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7.3.0 Release Features and Functionality (July 31, 2017)

Marketplace Module

Additional Product Attribute Filters Available in Search Results and Product Listings


Item location and selection in BuyerQuest has been made quicker and easier with additional product attributes available for viewing, filtering, and sorting product information in search results and product listings. Shoppers can add more filters for available product attributes -- such as style or size -- to supplement the standard filters of Category, Supplier, Price, and Unit of Measure. Additionally, Manufacturer has been added to the standard list of filters. 


  • Available filters vary according to the attributes of the products displayed.
  • Available attributes for filtering are listed in Add Filter with the most commonly occurring first.  
  • Up to 8 additional attributes can be used for filtering search results and product listings.  

See Documentation Topics:
    Filter, Sort, and Compare Product Information

Capacity of Shopping Carts and P2P Documents Increased

BuyerQuest provides increased Shopping Cart capacity to accommodate very large orders for Marketplace clients and in related documents in the P2P workflow. These documents include RFQs and responses, Submitted Quotes, ASNs, Invoices, and Credit Memos. Saved Shopping Lists, Quick Order, Requests, and Purchase Orders also feature increased capacity of over 100 line items.  

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    Shop by SKU or Part Number

Users May Change their Contact Email Addresses in Profile Information

Users may edit and update their email addresses as listed in their profile information without the assistance of an administrator. 

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User Permissions (ACL)
Manage Your Profile

Search Bar - Improvement in Appearance and Behavior

The BuyerQuest Search Bar, which is always available in every page header, provides added guidance on the types of terms a user might search: keyword, SKU, or Part #. Searching over Products and Services is now the default and the Search Bar carries the option of searching over Documents instead of Products and Services. 

See Documentation Topics:
    Search Products and Services

Saved Shopping List - Improvement in Appearance

The appearance of Saved Shopping Lists has been improved to increase readability and conformance with BuyerQuest style standards. 

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    Saved Shopping Lists

Procure Module

Table Lookup for Invoice Approval and Reconciliation Rules


The addition of lookup tables for invoice approval and new reconciliation rules offer robust efficiency gains in the invoice approval and reconciliation workflow.  Determination of responsible approvers for invoice approval and reconciliation can be configured to use a lookup table, saving effort in rule configuration by consolidating rules for the same condition but involving different approvers.

Our comprehensive treatment of invoice approval and invoice reconciliation rules functionality offers a host of important benefits to flexibly support your business processes. 


  • Configuration options allow the approver to be explicitly specified or to be determined through use of a lookup table. 
  • For both invoice approval and invoice reconciliation rules, similar lookup values with different approvers are placed in different sets. The applicable set value determines the approvers for the rule.
  • An exception handler role provides a fall back reconciler if the specified reconciler is inactive.

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    Invoice Reconciliation Rules Management
    Invoice Approval Rules Management
    Invoice Reconciliation Rule and Invoice Approval Rule Lookup Table Imports

Supplier Network

Supplier Catalog Loads -- Products with Unknown UNSPSC Mapped to Default Category


To ensure complete catalog uploads to the system, BuyerQuest features an option to assign items with unmapped or unknown UNSPSC to a default category to allow their import. 


  • Admins may review products with unmapped UNSPSC using the Products in Category tab for the Default Category.
  • Allowing import of products with unmapped UNSPSC is configured in catalog management. 

See Documentation Topics:
    Catalog Management - UNSPSC Mappings
    UNSPSC-Category Mapping

Payables Module

Invoice Details Provided in Email Notification of Settlement Success

When settlement has been configured,  Settlement Success Notification emails are sent from the BuyerQuest system to the contact email specified in the billing address of the invoice. The email notification includes the invoice details and alerts the recipient to the transmission of the invoice to the settlement provider. 

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    Invoice Emails