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7.6.0 Bug Fixes (October 31, 2017)

BuyerQuest 7.6.0, released October 31, 2017, incorporates a number of bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

The bug fixes listed below are included with the October 31, 2017 release. 

BQEP-15453     Location file csv download repaired
BQEP-15445     Search by SKU fixed
BQEP-15434     Line - level INV Reconciliation Rule triggering fixed
BQEP-15379     Approval Rule firing fixed
BQEP-15342     Manage Products filter repaired for assigning Associated Products to Replacement Parts 
BQEP-15309     Content Group filtering in search redirects correctly
BQEP-15224     CSV Invoice Import fixed for cost values having differing number of decimal places
BQEP-15223     CSV Invoice import fixed regarding SoldTo Requirement
BQEP-15222     CSV Invoice upload fixed for ID lookup
BQEP-15215     Search with quotation marks fixed
BQEP-15196     Supplier_invoice_id fixed when sent to CenPOS for Wasserstrom Supplier
BQEP-15194     ACLs for POs and Requests respect configuration
BQEP-15179     Manage Users - view of approvers in the system fixed
BQEP-15177     Payables - If invoice is auto rejected (denied), the invoice status shows Pending Approval (if approver is set)
BQEP-15176     Capitalized extensions in file attachments
BQEP-15168     Non-Catalog Request - value in selection dropdown for a non-required field fixed
BQEP-15167     Exception handler fixed - had shown as watcher
BQEP-15166     Payables - Messaging corrected when Invoice status is denied
BQEP-15156     PDP: Additional images show corrected hover-over text
BQEP-15126     Global Catalog page supplier filter behavior corrected on click back
BQEP-15107     Update save functionality in Admin for unit of measures to deal with max_input_vars limits
BQEP-15069     cXML PO Resend - Resending PO was corrected to be based on "code"
BQEP-15068     cXML PO - Custom Options now sent in correct order
BQEP-15065     Embedded URL in SKU description is retained on saving
BQEP-13420     Upgrade cXML version in Gateway