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7.0.4 Bug Fixes (March 31, 2017)

Bug fixes for 7.0.4 (Doors), released on March 31, 2017, are listed with short descriptions.

Bug Fixes

ETL Sub-defect

[CS-3635] - Category Tree Import messaging improved

UI Sub-defect

[CS-3369] - Mobile: Toolbar correctly displayed on Category Page

[CS-3370] - Mobile / Category Page: Product listing in Grid view is adjusted to device view port (portrait view)

[CS-3421] - PLP: Supplier name is now clickable in Matrix View

[CS-3487] - IE11: Alert icons display improved

[CS-3517] - Improvement in display of notifications in catalog area

[CS-3541] - Shop by category widget improved

[CS-3544] - REQ/PO Details page: Disable 'Submit Comment'/ 'Submit Reply' buttons after first click

[CS-3549] - ASGN: 'Asssign Cart' button should be disabled after first click

[CS-3560] - Safari/Shipping&Acc: Layout improved on proceeding to Accounting Review Changes screen

[CS-3564] - Safari/Delegation: Delegate function updated

[CS-3595] - Add a Location: 'Save' button is disabled after the first click

[CS-3604] - Safari/OSC: Shipping section is adjusted on Line Level

[CS-3605] - SSL: Improved display of the message that Saved Shopping list is empty

[CS-3606] - Admin: Change Id to ID on Email Log and Email Errors grids

[CS-3607] - Safari FE/BE: Checkboxes are adjusted throughout the site

[CS-3608] - Create Quote: Price and Total Price labels show improved display

[CS-3636] - Search Bar behavior improved

[CS-3674] - Search results improved in IE11

[CS-3693] - CHK: QTY validation of line items on Select Location page after warning icon is displayed

[CS-3710] - Shopping Cart/QTY INCR: Notification display issue

[CS-3711] - Pop-up modal: Alert icon display improved

[CS-3716] - Login Page function improved

[CS-3722] - Create Quote: functionality improved when changing items QTY, Total Price is updated

[CS-3734] - Removal of BQEP-11310

[CS-3770] - PLP: Compare check-box state updated after adding product to compare from Quick view pop-up

[CS-3772] - Create Quote: Price updated when uploading file with empty 'Price' field

[CS-3774] - Cart: Product listing updated automatically after removing line item

[CS-3777] - Checkout: REQ submitted when the Internal / Note to Supplier has been Cancelled

Backend Sub-defect

[CS-3202] - WF: Time cannot be set up for field with Date/Time type

[CS-3204] - Collaborative Carts: Modal message about removing Item from the Locked Cart

[CS-3402] - Admin/Documents/Transferred Carts: History record "New Cart has been created"

[CS-3424] - Saved Search: Improved display of Search results after deletion of filter by 'Supplier'

[CS-3426] - QTY INCR: Notification display: "You have entered an invalid quantity, the quantity must be in increments of XX. The quantity has been automatically updated to a valid amount."

[CS-3428] - Catalog Rejection Reason

[CS-3432] - Admin/Purchase Orders: Purchase Order PDF saved from PO details page is style change --  PO PDFs saved from Admin grid

[CS-3440] - Quick Order: Supplier placeholder shown

[CS-3451] - Cross-sell Products with "Catalog Only" visibility are displayed on Cart page

[CS-3456] - Admin/PDP: 'Global' text is shown to Multilingual Client Attribute name

[CS-3479] -  Improvement in Category page display after Supplier filter removed from search result page

[CS-3498] - ER/CO/CR: Currency field display improved when SKU is being validated on Add a Non-Catalog Item page

[CS-3516] - Supplier keyword handling improved in BuyerQuest Network

[CS-3523] - Admin/Suppliers grid: "Created date" on "Supplier View" page and on grid

[CS-3534] - Alert messaging updated when user inputs incorrect value for QTY

[CS-3554] - Update messaging for Boost Product Relevance

[CS-3556] - Watchers can create Credit Memo for PO only they can watch

[CS-3561] - Users that do not have permission to receive RFQs or Supplier Initiated Quotes do not display in the Requestor field

[CS-3569] - Assigned Carts: Corrected behavior when leaving "Assignee" field blank when user has no approver

[CS-3570] - Assigned Carts: User alerted with error message when selecting "Assign Cart" on Shopping Cart page if user does not have Assign Cart permissions enabled

[CS-3571] - Punchout Catalog Data Within POOM Updates

[CS-3573] - CHK: Adding Shipping to Preferred on one line item changes Shipping for other line items

[CS-3574] - BQ SSO Login improved

[CS-3579] - PLP: Product's Short Description --  HTML tags removed

[CS-3580] - Child Products treated as separate line items while Bundle Product's "Ship Bundle Items" = Together

[CS-3582] - Admin: Filtering by several filter titles corrected

[CS-3584] - Empty Cart -- function has been updated to allow for more that 30 Bundles Child Products with "Ship Bundle Items" = Separately configuration

[CS-3591] - FE:SSL grid/Widget: Last Date Modified is upgraded

[CS-3599] - Bundled products behavior revamped

[CS-3601] - Approver User given correct display when selecting to view "REQ" from "Related Records" on Purchase Order detail page

[CS-3609] - Admin/Transactional Emails: Adding New Template improved

[CS-3610] - Shipping and Accounting Page: Behavior of Checked 'Make Default Accounting' checkbox corrected after clicking 'Review Changes' button

[CS-3619] - Improved performance when loading /disney/animal-agriculture-horticulture.html

[CS-3630] - Compare Page: improvement in display

[CS-3631] - Client exports in UAT and PROD corrected

[CS-3633] - Direct references to AWS S3 file locations removed

[CS-3634] - AC: Users cannot assign Carts to themselves

[CS-3637] - PROD/PBSD: Catalog Approval Email Redirects revised

[CS-3641] - Translation 7.0.4- FR/ES: Product search results: Heading displays when search switches to OR logic

[CS-3642] - ENG/INV/History: Translation provided for the key

[CS-3643] - Admin/Webforms: Display revised so that Name of Supplier shows in Result for column 'Product Attribute>Supplier'

[CS-3644] - Standard Reports: "Export to Excel" button behavior revised

[CS-3645] - FR/SP: Quote cancellation email is improved

[CS-3646] - Admin/Quotes: Improvement in display of 'Canceled' filters are shown in 'Status' dropdown

[CS-3648] - Shop by Supplier: Category filter display improved.

[CS-3653] - FR/SP: Save RFQ after edit

[CS-3658] - The admin user is not allowed to save a supplier if the 'Auto Approve Catalog Updates' = No and the 'Catalog Import Approver' is not specified.

[CS-3659] - Hide Product Admin Tabs

[CS-3665] - Accounting Interstitial page: "Make Default Accounting" check-box is displayed

[CS-3673] - No Search Result Messaging improved

[CS-3678] - ASGN/Email: Date Assigned shown in corresponding language based on the User's preferred language

[CS-3679] - Shopping Cart: Success messaging has been corrected when adding more than 30 Items to the Cart at once

[CS-3680] - ENG/BQN/Catalog upload: Translation is displayed in Notification message

[CS-3681] - Catalog Approve: Approve Catalog Update modal is properly  translated

[CS-3684] - CHK: BACK button redirects User to the proper previous page

[CS-3687] - Accounting Groups display improvement when Filterable on Related Fields.

[CS-3691] - BE: Payment Transfer Log: Improvement of Display of View Log page

[CS-3692] - 7.0.4 Translations

[CS-3694] - Punchout Supplier  returns EA UoM

[CS-3695] - User file import fixes

[CS-3700] - Catalog Rejection: Reject Catalog Update modal is now completely translated

[CS-3701] - PLP is properly displayed

[CS-3702] - BE: Manage Products: "Visibility" and "Status" columns are properly displayed

[CS-3709] - Compare Products Page improved display

[CS-3714] - PLP: Updated behavior when the filters are removed after the page refresh

[CS-3721] - Create Quote: improved display for QTY and Total Price  after switching from catalog to non-catalog item

[CS-3725] - Catalog Rejection/FR/SP: Success message is now translated

[CS-3727] - Assigned Carts: User with no assignee permission and no approver: Notification pop appears on Shopping Cart page instead of in a modal window

[CS-3737] - FE: Checkout Summary: "Make Default Accounting" check-box is properly shown while editing Accounting

[CS-3740] - Admin Run Exports Queue

[CS-3746] - FE: Correct URLs are shown for Category pages

[CS-3748] - Shop By Supplier Search returns correct results

[CS-3753] - FE: Company Profile: Company's Product Placeholder Image points to CDN

[CS-3754] - Shopping Cart/QTY INCR: Notification shows correct increment

[CS-3768] - Create Quote page: Catalog Item Data is now updated when changing the value in SKU field

[CS-3775] - PLP: Product's Description -- HTML markup no longer displays

[CS-3783] - BE: Accounting Value handling corrected

[CS-3798] - KinderCare Requisition IDs include "REQ-" Prefix

[CS-3800] - BQ Stack Errors eliminated

[CS-3805] - Category names may now include contains slash "/" character

[CS-3812] - Checkout: Line level Accounting Interstitial page displays properly when proceeding to Checkout Review Page

[CS-3814] - BQ error eliminated: "SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'main_table.store_name' in 'order clause'