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7.0 Release Features and Functionality (November 30, 2016)

BuyerQuest Version 7.0 (Doors) Release Notes provide detail on new and enhanced features and functionality. Read more about enhancements to Marketplace, Web Forms, Requisitions and Approvals, Procure, Business Intelligence Reporting, and Platform modules.


Highlights of the 7.0 release include additions to Home Page widgets, enhancements to Search, Web Forms and Catalog Importer,  combined Shipping and Accounting Preferences, and multilingual support in reports, catalog imports, and accounting, 

Marketplace Module - New Features and Functionality

Assigned Carts

Assigned Carts support Marketplace Users who do not have permission to Transfer Carts to their ERP. The purpose of Assigned Carts is to hand off a Shopping Cart from a non ERP User to an ERP User.

See Assign a Cart. 

Home Page Widgets Updates

There are two new Home Page widgets available in the marketplace, Assigned Carts and Estimated Savings. There is also an update to the Banner Carousel widget, that controls the timing of each banner.

See Marketplace Home Page. 

User Access Control Added to Block Checkout and Transfer Cart

'Enable Access to Checkout or Transfer Cart' user permissions were added to provide a user with the ability to view/not view the Checkout or Transfer Cart button on the Shopping Cart page. Further enhancements were also made to make the ACL's layout more comprehensive.

See Checkout.

See Transfer a Cart.

Search User Experience Enhancement

The Search and Browse pages were enhanced to allow for more efficient attribute filtering and quicker access to the Products users want to find.  These changes represent a cognitive approach to search, allowing users to more naturally find the Products that they need.

See also Filter, Sort, and Compare Product and Service Details. 

Product Visibility Updates

This feature defines the 'visibility' settings supported by BuyerQuest. Specifically, there is now an opportunity to 'hide' the child SKUs of a Bundle, forcing users to only be able to search for the Parent Bundle SKU.

See Search Products and Services.

Multilingual Report: "List Of Products For A Single Supplier"

This new feature helps to support multilingual export of the List Of Products For A Single Supplier report. Specifically, if there are multilingual attributes available in the database, the report will extract reflect those.

Web Form Module - New Features and Functionality

Enhanced Export For Submitted Web Forms

The export of Web Form results has been enhanced for clearer data display.  Request Numbers were also added for product Web Forms that were part of the procurement process.

See Export a Web Form.

Streamlined Web Form Administration

The display and user interface for Web Forms in the Admin Control Panel has been enhanced to provide a better display of data and functionality.  Save & Add was added to Web Forms fields to allow the user to create another field without having to return to the fields grid. This added functionality improves the speed and ease of creation of Web Forms and provides a better workflow from within the Admin Control Panel

See Save a Web Form. 

Requisition and Approvals Module - New Features and Functionality

Shipping and Accounting

Favorite Accounts and My Locations were combined to form a much improved and comprehensive Shipping and Accounting page. The term "Favorite" has been replaced by "Preferred."  Preferred Locations, Accounting Combinations and Deliver To information are saved under the Shipping and Accounting page.

See Shipping and Accounting Preferences. 

Procure Module - New Features and Functionality

PO Changes and Cancellation

cXML messages are sent to the supplier when a PO is modified or cancelled, as appropriate. For PO modifications, a cXML Change Order message is sent. For PO cancellations, a cXML Delete message is sent.

Also, PO change & cancellation emails are sent out to suppliers and requesters for suppliers who are configured to receive POs via email.

Reporting End-User / BI: New Features and Functionality

Estimated Savings Widget

This feature displays the Estimated Savings clients gain by leveraging BuyerQuest. This widget displaces previous metric, a result of the simple equation of (List - Contract Price) for Transferred Carts and Requisitions.

See Marketplace Home Page. 

Admin Panel Dashboard

The Admin Panel Dashboard is the starting page for administrators and provides a snapshot of system activity. Widgets such as Quicklinks, User Activity, and Top Searches provide useful information to the Administrator.

Good Data Reports to Include the Ability to do Analysis on Transferred Carts

Good Data Reports now include the ability to do analysis on Transferred Carts. Marketplace users are now able to do an in-depth analysis of what items are being purchased through BuyerQuest.

Platform Module - New Features and Functionality

Multilingual Support For Attributes

The Additional Attributes Catalog Importer supports multilingual functionality. Users can now upload and view attribute name and attribute value in their preferred language.

Multilingual Support For Categories

The Category Tree Catalog Importer to supports multilingual functionality. Users can now upload and view the name of the category in their preferred language.

Multilingual Support For Common Fields

The Common Fields (Products-Simple) Catalog Importer supports multilingual functionality. Users can now upload and view short description and long description attributes in their preferred language. 

Multilingual Accounting Support

As part of the multilingual initiative, multilingual Accounting has been enabled for each of the supported site languages. 

Multilingual Accounting Value Importer

The Accounting Values Importer to supports multilingual functionality. Users can now upload and view accounting value names and descriptions in their preferred language.

Search Term Redirect Enhancement

The Search Term Redirect functionality was enhanced to allow increased filtering by URL parameters, allowing for more precise control over when URL Redirects are used.  An Admin now has the ability to set up a redirect for a single search term, or for a single search term and corresponding URL parameters.

Product Attribute Grid Enhancements

To allow for better management of product attributes, the Product Attribute Grid has been split into two components: Client Attributes (typically provided by Suppliers) and System Attributes (used by the BuyerQuest Platform).  

Catalog Importer: Add Service Type to Common Fields File

A new field "service_type" has been added to the Common Fields file.

Catalog Importer: Add Maximum Quantity to Common Fields File

A new field "Maximum Quantity" has been added to the Catalog Importer.  Suppliers can now set a maximum quality so that buyers will not be able to order more than that set quantity.