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7.7.0 Bug Fixes (November and December 2017)

BuyerQuest 7.7.0 was released November 30, 2017 and included bug fixes. Hot fixes in subsequent 7.7.0.X releases are also included here. Hot Fix (December 15, 2017)

CS-4688 Accounting values updated when edited at header or line level Hot Fix (December 13, 2017)

CS-4573 Site load performance improved

CS-4674 Web Form properly displays suppliers in the Supplier's Product Attribute field with Manual Filter Suppliers option selected Hot Fix (December 1, 2017)

CS-4656    Budgets Grid in Admin Panel  - Search fixed

7.7.0 Bug Fixes (November 30, 2017)

The bug fixes below are included with the November 30, 2017 release.  

BQEP-15666    Searchability of ASN has been fixed in the context of document filtering and Content Groups

BQEP-15638    PO Transfer Log properly logs error responses

BQEP-15619    Display of long description fixed

BQEP-15615    Replacement Parts properly display Default Quantity

BQEP-15507    Create Invoice action fixed in Actions drop down for Supplier in Main Home Page Widgets Grid

BQEP-15491    Display of Catalog Update widget text

BQEP-15490    Filter behavior fixed in Firefox

BQEP-15452    IE11 bug fixed for QTY

BQEP-15451    Display of City field in Ship to Location alignment adjustment 

BQEP-15448    Content Group users see the full list of invoices

BQEP-15381    Maximum related Items configuration fixed

BQEP-15380    Ability to filter by name in related products