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7.7.0 Release Features and Functionality (November 30, 2017)

BuyerQuest 7.7.0, released November 30, 2017, offers features providing expanded functionality and configurability. Enhanced features include: Budget reporting; Search by UNSPSC or preferred product status; Configuration of filterable attributes; Delta uploads for additional attributes and custom options; Search result configuration for preferred products; Web Form export enhancements; Additional exports for product information; and Out of Stock flagging through import or manual setting.

Marketplace Module 

Search Enhanced for Managing Products - Search by UNSPSC or by Preferred Product Status

Managing products is quicker and easier with the addition of two significant enhancements in search functionality: Search by Preferred Product and Search by UNSPSC.

The Manage Products Grid in the Admin Control Panel features the ability to search products by a range of UNSPSC values and also allows an Admin to list or limit searching to Preferred Products. 

The expansion of search capabilities within a newly redesigned grid provides targeted searching for quick location of products for review and maintenance.  


  • New columns for UNSPSC and Preferred (Products) are included after Contract Price in the Manage Products Grid.
  • Qty, Visibility, Service Type, and Action columns have been removed.

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Manage Preferred Products

Manage Products Grid 

Configuration of Filterable Attributes Used with Search Results

Buying organizations benefit from the flexibility and power afforded by an expanded capability to configure the filterable attributes of products in search results or categories pages. There's no limit to the number of product attributes used to filter search results, and this expansion of configuration enables powerful personalization, allowing organizations to configure the sequencing and display of search results to fit their unique business needs. 


  • Configuration of filterable product attributes is available from Catalog > Manage Attributes in the Admin Control Panel.
  • The display order of attributes is also configurable.
  • Attributes are displayed only if they are associated with the products appearing in search results.

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Filter, Sort, and Compare Product Information

Attribute Management

Expanded Configuration for Preferred Products

Buying organizations leveraging the advantages of preferred products may now fine tune the display and relevancy of preferred products in search results to suit their needs. 

Preferred products may be configured either to

  1. Display at the top of each search result page based on their relevancy to the search; or
  2. Display All Preferred Products on the top of the first page of search results. 

Configuration options for display of preferred products provide the ability to tailor and manage search results around specific approaches in the implementation of preferred products and search boosting.

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Manage Preferred Products

Improved Navigation Provided by More Prominent Breadcrumbs

Viewing and navigation between product detail pages and search results is clearer and easier with enhanced visibility of breadcrumbs used to indicate location and pathing

Improved presentation of breadcrumbs should aid users in navigating between search results and products. The improved appearance of the  breadcrumb path provides an effective visual aid for users, indicating context for the user's location and offering clear navigation options. 

Web Form Module

User Information Added to Web Form Export

Key information regarding the user creating a Web Form is now captured and available in the Web Form export. The following fields have been added to Web Forms, and are auto-populated with information from the account of the user who creates the form. 

  • External ID
  • Login ID
  • Email
  • Content Group
  • User Permission
  • Accounting
  • Shipping 

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Web Form Results Grid

Platform Module

Suppliers May Flag Product as "Out of Stock" on Import

Products may be configured to display availability status as either "In Stock" or "Out of Stock" without the overhead of inventory management.  When products are set as Out of Stock, either manually by a buying organization or by a supplier import, an Out of Stock flag is shown on product search results, Quick View, Product Details, Saved Shopping Lists, and in Product Listings. 

An Out of Stock item may not be added to Quick Order, a Quote, (whethersupplier initiated or in response to an RFQ), a Change Order, Change Request, or Edit Request.  Products that are Out of Stock may not be reordered. 


  • The Common Fields import file includes an optional in_stock column for Suppliers to use to indicate product availability.
  • The Stock Availability field is no longer dependent on Manage Stock in the Product Information > Inventory area of the Admin Control Panel. 

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Catalog Upload - Common Fields

Saved Shopping Lists

Additional Exports for Product Information Review and Catalog Management

BuyerQuest provides expanded capabilities for product information review and catalog management with the addition of new exports available for three key sets of product information:

  • Products by Top-level Category
  • Products with Additional Attributes
  • Products with Common Fields

These three new exports join the following existing exports: 

  • Count of Products by Category
  • Count of Products by Category & Supplier
  • Count of Products by Suppliers

This available set of exports now offers a comprehensive collection of views into product information to suit the diverse needs of buying organizations. These new and existing product information exports benefit from their grounding in a superior technology that provides more efficient, reliable, and accurate operation and results. 

All product information exports are now available from the Manage File-Based Integrations area in the Admin Control Panel > System Administration > Data Loads. 


  • Products by Top-level Category export includes Common Fields plus Category ID and Category Name fields.
  • Products with Additional Attributes exports all Client Attributes and also the attributes of company name, supplier, part number, and attribute type, name and value for attribute types = "attributes"
  • Common Fields export for products also includes Supplier ID and Supplier.  

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Product Exports

Suppliers May Perform Delta Catalog Information Uploads for Additional Attributes and Custom Options 

BuyerQuest continues its expansion of advanced catalog management features with the capability for suppliers to load delta catalog updates for Additional Attributes and Custom Options. Rather than reloads of all the data in these areas, suppliers can upload only the changed or new information.

The accommodation for delta uploads of these two additional key types of catalog information provides a greater degree of speed and flexibility in catalog management. 

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Self-Service Catalog Management

Catalog Uploads - Custom Options

Catalog Uploads - Additional Attributes

Analytics Module

Budget Reporting Available in Business Intelligence Application 

Organizations implementing budget management in BuyerQuest along with integrating with a business Intelligence module have access to budget reports, kept current daily, along with the BI analytics. Greater budget visibility is provided in the Main Menu and also in the Shopping Cart, to increase awareness of budget status as buyers shop. 


  • Users may be granted permission to access budget reporting through an ACL in the Admin Control Panel.
  • Budget reporting is available in the Main Menu and from the Shopping Cart.
  • Budget information is updated on a daily basis in the business intelligence module.

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Business Intelligence Overview and Configuration

Manage Budgets

User Permissions (ACL)

Manage and View

Feature Fixes

Payment Messaging from Settlement Provider - Update to API Logic to Ensure Accurate Message Handling

To ensure proper invoice status updates and interpretation of messaging from settlement provider, the logic used in the API integration with the settlement provider has been corrected to include interpretation of additional message types as success scenarios. 

Punchout Order cXML and OCI Outbound Messages Include Custom Option Information

Details of products that contain Custom Options have been added to the Punchout Order Message cXML and OCI Outbound Message to ensure transmission of complete and accurate order information. 

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Punchout Order Message - cXML Specification and Example

Punchout to BuyerQuest - OCI Inbound and Outbound