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7.5.0 Bug Fixes (September 29, 2017)

Bug fixes for 7.5.0, released September 29, 2017, are detailed here.

BQEP-15055 BE: Configurations added for Attachments Settings are saved

BQEP-15016 Products edited in admin panel stored in db corrected

BQEP-14986 Featured Products display corrected for  content groups

BQEP-14967 "Order Summary by Supplier" Report - blank fields removed 

BQEP-14924 Supplier Append is working in Search

BQEP-14923 Results filter display corrected when filters removed

BQEP-14916 Product load and display corrected in IE browser

BQEP-14915 User permissions in My Documents corrected - when supplier or item reorder disabled

BQEP-14900 Manually product editing - error for UNSPSC code removed for valid codes

BQEP-14899 General error fixed: 1205 Lock wait timeout exceeded

BQEP-14891 Supplier filter behavior corrected when part of a Range filter is removed

BQEP-14890 Supplier filter behavior corrected for previously applying/removing supplier filter

BQEP-14889 Welcome Text configuration fixed

BQEP-14886 cXML Invoice - Removed Error "Invalid Currency"

BQEP-14885 cXML Invoice - Invoice now posting

BQEP-14871 Change Order Error with Web Forms fixed

BQEP-14832 Product Tags behavior fixed

BQEP-14831 Cart - Items from old catalogs can be added to cart

BQEP-14538 Email send behavior corrected to be sent to exception handler

BQEP-14536 Quick Order - Supplier append fixed

BQEP-14535 Checkout - fixed for Cost Center Value across accounting screens

BQEP-14534 Approval Edits - Retrigger Conditions Working

BQEP-14346 Web Forms - setting field type as Select fixed

BQEP-14345 CSV Invoice filename configuration fixed

BQEP-14344 Supplier's cXML PO - Order Type fixed

BQEP-15040 Matrix view shows proper character for inches