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7.4.0 Bug Fixes (August 31, 2017)

On August 31, 2017, a significant number of fixes were made to the BuyerQuest application.

BQEP-14666    Bundles Now Retain Minimum Quantity

BQEP-14645   Times on Homepage Widgets Display Correct Timezone

BQEP-14621    Fixed Error When Attempting to Run Ok2Pay Export

BQEP-14609    Internet Explorer: Transferred Cart Filter Functions Properly

BQEP-14608    Tiered Pricing + Quick Order

BQEP-14607    Long Wait Message Edited

BQEP-14600    Line Item Accounting Information Is Now Visible for PO Details in backend 

BQEP-14598    Correct Invoice Type displayed in Admin Panel

BQEP-14597    ERP PO# Displays on PO Grid Based on Configuration

BQEP-14595   Remove Attribute from Prioritized PDP Corrected

BQEP-14545    UI- Non-Catalog Quotes: Adjusted Additional Row- Tabbing  on UoM and UNSPSC fields

BQEP-14544    Bundle Item Price Displayed Correctly on Product Page

BQEP-14529    REQ Approvals - Priority Being Realized

BQEP-14501    Proper Character Escape on Cart and Checkout

BQEP-14498    User is Redirected Properly after clicking Back button from Product Details page which was opened from Search results page and filtered by Supplier

BQEP-14477    Theme Override in July Release

BQEP-14377    User Email Address with Apostrophe Displays Correct Search/Product Results

BQEP-14366    PDP: Back Button Redirects Correctly After Filtering by Supplier

BQEP-14348    Search Redirect Link Correct for Content Pages

BQEP-14343    Image Resizes Based on Contents

BQEP-14181    Quotes: Catalog Suppliers not Able to Send Quotes to Users without Access

BQEP-13910    Update Lazy Load Experience