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7.1.1 Bug Fixes (June 16, 2017)

On June 16, 2017, important bug fixes were deployed to the BuyerQuest application.

CS-4123 - Saved Shopping Lists: Extra Spacing Between Lists

CS-4071 - Disney: IE10/11: Supplier Logo Appearance is Clear

CS-3887 - DEV/risenowsb: Contract Price is not Displaying for Products on Search Results Page

CS-3875 - Supplier Placeholder Image Not Showing on Supplier Record or Supplier Information

CS-3871- Empty Search Terms Appear in Results

CS-3867- Admin: Saving Search Terms under Reports Redirects Incorrectly

CS-3866- Search adding "\\\" to certain Search Entries

CS-3865 - Creating Product with Invalid UNSPSC Resets All Fields

CS-3856 - Added messaging under "Auto Approve Catalog" Field in Admin (Suppliers)

CS-3849 - Catalog Notification Alternate Email Not Being Sent

CS-3845 - Search Term Redirect Link Fails

CS-3844 - Admin: Last 5 Search Terms in Admin Dashboard Do Not Match Search Terms Page