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7.0.2 Release Features and Functionality (February 6, 2017)

Version 7.0.2 (Doors) was released on February 6, 2017 and featured an update to Marketplace plus integration with the end-to-end payment engine, CenPOS.


Version 7.0.2 (Doors) release, on February 6, 2017, featured the addition the CenPOS Payment Integration module. CenPOS integration provides an end-to-end payments engine. 

Marketplace Module - New Features and Functionality

Removed is_anchor Attribute for Categories

This release removed the "is_anchor" attribute to prevent the display of "Categories not displaying on Front-end" on newly created sites.

Platform Module - New Features and Functionality

CenPOS Payment Integration

BuyerQuest has been integrated with CenPOS which is an end-to-end payments engine. When an Invoice moves to an OK2Pay status, a web service call is generated to CenPos to initiate the payment to the supplier.