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7.6.0 Release Features and Functionality (October 31, 2017)

BuyerQuest 7.6.0, released October 31, 2017, includes these important new and improved features: 1. Enhanced appearance of shopping cart; 2. Multiple recipients for notifications; 3. Suppliers enabled to download current catalogs; 4. PDF view and print for purchase orders and invoices; and 5. Enhancements to Purchase Order and Invoice emails to provide more actionable information.

Marketplace Module

Improved Appearance of Shopping Cart

BuyerQuest has enhanced the organization and appearance of key information in the Shopping Cart to provide a clearer display and to enable greater ease of use.


  • Supplier name is shown below the item SKU.
  • Price displays before quantity.
  • Column label has been changed from QTY to QUANTITY.
  • Save to List, Edit, and Remove functions are listed beneath each line item.

See Documentation Topics: 
            Manage
            Assign a Cart
            Create and Manage Collaborative Carts and Groups

Platform Module

BuyerQuest Continues Support of Single Sign On with Additional Integrations with Identity Providers

BuyerQuest supports authentication of users at client sites having SAML SSO enabled for a Single Sign On environment. 

When SSO is enabled, users are authenticated and automatically logged in to BuyerQuest using a valid SSO account from their organization’s identity provider (IDP).  

When shoppers access the BuyerQuest platform for the first time from an SSO-enabled organization, the BuyerQuest application creates an account in real time. 


  • SSO authentication is enabled during implementation, and BuyerQuest can provide the specific configurations necessary to enable SSO for an organization and its preferred IDP.
  • BuyerQuest supports user provisioning, which retains configuration updates that are made in the BuyerQuest application.

User Login IDs Not Required to be Email Addresses

A unique username is now allowed as a Login Id. BuyerQuest no longer requires an email address for login. This option offers flexibility in configuring key user information with the capability to maintain a user login id separately from a contact email address. 


  • The User Import file can now accept either an email or login id as a column name instead of just email.

See Documentation Topics:
            Manage Your Profile    
            User Management Overview
            Users Import

Improvements to Method for Single Sign On

Full integration with the business intelligence application GoodData is enabled with improvements to Single Sign On. Organizations implementing GoodData for BI reporting and dashboards for visualizing key metrics will benefit from seamless access to the GoodData application from the BuyerQuest platform. 

See Documentation Topics: 
            Overview of BuyerQuest Analytics

Suppliers May Download Current Catalog

The Catalog Download feature in the Catalog Grid page provides suppliers with quick and easy access to their live catalogs for review, adjustment, and update. 


  • Suppliers may download Common Fields and Attributes files.
  • The supplier receives an email with a link to access the downloaded file.
  • The common fields export file features the same fields as for the import.
  • The attributes export features the field's part_number, attribute_type, attribute_name and attribute_value.

See Documentation Topics: 
            Self-Service Catalog Management 

Catalog Notification Email Includes Supplier Name in Body and Subject

Supplier Name has been added to the email body and subject for all email notifications of catalog-related upload status and processing by system administrators of buying organizations. 


  • The following emails now include the supplier name: 
    • Approval or rejection notification on catalog update
    • Catalog failure notification
    • Notification of live catalog
    • Catalog is pending approval
    • Catalog failed validation
    • Catalog requires approval
    • Catalog passed validation

See Documentation Topics:
            Catalog Emails

Multiple Email Addresses Allowed for Notifications

BuyerQuest facilitates quicker and easier flow of communication and status information by allowing multiple recipients to receive key procurement workflow documents.  Suppliers and administrators are able to better monitor status with the expanded capability of configuring multiple recipients for notifications. 


  • The alternate email address field in the Supplier Notifications allows input of multiple email addresses, separated by commas. This field is not required.
  • Alternate email addresses can be configured separately for the following notifications: Purchase Orders, Catalog, ASN, Invoice, Credit Memos, RFQs.

See Documentation Topics:
            Supplier Configuration

Payables Module

PDF Functionality Added to Save and Print Invoices 

Invoices may be saved and printed as PDF from the Invoice Details page. The PDF may also be saved locally to an organization's system or a user's computer for future reference and archiving purposes. 

See Documentation Topics:
            Create Invoice (Buyer)
            Invoices (Supplier)
            Reconcile Invoices and Handle Exceptions

OK2Pay Header and Line Level Export Supported in CSV 

Export of OK2Pay files in csv format is now fully supported. The OK2Pay export function provides two files: header level fields and line level fields. 

See Documentation Topics: 
            OK2Pay CSV Export

Invoice and Purchase Order Emails Enhanced to Feature Complete and Standardized Data Sufficient in Approval Process 

Emails providing notifications regarding Invoices or Purchase Orders now feature more complete and standardized information in both the subject line and body. Expanded information is provided in the invoice approval emails sufficient for approvers to approve or deny the invoice. 

All invoice-related emails include the same data, all consistent with Invoice Details as available in the BuyerQuest system. 

Invoice details may also be saved and printed in PDF format.

The following invoice-related emails benefit from data enhancement and information consistency: 

  • Invoice Created by Buyer or Supplier 
  • Comment Made on Invoice - Notification
  • Invoice Reconciliation Required
  • Invoice Approval Required
  • Invoice Rejected by Reconciler
  • Invoice is Approved
  • Invoice is Denied by Approver

The Purchase Order-related emails listed below have been enhanced to provide complete and consistent data for all notifications. 

  • Purchase Order created
  • Purchase Order cancelled
  • Purchase Order confirmation
  • Comment made on Purchase Order

See Documentation Topics:
            Invoice Emails
            Purchase Order Emails

Feature Enhancements

Purchase Order Validation Configuration Change -- Uses Sender's Shared Secret

Validation of Purchase Orders integrated with an organization's ERP uses the sender's shared secret instead of the supplier's.

Supplier Import Template Includes Specification for Editable Fields for Change Orders

The Supplier Import supports the specification of editable fields by the Supplier for Change Orders. When the flag for allowing change orders is set to Yes in the Admin Control Panel, the fields listed below may be specified in the change_orders_editable_fields column as editable. 

 When a field has been specified as editable, it can be updated by an Approver during a change to a Purchase Order. 

These fields can be edited during a Change Purchase Order:

  • Accounting
  • Attachments
  • Qty
  • Comment to Supplier
  • Internal Notes
  • Deliver To
  • Shipping Address
  • Need By Date
  • Verifier
  • Commodity Group

See Documentation Topics:
            Suppliers Import

Enhancements to Supplier Purchase Order Export in CSV

The line-level purchase order export now supports an expanded field set, including all the standard fields.

Accommodation of the following line-level information has been added to the purchase order export: 

  • CustomOptions field with name-value pairs of custom options.
  • Client-defined product attributes. 
  • CommentsToSupplier field is populated as a separate column with line-level comments visible to suppler prefaced by the name of the Requestor.
  • NeedByDate is included in the preferred format of the Requestor.
  • DeliverTo includes line-level delivery specifications.
  • Paths to line-level attachments configured as visible to suppliers.
  • Accounting Value ids in Accounting Group columns. 

Update to Locations Import

The Locations Import has been enhanced to allow specification of the email address used when the system sends an invoice to a settlement provider.

See Documentation Topics:
            Locations Import

Link to BuyerQuest Logo Removed from Emails Sent to Marketplace Users

Marketplace users receiving notification emails are no longer provided with a link directing them to the BuyerQuest login page.