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7.0.1 Bug Fixes (December 26, 2016)

Version 7.0.1 (Doors) release on December 26, 2016 featured this list of CS bug fixes.


Bug Fixes completed in Version 7.0.1 (Doors), released on December 26, 2016 are listed below. 

Bug Fixes 

CS-2925] - SKU Not Visible on Create Quotes

[CS-3088] - Text is not aligned with icon in the notification window

[CS-3146] - Non-RFQ: Error message appears but form is successfully submitted

[CS-3149] - Non-RFQ: Impossible to Add New Item Row if all the Item Rows are previously removed

[CS-3173] - Cart: Items table is cut if one of the products has long SKU

[CS-3211] - Non-RFQ: It is possible delete all the Item Rows if the default Item Row was previously deleted

[CS-3228] - Create INV: Bundle product is always added with all Options and wrong price

[CS-3281] - Quote with attachment can't be submitted

[CS-2556] - Document Search Results: Filter sub-group drop down lists are displayed after 'Filter' drop down is expanded

[CS-2850] - Fix Company Locations Query

[CS-3002] - Defect: Supplier-created quotes reverts catalog price to default when user updates Requester field

[CS-3023] - Pull commits from KC-1766 into core

[CS-3024] - CSV Mapping & Output Errors Prevent Supplier Transaction Testing

[CS-3034] - Web Forms Not Saving and Updating Correctly With No Code

[CS-3039] - Validation graph fails when supplier contains apostrophe

[CS-3040] - URL in the backend for colors leads to 404

[CS-3044] - Adding mongo queries to the error report

[CS-3051] - Quotes in Admin Control Panel: Date Incorrect in header

[CS-3052] - RFQ Admin Control Panel: Quotes not associated to RFQs display error

[CS-3053] - Could not load RFQ request. - #fatal-bq-stack-errors

[CS-3055] - RFQ - Need By Date

[CS-3063] - View and Approve all catalog update permission not working

[CS-3065] - Quote Response Collaborative Shopping Cart Pricing

[CS-3069] - Webform Link visible to supplier

[CS-3070] - Fatal Error when editing WF item from the Cart but the WF Product has been deleted from the Cart in other tab

[CS-3071] - Notice when editing and updating Item from the Cart but this Product has been deleted from the Cart in other tab

[CS-3073] - Incorrect Directory Permissions on Creation

[CS-3075] - Simple Item RFQ Duplicate

[CS-3080] - SKU Delimiter Setting "None" Ignored by CSV Exporter

[CS-3083] - Admin: Manually created product doesn't appear on the Manage Products page

[CS-3084] - Error on cscurrent causing site to be unusable

[CS-3085] - Hide "Punchout Suppliers Only" Tab in Shop by Supplier if there are no Punchout Suppliers

[CS-3089] - INV/CM: Bundle product can't be configured

[CS-3090] - cscurrent1 Fatal Error

[CS-3091] - Email Send Failures when Processing Inventory Jobs

[CS-3093] - PHP Fatal error: Cannot unset string offsets 

[CS-3094] - Fatal Exception: Could not be finished process. Please, reload page

[CS-3097] - Add Wording in Breadcrumbs for Search Spellcheck

[CS-3099] - SAML not working for instance

[CS-3104] - Notice is shown when refreshing the Edit page with Item from the Cart but this Product has been deleted from the Cart in other tab

[CS-3105] - Category page: "Can't find what you're looking for?" link is not displayed

[CS-3112] - Quotes: 'Loading failed' error is shown while searching for valid UNSPSC code

[CS-3114] - Assigned Carts do not remove items from Cart

[CS-3116] - ER/CR/CO: "Supplier" and "Currency" fields are missing on "Update Non Catalog Item" page

[CS-3117] - Category and Seach on new PBSD Instance not working properly

[CS-3119] - SAML Issues from PB and from KC need fixed in Core

[CS-3123] - Create INV/CM: Bundle product is added incorrectly via "Add item" form

[CS-3124] - Create INV/CM: Custom options are not displayed if the product was added via "Add item" form

[CS-3126] - CR: User can not add Non-Catalog Item of Supplier which is not present in REQ

[CS-3134] - Inbound OCI: User is not able to update First and Last names

[CS-3135] - OCI Punchin Logic failing due to sending password

[CS-3140] - php-fatal-errors for cs dev/cs

[CS-3143] - Unable to Export List of Supplier Users

[CS-3147] - Non-RFQ: Catalog Item cannot be uploaded via "Upload Item Information" link

[CS-3150] - Shop by Supplier PLP: Bundle product has 0.00 price

[CS-3151] - Reports page: Pagination is shown when "No Report available based on the selected criteria" text is displayed

[CS-3153] - Create column assigned_cart_id in sales_flat_quote_item table"

[CS-3154] - Filter is removable on Shop by supplier page

[CS-3161] - INV: Notice is shown when the User tries to view the Exceptions

[CS-3162] - Create INV: Error is shown when the User tries to add Product with empty required custom options

[CS-3163] - INV: Product custom options are not displayed if the Product was added during Invoice creation

[CS-3165] - Create INV: Broken image is displayed next to the Product's image

[CS-3166] - 7.0.1 Translations

[CS-3168] - php-fatal-error reported for cscurrent1

[CS-3169] - Line Item #s in PO CSV Export Line Item file do not match with the PO Line #s

[CS-3182] - Create INV / INV details: Bundle items are not displayed properly if the Product was added during Invoice creation

[CS-3183] - Category Tree not displaying on left hand navigation: Upgrade Script Needed

[CS-3185] - Document search doesn't work

[CS-3188] - Ccreate INV / INV: Broken image is shown instead of supplier placeholder image

[CS-3194] - BE: Notice is shown when trying to save WEB Form

[CS-3201] - PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getProductOptions() on null

[CS-3203] - Fatal Error when saving WF from the Cart to Saved Shopping List

[CS-3205] - Search results / Shop by Supplier PLP: Products are not displayed

[CS-3206] - Assigned Carts throws error when added to cart

[CS-3217] - INV-Add Item: "UOM", "Currency" and "Item Description" fields aren't prepopulated for SKU, which is common for different Suppliers

[CS-3218] - Cart: Punched out product loses the ability to be edited if it was previously added to Assigned Cart / Transferred Cart

[CS-3224] - Invoice detail product item fatal error

[CS-3229] - BE: Extra Supplier Configuration section is available under Manage System Configurations

[CS-3231] - Admin/Supplier Users: Export report email is not sent

[CS-3232] - PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception'

[CS-3236] - Admin/Users: Export report email is not sent

[CS-3250] - SSO Standard User Losing Name when Punching In to PBSD

[CS-3255] - Add Bundle Product Options Not displayed In create invoice view

[CS-3257] - PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getType() on null

[CS-3264] - Back-end stores weight as boolean in Mongo

[CS-3269] - FE: Quote details page: Key is shown in the confirmation modal window, when the User tries to add Quote to Cart

[CS-3270] - Pagination is not displayed on Assigned Carts grid

[CS-3271] - ASGN: PDF: History section rows should be expanded in the PDF document

[CS-3272] - ASGN/Email: Incorrect date formatting on Cart Withdrawn Email Notification Sent to Assignee/Cart Refused Email Notification Sent to Assigner

[CS-3278] - ASGN/Withdrawn/Refused Email: Email Notifications for Assignee are sent in Assigner's Preferred language

[CS-3279] - ASGN/Email: Email Notifications that the cart has been assigned for Assignee are sent in Assigner's Preferred language

[CS-3280] - ASGN/FR/SP: Code snippet is used instead Product Description on Assigned Cart details page

[CS-3283] - ASGN/FR/SP: Code snippet is used instead Product Description on Withdrawn/Refused Email Notifications

[CS-3284] - ASGN/FR/SP: Keys instead of translations are displayed

[CS-3285] - INV: Notice is shown instead of reconciled INV details page

[CS-3286] - Performance: Improve Translatable attributes loading

ETL Sub-defect

[CS-3196] - UNSPSC import gets stuck in "Running" status

[CS-3273] - UAT/IBM: Catalog stuck in "Pending Validation" status