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7.0.3 Release Features and Functionality (March 6, 2017)

Version 7.0.3 (Doors), released on March 6, 2017, offers enhancements to Marketplace and the Platform Module. This release includes updates to Assigned Carts, Transferred Carts, Search bread crumbs, and Catalog Import.

Marketplace Module - New Features and Functionalities

User Permission Added for Cart Assignment

Ability to assign a cart is now based on user permission. 

See Assign Cart. 

UNSPSC Code Included with SKU Information on Transferred Cart and Other Document Detail Pages

UNSPSC code is visible underneath the SKU information on all document detail pages in the administration control panel.

Search Breadcrumbs Feature Shop by Supplier

Search bread crumbs have been extended to Shop by Supplier. Users can click on the Shop by Supplier bread crumb to return to the selected supplier's product listing for additional product viewing and selection.

Platform Module - New Features and Functionalities

Legacy Dataloads Dashboard Available

The dashboard for legacy import and export has been reinstated.

Contract Price and List Price Validation Supported during Catalog Import

Contract price and list price validations occur upon the catalog upload of a commonfields file.

Enhancement to Category Loader Allowing for Self-Selection of Category ID on Loading of Category Trees

Category IDs are now accommodated in an optional column in the Category Importer. Population of this column with existing Category IDs before category tree values are loaded provides the ability to retain existing Category ID mappings to UNSPSC values.