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7.5.0 Release Features and Functionality (September 29, 2017)

Features and functionality in the 7.5.0 BuyerQuest release include: 1. Budget tracking available for display on the Shopping Cart and Checkout pages; 2. Decentralized user registration with permissioned users having the ability to register and manage other users; 3. Logical deletion of line items in a purchase order; 4. Support for additional fields in supplier cXML; 5. ASN Transfer logs; and 6. Invoice export for use in business intelligence application. 7.5.0 was released September 29, 2017.

Marketplace Module

Register and Manage Users

Users can be granted permission to register and manage other users in the same location or Content Group. The extension of user registration beyond the system administrator role to other permissioned users allows flexible, decentralized user management. Decentralization of user registration and management supports the unique business needs of franchises and independent and autonomous business units. 


  • Managing users is accommodated in the Main Menu as part of ACCOUNT settings.
  • Users can be managed by Content Group.
  • Shipping and Billing Locations and Accounting Combinations can be specified in user registration and management. 

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Budget Tracker

BuyerQuest's budget management solution is an integral part of the overall spend process and allows organizations to keep track of budgets in real time. An organization can import a budget specifying accounting strings, time periods, and spend limits. The BuyerQuest application tracks spend against the budget for display in the Shopping Cart and Checkout pages. These pages display icons indicating within budget or over budget status with remaining or overage amounts calculated.


  • Budgets and budget updates are enabled through scheduled imports
  • Spend periods are supported, with the system maintaining a running total of spend against specific accounting strings
  • Budget tracking accommodates spend updates due to Change Requests and Change Purchase Orders in real time.

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Procure Module

Purchase Order Line Item Logical Delete

For BuyerQuest implementations integrating a purchase order workflow with an ERP system, support for logical deletion of items in a Change Request or Change Purchase Order is available to be configured in the Admin Control Panel.

When enabled through configuration settings, logical deletion enables deleted line items to remain visible on Purchase Orders, but display marked as deleted.


  • cXML ERP PO and csv ERP PO pass back details of the deleted line item. 
  • All downstream documents maintain the original line item sequence for the purpose of invoice matching and reconciliation. 

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Supplier Purchase Order cXML - Field Mappings for Additional Information 

Supplier purchase orders submitted via cXML now include all fields required for accurate processing of POs. We also have extended field mappings to accommodate the inclusion of additional attribute information and comments to suppliers in cXML PO submissions. 

When a buyer provides comments to a supplier in a purchase order, the comments are transmitted via the Comments element in the cXML Purchase Order message. Custom options are included in the cXML as extrinsic attributes in the ItemDetail element. 

Additionally, a configuration in the Admin Control Panel allows content in any product or user attribute to be included if the field entitled "Include in Message to Supplier" is set to Yes. 


  • Purchase Order cXML mapping is extended to use the date in "Need by Date" in the BuyerQuest application as the "requestedDeliveryDate" in the <itemout> element at the header or line level. 

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ASN Received in cXML and Available in Transfer Log

Advance Ship Notices (ASNs) transactions posted by Suppliers via cXML are recorded in an ASN transfer log for reference. This capability is enabled in the Admin Control Panel under System Tools > Connection Reports.

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Analytics Module

Invoice Export for Business Intelligence 

Organizations using Good Data, BuyerQuest's third-party analytics application for business intelligence and reporting, benefit from the addition of invoice information exported from the system and made available for reporting and visualization. 

Invoice information at both header and line item levels is included in visualizations and in dashboard views for transactional data reports. Each transaction is also available for a drill-down view through this powerful business intelligence application. This resulting expansion of the data included in reports allows more effective spend analysis and category management. 

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