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7.1.0 Release Features and Functionality (May 8, 2017)

BuyerQuest 7.0 provides improved and new features in key areas: 1. Settlement available through integration with payment provider; 2. Ability for organizations to customize product information; 3. Enhanced approval rule conditions and approval rule lookup table; 4. Revamped Invoice module; 5. Support for suppliers providing quotes to multiple recipients; and 6. Restricted access to documents, users, locations and reports via Content Groups.

Marketplace Module

Custom Curation of Product Information


We’ve made it easy for your organization to curate and expand product information to provide customized product detail specific to your organization’s needs. 

Your approved staff can click on a link to Edit Product Content to add detail, edit, expand, and curate product names and descriptions.

Your organization benefits from this powerful feature with more effective searching for shoppers. Category managers can curate searchable product information with additional keywords and specification details that match the unique needs of your organization, which are then made available to buyers in search and product display. 


We support the creation and leveraging of your customized product information in addition to supplier-provided information in the following specific areas: 

  • The product information you edit and curate is stored separately from supplier-provided data and will not be affected or overwritten by supplier catalog uploads. 
  • Customized product information is searchable in conjunction with original product information provided by suppliers.
  • The product information you create and edit is available to your organization only. 
  • Your Custom information is displayed and labeled as such in Search Results, Product Details, and Saved Shopping Lists

Customized Product Name Example

Here's an example of customized product names shown with relevant search terms. 

Supplier-Provided Product Name

Product Name Updated by your Organization

Search Terms Providing Results for Product


Garden Hose - 30 Feet

Hose, N128, Garden, Feet

Monitor - Apple

36" LED Monitor

Apple, Monitor, LED

See Documentation Topics:
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Support for Multi-lingual Supplier Punchout Keywords


Punchout Suppliers can now load multi-lingual keywords associated with their products to be searchable on BuyerQuest.  Keywords can be in any supported language, including French or Spanish.

Use of supplier-provided multi-lingual keywords in search increases the discoverability of products linked to the keywords and allows greater visibility of Punchout Supplier products and services to buyers.


A retooled and enhanced Punchout Keywords area in Supplier Information managed in the Admin Control Panel supports creation and use of Punchout Supplier keywords, and offers expanded functionality:

  • Import and export of multi-lingual punchout keywords in CSV format.

  • Searching on a keyword displays results for all supplier items associated with the keyword. 

See Documentation Topics:
Multi-lingual Supplier Punchout Keywords
Punchout Supplier Keywords in Multiple Languages - Import and Export

Fractional Unit Pricing up to 4 Decimal Places 


We now provide display of supplier prices in product details with precision up to 4 decimal places. All BuyerQuest importers can accommodate this degree of precision for supplier uploads.


Specific support for 4-decimal place precision in supplier pricing includes the following:

  • Accommodation for precision in list and contract prices in these importers: Common Fields for List and Contract Prices; Unit Prices in Tiered Pricing and Custom Options.
  • The number of decimal places displayed for total price can be configured in Currency Precision in Manage Currency Precision
  • When you are viewing the site in a currency different from the supplier-provided currency for a given product, the number of decimals displayed is configured in the preferred currency precision configuration

See Documentation Topics:
Catalog Uploads Common Fields

Products May be Ordered in Fractional Quantities


Ordering products in fractional quantities is now supported. Your administrator is able to set fractional quantity ordering for individual products and suppliers may furnish decimal quantities in catalog imports. 


Support for ordering fractional quantities of a product is found in:

  • Changes to Catalog > Manage Products in the Admin Control Panel.
  • Updates in the catalog importer to allow a new column named is_qty_decimal in the commonfields file. 
  • Fractional quantities are displayed for all quantity fields. 

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Web Forms Module

Multi-lingual Web Forms and RFQs


RFQs and Web Forms now feature display of field names in the preferred language of the viewer. Fields are editable by your RFQ and Web Forms Admins, who add and maintain data in the languages applicable to your organization. 


Multi-lingual accommodation is featured in documents created, viewed, and exchanged in Web Form and RFQ workflows, where information is presented in the viewer's preferred language, as in the following situations:

  • Web Form product fields are shown in the user's preferred language in the Shopping Cart, throughout the procurement process.
  • Emails generated by a Web Form are sent in the receiving person's preferred language, along with other field names referenced in the email. 
  • Email or cXML Purchase Orders generated by Web Form products display field names in the Supplier's preferred language.

See Documentation Topics:
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Request for Quotes Module

Support for Multiple Recipients for Supplier-Initiated (Non-RFQ) Quotes


Suppliers now have the capability to send Non-RFQ Quotes to more than one recipient. This expanded capability accommodates a flexible workflow while at the same time leveraging the efficiencies and characteristics of a buying group. 


Suppliers and buyers will see updates in the modules supporting creation and management of Non-RFQ Quotes in specific areas:

  • Create Quote now shows the field Quote Recipients in place of the Requester field.
  • Supplier-initiated Quote emails are sent to all selected Quote Recipients.
  • When a recipient accepts the quote,  the quote status is Accepted for all Recipients, and all recipients are allowed to Add to Cart.
  • When a recipient rejects the quote, the quote status is Rejected for all Recipients.

See Documentation Topics:
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Requisitions and Approvals Module

Approval Rules - Enhanced Configurability, Lookup Table, and Support for Approval Hierarchies 


Approval rules feature significant enhancements in this release, with robust functionality gains in the creation, maintenance, and operability of approval rules. 

Administrators will benefit from expanded conditions available for configuring approval rules while lookup tables eliminate the need for configuring multiple rules.

In sum, the new approval rule enhancements provide the flexibility essential to support business processes and workflow unique to an organization.

Immediate benefits are provided by a redesigned interface, an approval rule lookup table, and support for extended conditions for configuring approval rules.


Our comprehensive revamping of approval rules functionality offers a host of important benefits to flexibly support your business processes: 

  • Approval rule lookup tables serve to centralize approval rules evaluation and application. Use of the lookup tables eliminates the need for administrators to configure separate rules for multiple approvers under the same conditions.
  • Support for additional specific types of approvers: spend limit approver, spend limit approver hierarchy, and others. 
  • Improved configuration for rule retriggering in response to changes in orders and to best match your rule approval policies.
  • Enhanced and expanded conditions and operators are available for configuration of approval rules.
  • Increased comprehensiveness and clarity is provided in the presentation of conditions available for configuration. 
  • An improved interface presents a logical organization of options, consistent labeling of fields, and configuration guidance provided by help tips. 

See Documentation Topics:
Request Approval Rules Management

Procure Module

Receiving Rules Improvements

Receiving rules allow you to easily configure automatic receipts for purchase orders based on selection criteria tailored to your needs.  They can be flexibly configured for specific users or for Content Groups. We have improved the overall reliability and user experience for receiving rules in the following areas:

  • Fields names have been made consistent within the BuyerQuest application and to better reflect the purpose of the fields described. 
  • Each rule is assigned a unique priority used by the rules engine application. 
  • The Conditions tab features greater clarity in the options available to configure rules.  

See Documentation Topics:
Receiving Rules Management

Payables Module

Payment Integration Provides Settlement as Key Addition to BuyerQuest Solution


BuyerQuest now includes settlement as part of the procure-to-pay process, replacing the need for manual payment processes and providing your organization with significant time and resource savings. 

An integration with a payment provider in our Payables Module supports the ability to perform settlements. Once an invoice has been approved for payment, the settlement will trigger payment to the supplier. This is achieved via API integration and includes credit card and P-card support. Settlement is performed within the BuyerQuest interface, supporting ease of use and strong adoption within your organization. 


Settlement is enabled through an API integration between BuyerQuest and the payment provider: 

  • Configuration of payment methods is enabled through the Admin Control Panel.
  • Suppliers provide the information needed for integration with the payment provider.
  • When an invoice moves to the status of OK2Pay, the payment provider makes payment through the API.
  • The payment provider notifies you and your supplier that payment was made. 

Invoicing Functions Enhanced and Extended


Significant expansion and retooling of the BuyerQuest Invoicing/Payables functions provide expanded flexibility and features to support easier creation, import, processing, and approval of invoices.

Features and display for the entire invoice workflow, from creation through reconciliation and approval, have been expanded to support consistent and intuitive presentation of key invoice information. Buyers and suppliers can take advantage of powerful new capabilities in invoice modification, attachments, and commenting. Comprehensive notifications and approval rules provide immediate efficiencies in status updates, automated invoice reconciliation, and approval processes.


Invoice Creation and Display

  • Accommodation for PO-based invoices in CSV or cXML.
  • New invoice grid lists each invoice with current status.
  • Buyer and Supplier Tax IDs are persistently displayed. 
  • Buyers and suppliers can annotate invoice details by adding comments and adding and removing attachments at header and line levels. 
  • Improved display of details in expanded line items in invoice detail and invoice creation. 
  • Clarity and consistency in renamed menu options and reformatted header blocks. 
  • Support for creation of pdf versions of invoices.
  • Non-catalog items are allowed to be added to an invoice.
  • History record includes invoice creation date and time. 

Invoice Validation

We've added a new invoice validation configuration capability for system administrators to apply to incoming invoices. Notable efficiencies are provided in the following ways:

  • Streamlining of validation of incoming invoices in cXML and CSV.
  • Pre-defined invoice validation rules. 
  • Consistency in application of invoice validation rules across all invoices. 
  • Hard-coded rule rejecting any invoice where currencies do not match at header and line levels.

Notifications of Invoice Status 

Notifications keep buyers and suppliers apprised of the status of invoices and credit memos as these documents move through the BuyerQuest workflow from creation to approval. 

Notifications via email are sent for these specific states or conditions:

  • Confirmation of creation of invoice by buyer or supplier, or through integration
  • Invoice validation failure 
  • Invoices awaiting reconciliation or approval
  • Comments and attachments added to invoices
  • Denial or rejection of invoice 
  • OK2Pay (Invoice) or Accepted (Credit Memo)


Reconciliation is now easier and faster through the uniform application of invoice reconciliation rules, which automatically reject or route invoices or credit memos for review and approval.

Configurable rules combined with triggering conditions automatically evaluate invoices against purchase orders and receipts. BuyerQuest provides a robust capability for the creation and application of reconciliation rules: 

  • Triggering conditions can be combined using logical operators to create a powerful set of rules for evaluating and routing invoices before payment.
  • Rules are configurable at the header or line level.
  • Confirmation status is clear and limited to relevant conditions.
  • Invoice reconciliation page provides greater clarity and ease of viewing to guide and speed reconciliation.
  • Reconciliation rules now feature "Exact", "Tolerance",  and "Boolean" matching types, accompanied by a list of context-sensitive comparators.
  • System administrators benefit from flexibility in the configuration of email addresses and group lists for notifications on invoice and credit memo status. 

Approval Rules for Invoices

Invoice approval rules provide a configurable workflow used to route invoices to the right people for review and approval when specified conditions are met. They are applied after reconciliation exceptions have been resolved. 

The expanded functionality in approval rules offers organizations powerful gains in speed of processing, clarity of status, and ease of use: 

  • A new invoice grid displays all invoices with current status, featuring filters to target invoices by invoice #, supplier, date, feedback, requester, or total. 
  • Invoice detail fields can be configured to allow editing by permissioned approvers.
  • Clearer display of exception messages. 

Platform Module

Content Groups: Documents, Locations, Reports, and Users Filtered by Content Group


We now offer the option for organizations to filter permissions by Content Group when allowing access to and use of locations, reports, users, and documents in BuyerQuest.

Limitation of access at the Content Group level strengthens privacy control and offers flexibility to accommodate "virtual" organizations within the same organization. Organizations with a need to support autonomous business units or individual franchise operations will experience immediate benefits in ease of use and restriction of access only to users who need to view and use content and functionality. 


Filtering by Content Group is configurable in the Admin Control Panel

These Actions can be configured to be limited to members of the same Content Group:

  • Delegation
  • Purchasing "On behalf of " 
  • Watching Requests
  • Approving
  • Collaboration

All Documents can be configured to be accessible by Content Group.

For users with Global Document Access, search and access to individual document types listed here can be limited by Content Group:

  • Requests
  • Purchase Orders
  • ASNs
  • Invoices 
  • Receipts
  • Credit Memos
  • Submitted Invoices

These Report types can be configured to be accessible by Content Group:

  • Standard Reports
  • Requests
  • Order Summary by Supplier
  • Items Not Yet Received
  • Catalog vs Non-Catalog Orders
  • Pending Approvals

Locations can be filtered to be limited to the Content Groups assigned to them. 

See Documentation Topics:

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Manage Punchout Connections

WCAG Compliance - AA-Certified  

The BuyerQuest site has been AA-certified and made compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), an international technical standard providing a framework for web content that meets the needs of individuals, organizations, and governments. 

Site visitors will benefit from the compliance with the standards set out in the four WCAG principles: perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. For more details on WCAG 2.0, see

All BuyerQuest future releases will also be WCAG-compliant. 

Importer Architecture Improvement for Increased Speed and Enhanced Reporting


We have improved the platform architecture used for Master Data Load Import to provide greater efficiencies in importing data on users, locations, and suppliers. The architecture change is accompanied by expanded and specific messaging on success or failure of import based on file validation. 


Administrators will see the addition of new entity types for Master Data Load Imports:

  • Location
  • Supplier
  • User

Descriptions of required, defaulted, and optional fields are included in the documentation on Master Data Load Management, in addition to file validation and related messaging. 

See Documentation Topics:
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Locations Import