to Locate Products    
Content Management (CMS) for Static Blocks 
UI Management - Home Page Widgets 

Enhancements to Checkout Review Page 

The BuyerQuest Checkout Review page benefits from an updated design, resulting in a more useful and intuitive presentation of information and functionality. Buyers benefit from clear display of editing options for content they have permission to view and edit: shipping, billing, and accounting and other line item details such as commodity group . 

Specific improvements include the following: 

  • Clear presentation of Edit function for header and line items  
  • Clear display of Line Item information 
  • Product names display in a maximum of two lines, with full product name viewable on hover
  • Quantity and Total are more prominently displayed
  • Shipping and Accounting information benefit from improved display 
  • Accounting details display in full on hover
  • Commodity Group has been moved to the Accounting column 
Sample Enhanced Checkout Review Page


See Documentation Topics: 

Create a Request at Checkout

Display and Update of Billing Location on the Checkout Page

Changes to the Checkout Review page provide the ability to review and update the Billing Location at both the header level and line level for properly permissioned users.  The ability to change the billing location supports buyers who may be purchasing for more than one location and who need to use a billing location other than the default.  Billing Location may also be set to be the same as Shipping Location.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of the BuyerQuest Checkout Page design and its easy-to-use editing capability.


See Documentation Topics: 

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General Configuration - Shipping and Billing

Payables Module

Credit Memo Integration in Invoice Reconciliation and Approval Rules 

Credit Memo information is integrated into the Invoice rules calculation and related areas to display correct remaining balances. Credit Memos are made available to the reconciler with all the documents related to the invoice during reconciliation, providing complete and accurate information needed for this crucial operation. 

Sample Invoice Displaying Credit Memo Information

See Documentation Topics:

Reconcile Invoices and Handle Exceptions
Create and View Credit Memos
Purchase Orders (Supplier)

Platform Module

Content Group Detail Page Provides More Visibility into Group Members

The Content Group Detail Page lists information on the users, suppliers, and locations associated with a Content Group to provide more visibility into the entities comprising Content Groups. 

Key information on Users, Suppliers, and Locations associated with Content Groups is easily searched and referenced to provide a comprehensive review of content group membership in these three areas. 

Watch the video below for details on how to access and review the specifics of Content Groups. 

See Documentation Topics: 

Content Groups, User Groups, and User Permissions
Create Content Groups

Content Group Selection for OK2Pay, Purchase Order Export, and Transaction Reports

Reports in BuyerQuest are filterable based on Content Group for OK2Pay, Purchase Order Export, and Transaction Purchase Order and Invoice Reports. The ability to filter based on Content Group provides support for Owner/Operator businesses and businesses relying heavily on autonomous business units defined using Content Groups. 

Filtering documents by Content Group is configured in Manage Content Groups in the Admin Control Panel. Content groups may be specified when a report is run. 

Cookies Enable Control of Content Display 

BuyerQuest enables the use of cookies to control content displayed to users. Setting a cookie can be used, for example, to limit the display of "What's New" content to the first time a user visits a page, as shown below. 

Example: Message Display Controlled by Cookie

BuyerQuest CookiesControlContent2018Aug21.png


See Documentation Topics: 

Use Cookies to Control User Content 

Supplier Punchout Order Message (POOM) Extrinsics Mapped to Product Attributes 

A configuration added to a Supplier's punchout connection will allow capture and mapping of extrinsics in the Punchout Order Message to product attributes. The values of the product attributes are passed back to the buying organization and stored in the system/ 

Sample Mapping of Extrinsics in the Punchout Order Message to Product Attributes

See Documentation Topics:

Manage Punchout Connections

August 2018 Feature Deprecation - Product Boost  

With the August 2018 BuyerQuest release, Product Boost will be replaced by the Preferred Products functionality, which provides file-based management and removes many of the limitations that restricted the overall usability of Boost.  

Product Tagging has also been extended to support use cases that may have previously been performed by Boost. Both of these features are discussed in detail in the topics referenced below. 

Product Boost - Common Question & Answer 
  1. Question: Will my current boosts be ‘lost’?

    • Answer: No - all items that are currently boosted will remain this way and can be managed in the  CATALOG Manage Product Tags section of the  Admin Control Panel.

  2. Question: Will improvements continue to be made around search management?

    • Answer: Yes!  By deprecating older features, it provides us the bandwidth to deliver rich new features.

Search Management Use Cases   

Search Management    

See the Documentation TopicSearch Boost and Product Tagging, and Preferred Products

Search Strategies  

See the Documentation TopicSearch Tool Enhancements and Strategies

Preferred Products  

Note: Use of the Preferred Products label specified with the color “white” results in no Preferred banner displaying for the products using that label.  However, those  products are moved to the top of the corresponding search results.

Manage Preferred Products Labels  

See the Documentation Topic: Manage Preferred Products

Preferred Products Import   

See the Documentation Topic:  Preferred Products Import

Product Tags and Product Collections   

Product Collections   

See the Documentation Topic: Creating Product Collections Using Product Tags

Product Tag Import   

See the Documentation Topic: Product Tag Import