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7.3.0 Bug Fixes (July 31, 2017)

On July 31, 2017, BuyerQuest made a number of significant fixes to the application.

BQEP-14297        Disney/PROD: Shopping list is represented as 1 line. After removing one product the next one appeared on its place.

BQEP-14137        Correction for Apostrophe in First or Last Name in Search/Product Results

BQEP-14296        cXML Invoice - Make "remit-to" and "ship-from" optional

BQEP-14294        Solved issues with adding items to cart and checkout

BQEP-14295        Fix in Magento When Trying to add Quick Order Pad SKUs to Cart

BQEP-14150        Borders corrected in Bundle Products

BQEP-13734        Hitting Browser's Back Button after Viewing PDP Corrected

BQEP-13735        IE11 Display Issue Corrected When Browser Window is Narrowed on Add to Cart

BQEP-13817        RFQ: Display of Previously Selected Suppliers Corrected  When Creating RFQ Form

BQEP-13826        DIS: Transferred Cart Supplier Filter Corrected

BQEP-13827        United: Bundles Minimum Quantity Retained

BQEP-13828        RFQ: Correction for Selection of Non-Catalog Supplier

BQEP-13855        UAT/Kindercare- Correction for Re-export of POs via CSV

BQEP-13878        DIS: Correction to Transfer Cart 

BQEP-13883        Add to Cart button display fixed for 'Featured Products'.

BQEP-13983        United: Bundle Price Correction for Item Quantities other than 1

BQEP-13993        Admin: Clicking Back in Search Terms under Reports Redirects Corrected