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8.9.0 Release Features and Functionality (September 28, 2018)

BuyerQuest 8.9, released on September 28, 2018, includes a number of new and enhanced features.

Resources in the BuyerQuest Community 

Best Practices and Feature Videos

Release Notes detailed here on the BuyerQuest Community site provide an overview of new features and enhancements in a release.

We also provide new and updated information of interest to administrators, buyers, and suppliers in other areas of this community site, including the following: 

Best Practices and In-depth Discussions of Features 

See the topics included in the section Making the Most of the BuyerQuest Platform.

BuyerQuest Videos on Product Features

See  BuyerQuest Product Feature Videos, including videos on Catalog Uploads, of special interest to Suppliers.

Videos provide in-depth demonstrations of how to use and configure product features. 

Marketplace Module

Search Recommendations and Improved Search Experience 

Powerful search system improvements provide search recommendations listed with a known number of results when the search terms - consisting of two or more words - as specified by the user do not produce results. The Type Ahead functionality has also been fine tuned to accurately reflect products that may be returned in a search.  

Search Recommendations Provide Clear Guidance

Watch the video for a demonstration of how to use BuyerQuest search features to target search results to meet procurement needs.

See Documentation Topics:

Search Products and Services 

Content Groups May be Used to Determine Approvers 

Content groups are central to the effective configuration of processes needed by decentralized buying organizations. Accordingly, Content Groups are now available as an entity to determine approvers in lookup tables for new and existing Request Approval Rules, Invoice Approval Rules, and Invoice Reconciliation Rules. Using Content Groups as an entity to determine a lookup rule eliminates the need for workarounds in specifying approval rule entities.

See Documentation Topics:

Request Approval Lookup Rules and Lookup Table
Request Approval Rule Management
Request Approval Rule Lookup Table Import
Invoice Approval Rules Management
Invoice Reconciliation and Approval Rule Lookup Table Imports
Invoice Reconciliation Rules Management 

Payables Module

Invoice Reconciliation Rules Add a Condition to Identify Non-PO-based Items

Non-PO-based items included in Invoices can be identified using a new condition "Order Item Line Number" available as a condition in the configuration of invoice reconciliation rules. When this condition's value is null, it can be used to trigger rules for Non-PO-based line items. 

Reconciliation Rule - Non-PO-based Item Condition

BuyerQuest nonpobased2018Sep28.png

See Documentation Topics:

Invoice Reconciliation Rules Management

Invoice Status May be Updated by Administrator 

Buying organizations benefit from an administrator's ability to update the status of an invoice from OK to Pay to Denied for invoices that do not comply with business practices or that have been submitted incorrectly. This update capability is provided through the option Updates Status on the Invoice Grid, allowing Administrators to bulk update the status of invoices.  

The Update Status functionality also allows Administrators to update invoices that have been Denied to OK to Pay. 

Invoice Grid Provides Ability to Update Status of Invoice

See Documentation Topics:

Validate and Track Status of Invoices
Invoices Management 

Approval Reminder Notifications May be Set at Configurable Intervals

Notification Reminder Management in the Admin Control Panel allows administrators to set the frequency at which approvers are reminded of requests or invoices needing their approval. 

Reminder Notifications configured to be sent at regular intervals encourage timely approval and facilitate quick turnaround of requests and invoices. A Send Approval Reminder button is also available for Requests Pending Approval on the Request Details page to accommodate sending ad hoc reminders. Notification Reminders are configured in the Admin Control Panel in the Email Management area. 

Watch the Video on how to configure Approval Reminder Email Notifications.  

See Documentation Topics:

Email Notification Management
View Requests