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7.0.3 Bug Fixes (March 6, 2017)

Version 7.0.3 (Doors), released on March 6, 2017, featured a number of bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

[CS-3095] - Bundle PDP: Long Bundle items names are accommodated in boxes if Input type = drop-down

[CS-3096] - Cart: “View Details” box are accommodated by the page borders if one of the Bundle items inside it has long name

[CS-3100] - Category page/Price filter: Empty field is displayed after any non numeric symbol is entered

[CS-3137] - IE / Webforms: Triangle warning icon overlaps dropdown button / Dropdown button is not clickable

[CS-3207] - Estimated Savings function improved

[CS-3288] - FE: Homepage: Long statuses overlap dates in "Catalog Approval Grid" sidebar widget

[CS-3317] - Qty Validation message is shown only for the first line on Quote creation page

[CS-3358] - Filters should remain on category changes

[CS-3362] - Quote: Long item description overlaps Price and Qty sections

[CS-3442] - FAQ Manage Item Content Section improved

[CS-3453] - DIS: Improved handling of large quotes

[CS-3496] - FE: Using "All Categories" return button returns user to the selection of categories

[CS-3525] - Right Sidebar Home Page Widgets: Catalog Update Grid widget's layout improved

[CS-3531] - Home Page: Vertical separator between the "Go Back" and "Go Forward" buttons

[CS-3557] - PLP: 'Compare' checkboxes are available at switching listing view

[CS-3575] - Home Page styling issue

[CS-3581] - Cart: Layout improved after adding Bundle Product with "Ship Bundle Items" = Together

[CS-3596] - Shipping and Accounting Page: Previously saved value is shown when setting empty 'Deliver To' field

[CS-3603] - Small Screen/ER/CO/CR/: Accounting Percentage box is shifted beneath Allocation QTY box on line level

[CS-3613] - Shipping and Accounting:  after first click, 'Save Changes' click navigates to shipping and accounting page

[CS-3620] - Checkout: 'Make Default Accounting' checkbox is shown while editing Accounting at the line level

[CS-3624] - Checkout: “Shipping” column is compressed, when editing Shipping on line level for the Item with long name

[CS-3625] - Shipping and Accounting: Exclamation triangle is shifted far to the right from the "Allocation" filed, when trying to save Accounting with invalid Allocation value

[CS-3155] - Selecting a supplier and category functionality improved

[CS-3174] - Code repository maintenance

[CS-3178] - SSL: Quantity is available for Quote non-catalog items

[CS-3189] - Accounting interstitial page navigates to Checkout page

[CS-3200] - Cart: Improvement in display after the redirection to Cart, if Product with Qty Increments previously had the incorrect QTY

[CS-3216] - Checkout: User is able to View all members for approval group if they have "Approve Request" permission disabled

[CS-3220] - PLP: Breadcrumbs in Shop by Supplier improved

[CS-3252] - Admin/Manage Products: Filter by price improved

[CS-3259] - FE: Filtering by Supplier saved after sorting the Products on the Category page in Matrix view

[CS-3260] - AC details - Save as PDF: Item Information display

[CS-3301] - FE: Footer Version Number visible to Supplier user

[CS-3310] - Categories Widget performance improved

[CS-3319] - Query performance improved

[CS-3342] - Temporary file handling improved

[CS-3355] - BE: “Use in empty search result” config for WEB / RFQ Forms should be changed

[CS-3367] - Edit Request: Request can be saved with empty Shipping when OBO user wihout Preferred Shipping is chosen

[CS-3368] - Error handling improved

[CS-3371] - Document Grids sort correction --  when numbers 'roll-over'

[CS-3377] - Admin/RFQ process improved

[CS-3379] - BE: RFQ Field with “RFQ Suppliers” type -- performance improvement

[CS-3382] - Post cXML ASNs improved

[CS-3392] - BE/PDP: Name, Short description and Long description, URL Key fields use default values

[CS-3393] - ASGN/PDF: Currency symbols improved for Line item Price and Line item Total

[CS-3395] - UNSPSC Category Mapping

[CS-3403] - Create Quote: Custom Options are revalidated if SKU is replaced

[CS-3404] - Admin/Invoices/Print Invoice: PDF displays properly

[CS-3408] - Admin: Invoices tab displays Supplier details

[CS-3410] - FF / Create Quote:  'Add Row' enabled

[CS-3412] - Create Quote: Total Price in Item Form section matches Total Price in Quote Summary section when adding Item

[CS-3414] - Remove need for ACL associated to Withdraw/Refuse Assigned Carts

[CS-3415] - Admin/Dashboard: Clicking "# of Results Returned" sort title updates Search Activity results

[CS-3416] - Users' Saved Shopping List totals update to reflect inactive items

[CS-3419] - View Quote Details Page from Document Search grid

[CS-3420] - PLP: 'Compare' checkbox behavior improved

[CS-3427] - Change Request action for Requests improved

[CS-3437] - Accounting Interstitial page continues to next checkout step

[CS-3458] - INV/History: Statuses are displayed in Eng for FR/SP store view

[CS-3462] - Create Quote: 'QTY' and 'Total Price' fields for 'Catalog' Product Type populated after SKU is validated

[CS-3464] - Search page performance improvement

[CS-3466] - Active Quotes are shown after applying filter 'Active'

[CS-3467] - CM: Create Credit Memo from PO behavior improved

[CS-3468] - CM: "Create Credit Memo from Invoice" action is available in "I would like to" dropdown when permission enabled

[CS-3472] - Edit Request: Accounting changes are reflected in History section

[CS-3478] - MFG Name and Part Number  in POOM for Webforms

[CS-3480] - Admin Panel - Saving Product

[CS-3482] - Supplier Type Master Data Load Importing Correctly

[CS-3484] - Invoice submission improved

[CS-3490] - Save supplier record after changing payment to CenPOS configuration

[CS-3492] - Account Value ID field improved

[CS-3495] - Punchout Keywords improved

[CS-3497] - ES/ER: Heading translation for Non-Catalog Item on Edit Request Page

[CS-3501] - Manual creation of "Add New Accounting Value"

[CS-3502] - Quote's non-catalog items saved to Saved Shopping List

[CS-3504] - Quotes: Non-catalog item's Qty box is validated in case previous lines have Min Qty, Maximum Qty and Qty Increments amounts

[CS-3506] - Approvers can perform Change Request action for Requests they were chosen as approvers

[CS-3509] - Enable Accounting Attribute Options Within Users Master Data Loads

[CS-3510] - Quotes: UNSPSC  loading improved

[CS-3513] - User Import: Accounting Values are imported

[CS-3520] - Accounting Values - duplicate IDs rejected

[CS-3522] - Document Search RFQ functionality improved

[CS-3524] - Wendys CenPOS fix

[CS-3526] - Accounting Combination behavior improved

[CS-3528] - Shopping Cart display improved

[CS-3529] - Product Contract Price Displayed With Manual Updates

[CS-3530] - Hard coded variables allowed in payment service

[CS-3533] - Add Accounting Combination: Checkbox 'Make Default Accounting'

[CS-3537] - BE: User Information: "Accounting" tab display modification for the imported Users

[CS-3540] - Shop by Supplier: Products of all suppliers are displayed when applying a filter

[CS-3542] - Search results by Supplier: Items are  shown after applying 'Category' filter

[CS-3543] - Search Results: Sub-category filter can be applied

[CS-3545] - User Credentials

[CS-3546] - Invoice generation

[CS-3551] - Main Menu category display improved

[CS-3553] - Error handling improved

[CS-3555] - Descriptions for attributes display after adding Filter to Matrix View for a Category

[CS-3558] - REQ with Approver available

[CS-3563] - Default Accounting is set properly during Checkout

[CS-3568] - 7.0.3 Translations

[CS-3583] - Shop by Category Main Home Page Widget: Subcategories with products tied to them are displayed

[CS-3589] - FE: Transferred Carts Homepage widgets: Correct sorting of transferred carts

[CS-3592] - Search Messaging

[CS-3593] - Search improvements for use of operators

[CS-3594] - Admin: Delete User's Shipping Locations

[CS-3610] - Shipping and Accounting Page: Checked 'Make Default Accounting' checkbox  after clicking 'Review Changes' button

[CS-3612] - Empty search results page display improvement

[CS-3616] - FE: Shop by Category Main Home Page Widget and Right Sidebar Home Page Widget improvement

[CS-3617] - Shipping and Accounting Page:  Accounting Values display

[CS-3618] - Product search results page: Search suggestion display improved

[CS-3626] - Admin/Manage Data Load Dashboard improved

[CS-3627] - FE: FR/ES: Search for Accounting values behavior improved

[CS-3640] - SupplierPartAuxID values display

[CS-3652] - Checkout: improvement in Accounting editing

[CS-3654] - BE: Messaging for saving new product

[CS-3655] - Blackbox United - <SupplierPartAuxiliaryID>  sent

[CS-3660] - Submitted Quotes page load performance