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7.1.0 Bug Fixes (May 10, 2017)

On May 10, 2017, significant fixes to the BuyerQuest application were made available.

The bugs listed below were fixed in 7.1.0 (Eagles).

BQEP-12839 - Content Group Retains Punchout Connection Access when Name is Changed

BQEP-12843 - Punchout Catalogs Display  for Content Groups With Access

BQEP-12684 - Boost Product Relevance Button Function Improved to  Move Item in Search

BQEP-12678 - Correct Display of Supplier in Shopping Cart after transferring Cart from Punchout Supplier to BQ marketplace

BQEP-12665 - iPad Mini 2 Display Improvement

BQEP-12492 - "Search Terms" menu item visibility improvement when "Resource Access" under User Permissions is set to "Custom" and "Search Terms" is Selected

BQEP-12469 - IE10/11: "Add to Cart" button has been Corrected in "Saved Shopping Lists" Right Sidebar Homepage Widget

CS-4076 - Admin / CMS: Improved Function to Upload Image to Server