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7.0.2 Bug Fixes (February 6, 2017)

Bug fixes for Version 7.0.2. (Doors) released on February 6, 2017.


Version 7.0.2 (Doors), release on February 6, 2017 included the bug fixes listed here. 

Marketplace Module - New Features and Functionality

Remove is_anchor attribute For Categories

Fix was made to remove the "is_anchor attribute as the longterm solution to prevent the issue of "Categories not displaying on Front-end" from happening for newly created sites.

Platform Module - New Features and Functionality

CenPOS Payment Integration

BuyerQuest has been integrated with CenPOS which is an end-to-end payments engine. When an Invoice moves to an OK2Pay status, a web service call is generated to CenPos to initiate the payment to the supplier.

Bug Fixes

[CS-3108] - Enter not working for apply button in price filter

[CS-3129] - Quote cancellation email is not properly styled

[CS-3156] - There is no feedback for users when they filter to zero results

[CS-3230] - Product page does not display in HTML if provided

[CS-3282] - Quote can be submitted with empty UOM field

[CS-3295] - PDP: Up-sells and related products are not styled properly

[CS-3328] - Cart: Cross-sell products are not styled properly

[CS-3356] - Search results page: "Can't find what you're looking for? Create a Non-Catalog Request." link is not placed correctly

[CS-3030] - Categories not displaying on front end

[CS-3033] - Details of Quotes Are Not Shown Correctly On PDF Files

[CS-3086] - SP/Checkout: Untranslated value is displayed in Requisition Title text field

[CS-3109] - Fourth Level not showing up in category dropdown

[CS-3110] - Second level categories not in alphabetical order

[CS-3111] - Reopen RFQ: "Invite a Supplier" filed doesn't allow to select Suppliers

[CS-3113] - "Reason to Buy" row is displayed on "Maximum allowed characters" tab on "Manage System Configurations" page

[CS-3115] - Accepted Quotes can be added to Cart after expiration of 'Valid Until' date

[CS-3118] - WF: Fields with "Select" type can be moved to multi-row field set with the help of "Change field set" action on "Edit Form" page

[CS-3122] - Edit (pencil Icon) is displayed next to the quote catalog item in the Cart

[CS-3127] - PDP: Notice is shown when "Prioritized on Product Detail Page" is set to "Yes" for uploaded Searchable & Filterable Attribute

[CS-3128] - Company Profile: Updates performed for "Catalog Notifications" and "RFQ Notifications" blocks aren't reflected in "History"

[CS-3133] - Rename SAML SSO Configuration

[CS-3136] - ER/CO: Non-Catalog Item of Disabled Supplier can be added

[CS-3139] - ER: If REQ contains different Product Currencies, the PO is generated only for the updated Line Item

[CS-3141] - Admin / Edit Customer page: Error when clicking "Manage Shopping Cart" button and the Cart contains Catalog Item

[CS-3144] - Supplier view has blank button

[CS-3160] - Notice when refreshing the Edit page with Item from the Cart, which contains several items, but this Product has been deleted from the Cart in other tab

[CS-3171] - When PO is changed, new PO is generated instead of new PO version

[CS-3179] - PDP: Notice is shown after assigning up-sells to the Product

[CS-3180] - Price of the custom option with the Text/Date input type is not converted properly in the Cart

[CS-3181] - Product Visibility / Shopping Cart: Delete icon is not shown for Not visible individually items

[CS-3186] - Bundle Details Page: Not visible individually Bundle Child products are shown

[CS-3192] - "Supplier Products" breadcrumb is unclickable

[CS-3198] - Users with Approval Permissions Only Should be Searchable and Selectable When Adding Approver During Checkout

[CS-3199] - Footer Version Number should reflect out to the hot fix value

[CS-3212] - Non-RFQ/Quote: Tiered Pricing isn't reflected while adding Catalog Item

[CS-3213] - Checkout: Updated data for "Need by", "Deliver to" and "Shipping" fields aren't reflected on REQ page

[CS-3219] - Sub-categories are not shown on front end

[CS-3233] - Assigned Carts Pagination does not display the total number of carts

[CS-3247] - Report names not matching on the front-end

[CS-3249] - ER: OBO user can't be removed

[CS-3254] - DIS: Emails being sent for Quotes incorrectly attached to RFQ's

[CS-3258] - FE: Products disappear after sorting by “Short Description” on the Category page in Matrix view

[CS-3261] - Attribute values are not displayed in "Matrix View" mode

[CS-3263] - Admin ACL Configuration Issue - Access Denied for Selected Import ACL

[CS-3267] - AOE Scheduler Error Reporting

[CS-3289] - ASGN: Punched out supplier placeholder is missing in Item Information block

[CS-3290] - REQ/Punchout: Punchout supplier placeholder of a different supplier is displayed

[CS-3291] - Create Invoice action shown without proper ACL

[CS-3292] - Create Quote: Tiered price of the Catalog item is not precise enough after currency conversion

[CS-3294] - 7.0.2 Translations

[CS-3299] - Incorrect Image URL On Edit Product Admin Pages

[CS-3302] - FE: PDP: Values for prioritized System attributes are not displayed

[CS-3305] - DIS: RFQ Form Date Validation Error

[CS-3308] - PunchOut Transferred Carts Being Overwritten

[CS-3311] - Assigned Cart: Update Verbiage for Pop up window for Withdraw/Refuse Action

[CS-3312] - Supplier images not being served from CDN

[CS-3315] - Unable to submit a Quote with a Catalog item

[CS-3316] - Quantity Box is not prefilled with Minimum Qty and Qty Increments during Quote creation

[CS-3318] - Admin/Manage Products: Custom Options are not saved for the Product

[CS-3323] - Palm Beach Cannot Assign Cart error

[CS-3324] - Caterpillar punchout breaks when upgrading to Doors 7.0.1

[CS-3325] - Footer Version Number should reflect out to the hot fix value

[CS-3327] - "Can't find what you're looking for?" link is not displayed on Search Result page with available results

[CS-3330] - Search results strange in Kiewit test

[CS-3335] - Core Gateway/Blackbox "Create" vs "Edit" ShoppingCartAuxID Functionality

[CS-3337] - Delegation: Disable 'Save Delegation" button after first click

[CS-3338] - Web Form and RFQ Link visible to supplier

[CS-3339] - Report with newly created REQ is not generated under Standard Reports > Pending Approvals by User

[CS-3340] - Common Fields File - Not all item showing on front end

[CS-3343] - Supplier Initiated Quotes: Requester's grid is blank

[CS-3345] - PDP: Error is shown instead of page

[CS-3346] - PDP: Error is shown in the "Additional Information" tab

[CS-3347] - Notice is shown instead of Compare Products page

[CS-3353] - Non-RFQ:Fr/Sp: Provide translation for "global_quote_recipients" keys

[CS-3354] - Cannot load UOM data

[CS-3359] - OCI Punchin User name assigned as N/A

[CS-3360] - Notice is shown instead of Assigned Carts page

[CS-3366] - Error is shown during RFQ Quote response creation and broken Quote is generated

[CS-3375] - User with proper permissions receives error when clicking 'view all' from widget: catalog update grid

[CS-3384] - RFQ: Not all the Preferred Suppliers are visible on FE

[CS-3385] - Products don't appear on PLP in FR/ES store views after CAT - Common fields upload

[CS-3386] - FR/ES store views: Name, Short description and Long description remain empty if CAT - Common fields doesn't contain values for them

[CS-3388] - Admin/Client Attributes: Attributes update is inconsistent

[CS-3389] - Palm Beach pbsd (UAT and PROD) 'CART' Not displaying for Assigned Carts in backend

[CS-3397] - FR/ES: Product Search returns error

[CS-3400] - It's not possible to login to FE

[CS-3401] - Admin/Documents/REQ: Submitting Withdraw action takes user to Dashboard

[CS-3409] - BE: Manage Products: Default product names are shown after store view switching

[CS-3418] - Document Search: Quotes' Total Price is resetting to 0.00

[CS-3423] - Punchout Products Missing Edit Link

[CS-3425] - Accounting: Saving an edit in admin panel removes all accounting groups

[CS-3429] - FE: PDP: Notice is shown after opening manually created product

[CS-3430] - FE: Type ahead search doesn't work

[CS-3448] - After Punchout First Name Set as EID

[CS-3473] - Change action for 'buyerquest_catalogworkflow_approve' table foreign key

[CS-3474] - Supplier info page slow opening

[CS-3476] - Supplier Info Page: 'Supplier Products List' section isn't displayed

ETL Sub-defect

[CS-3248] - Admin: Products are not displayed at sorting by several sort titles

[CS-3265] - Update store_id in clover to reflect multi store