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7.1.1 Release Features and Functionality (June 16, 2017)

Details of new and improved features and functionality for the 7.1.1 release are detailed here.

Marketplace Features and Functionality

SKUs for Individual Products Shown on Product Detail Pages for Bundled Products

Product details for Bundles now feature the SKU for each line item directly below the item name.

Supplier Name Displayed in Full

We now accommodate full display of long supplier names on the Shop by Supplier home page widget and the Shop by Supplier page. 

Assigned Carts: Reason for Withdrawal or Refusal Provided in History and in Emails

Users in an approval workflow may provide reasons for withdrawal or refusal of an assigned cart. The reason is recorded in the cart history and is also included in the email sent out to the assignee and assignor. 

Tiered Pricing Display

We've made it easier for buyers to identify products subject to "tiered pricing." Tiered pricing displays on product listing pages, Shop by Supplier listings, Search Results pages, Supplier information pages, and in the Featured Products home page widget. Tiered pricing is indicated by the text "as low as" (indicating the lowest pricing tier) preceding the displayed price. 

Platform: Data Management

User Permission Display and Filter for Manage Users Grids

The Admin Control Panel features a quick and easy view into permissions assigned to any given user, including supplier users. The Manage Users and Manager Supplier Users Grids display the name of the user permission for each user.