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6.7.3 Bug Fixes (November 18, 2016)

Version 6.7.3 (Chicago), released on November 18, 2016, featured this list of CS bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

[CS-2010] - FE: FR/ES: Product listing: "Ajouter au panier"/"Agregar al carro" title goes out the button's borders

[CS-2384] - Two 'Cancel' options in same screen work differently

[CS-2415] - Profile Information - Change Password: Warning icon doesn't disappear for 'Confirm New Password' after it is filled in

[CS-2550] - CHK: Align Note to Approver field and Attachments info block

[CS-2553] - Cart: Bundle options and message about unavailable bundle options go out the boxes if some Products in the Cart belong to Supplier with long name

[CS-2569] - Create CM: Warning icon for QTY field is shifted

[CS-2577] - REQ: History records are not aligned

[CS-2593] - Favorite Accounts: Exclamation triangle icon in the Allocation field is shifted

[CS-2602] - FR: Cursor of mini cart is shifted from shopping cart section

[CS-2709] - Supplier User Grid Off Screen

[CS-2719] - Supplier Info page: Number of reviews is too close to Compare link of the other product

[CS-2720] - Cart > Create Collaborative Cart: "Group to share with" filed is not cleared after clicking Cancel button

[CS-2730] - Arrow's background is not colored on active button

[CS-2731] - Approvals: "Custom reason" field's label is not marked with asterisk as required in the '"Deny Request" modal window

[CS-2732] - Action buttons are not completely colored on hover

[CS-2740] - Shop by Supplier: "No matching entries" info message is not styled

[CS-2746] - PDP: Labels of empty required radio-button custom options are colored, when trying to add product to Cart

[CS-2750] - Homepage: Saved Shopping Lists Widget: Long SSL names overlap the content of the Widget

[CS-2766] - CR/CO: Long name of the child bundle item is displayed cut in 'Configure Your Product' modal

[CS-2769] - Supplier Info page: Space between "Supplier Contact" and "Contact Phone" fields is missing

[CS-2776] - Create Credit Memo: Warning icon is shifted for the 'Credit Memo Number' field

[CS-2787] - Unable to click dropdown button on webform when caution symbol is visible

[CS-2790] - SP/FR - Request Details Reports: "Requester" drop down is displayed already expanded

[CS-2805] - Homepage: "Rejected - pending approval" catalog status overlaps catalog number in Catalog update grid widget

[CS-2806] - "Search" button is bigger than search field on "Catalog Updates" and "Global Catalog Updates" pages

[CS-2826] - Supplier initiated quote: Not able to read UOM selection field

[CS-2828] - Quick order: Long product names in "Configure Your Product" modal window are not fully visible.

[CS-2830] - Supplier info page: Text goes out the borders in "Add to cart" button (screen width 1440 px)

[CS-2832] - PDP/Reviews: Incorrect hyphenation of reviewer's name and date

[CS-2833] - IE11/Grids: Filter's container is shifted when trying to set any filter

[CS-2847] - "Create Bulk PO Invoice" page: Error is displayed after clicking "Upload" button when files aren't added

[CS-2860] - IE11/OSC: Loader is shifted on Accounting interstitial page

[CS-2868] - Multiple rows webform: titles and content are not aligned in webform submitting email

[CS-2898] - Custom Options: "Required Fields" inscription Needs updated under non-required Custom Option/s

[CS-2941] - BE: Rejection Reason text area looks like locked

[CS-2955] - Create INV/CM: JS error on the page, cannot re-assign Accounting from header to line level

[CS-2965] - The Warning Icon is affected by Theme Overrides

[CS-2971] - 'Catalog Update Grid' widget's layout is broken

[CS-2977] - FE: CAT: Catalog changes: Old path to the Base Image overlaps the new value in the 'Compare' pop-up

[CS-2984] - Create INV/CM: Unchecking header level Accounting doesn't indicate if the Accounting have been reassigned to lines

[CS-2996] - Word Break on Supplier Notification Incorrect

Backend Sub-defect

[CS-2190] - PHP Warning when Calling Slack

[CS-2215] - Admin/RFQ: N/A isn't displayed for fields that don't have input info

[CS-2274] - OSC: Note says 'Apply to Selected button' instead of 'Apply to All button'

[CS-2301] - BE: Category details: Category Management Message is duplicated in the “Category Products” tab after performing search for the products

[CS-2329] - Back - Edit Supplier: 'MWBE Certified' field contains extra blank value

[CS-2332] - Bulk PO INV: 'Due Date' field duplicates 'Invoice Date' field's value

[CS-2334] - CAT Details Page: 'Actions' column is displayed without the Title

[CS-2377] - SP - Create INV: 'Add Item' label isn't translated

[CS-2378] - FR/SP - Create INV: Notifications, appearing while entering SKU, aren't translated

[CS-2416] - Message in confirmation dialog for 'Close PO' is misleading

[CS-2565] - ER: Milestone Currency changes to Approver's preferred one

[CS-2576] - Admin/Documents: History records are incomplete

[CS-2587] - Admin: Menu doesn't reflect in which part of the site the user is while viewing Run Details page

[CS-2596] - Custom options have incorrect prices when product currency is EUR

[CS-2597] - Catalog menu is collapsed and chosen path is not highlighted after opening Pending Attributes page

[CS-2598] - "Contact Us" item is not highlighted in main menu on backend when Contact Us page is opened

[CS-2599] - "Indices settings" menu item on backend leads to Manage System Configurations/ Global / Store Management page

[CS-2607] - Forgot password: 404 page is opened after User re-logs in after the Password Reset Procedure

[CS-2615] - Saved Product Searches: After running, '/' element is added to queries in the Search field

[CS-2617] - 'Saved Shopping Lists' tab is not highlighted when the user is on SSL details page

[CS-2622] - Create Invoice: Currency is returned back to default after proceeding to 'Update Non-Catalog Item' page

[CS-2626] - Bundle / Configurable PDP: Price as configured is not calculated for Supplier Users

[CS-2641] - Confirmation message that Invoice was denied is not displayed after the Invoice Reconciliation

[CS-2642] - INV: Record about Invoice denying is shown twice in the History block

[CS-2647] - CO/CR: REQ-V2 can be submitted without any updates

[CS-2653] - Active sub-category is not highlighted in the Navigation menu if the user reaches the page using 'Category' filter on higher level Category page

[CS-2674] - ER/CO/CR: Symbol of Currency, specified as 3 Upper Case Letters, isn't displayed in the 'Price' column

[CS-2675] - INV: History record should be improved for the case of approval via Admin panel

[CS-2684] - Extra "Required Fields" message is shown on the Bundle PDP with required options for the Supplier User

[CS-2687] - Shop by supplier: Breadcrumb "Supplier Products" disappears after opening PDP

[CS-2694] - "Configure" button without "SSL" button is displayed on Quick view popup for simple product with not required custom options

[CS-2704] - Custom REQ denial reason is added to the List of standard denial reasons in the Admin panel

[CS-2705] - BE: Rejection Reason can't be edited

[CS-2706] - Create Credit Memo from INV: 'You do not have permission to view this page' error message appears if 'Create PO Credit Memos' Permission is disabled

[CS-2713] - # Line Items in shopping cart does not refresh properly following cart edit

[CS-2718] - FR/SP: "global_customer_catalog_warning" key is displaying if User Preferred Currency differs from the "Default Display Currency"

[CS-2721] - Approval Group: Bottom pagination doesn't work

[CS-2725] - Collaborative Cart: Confirmation message is shown after adding the Product to the Locked Collaborative Cart by the Non-checkout user using Quick Order

[CS-2726] - COLL CART: Top bar with timer and Unlock Collaborative Cart button disappears after leaving checkout

[CS-2727] - COLL CART: "This cart is currently locked." notification is still displayed in the Unlocked Cart

[CS-2735] - Supplier Info Page: Incorrect alert is shown in the empty Supplier Locations section

[CS-2738] - Admin / Custom Option: Row is deleted from custom option after setting it as a default value

[CS-2739] - Admin/PDP: Up-Sells/Cross-Sells can't be searched by iDs

[CS-2742] - Approval Email: User is redirected to the REQ grid via 'View Detailed Request' link

[CS-2743] - Marketplace shopping cart is merged for two users

[CS-2748] - Admin: ''Invalid year, it must be between -10000 and 10000'' error message is displayed when trying to re-save Replacement Parts product

[CS-2751] - "Shop by Supplier" tab is not highlighted in the Navigation menu if the user is on Supplier Products and Supplier Information pages

[CS-2752] - SSL: Update Replacement Part Add to Cart Error Message

[CS-2765] - CR: 'Non-Cat-XXXXXXXX' temporary ID is displaying in the 'Enter the Item's SKU' field, when it's cleared while editing Non-Cat Item

[CS-2767] - SP/FR: 'The receipt has been deleted' notification isn't translated

[CS-2772] - Create PO-Based INV: After trying to submit INV without Items Accounting values are reset to "N/A"

[CS-2774] - REQ Denied Email Template: Change label for denial reason from "Rejection Reason:" to "Denied Reason:"

[CS-2777] - FR-CHK: Lines in "All lines" drop down for the Attachment are not enumerated

[CS-2778] - SP: All available attributes are displayed in Additional Information tab on the PDP

[CS-2782] - XAT: Hosted catalogs and quote catalog items get 'Source' = "punchout" after reordering Transferred Cart with punchout products

[CS-2783] - Create PO-based INV page: 'Payment Terms' field is highlighted with warning icon as empty required field without trying to Add an Item or Submit INV

[CS-2784] - PO, having 1 submitted INV and 'Fully Received' Status, can't be Closed

[CS-2793] - Menu doesn't reflect in which part of the site the user is while Creating a Quote Response

[CS-2795] - Change Report - Category Change PHP Fix

[CS-2801] - Invoice "Approval rule" menu tab is highlighted after clicking "Save and Continue Edit" button for Request Approval Rule

[CS-2808] - Textarea symbols counter of Description field is not reset after clicking "Clear" button on Catalog upload page

[CS-2809] - Admin: Added video is not displayed in the "Videos" tab after saving

[CS-2811] - Add Configuration for RFQ Emails

[CS-2812] - Punchout product can't be added to SSL from request success page

[CS-2813] - Defect: Incorrect price displaying on compare page when product is not US Currency

[CS-2814] - Update Product Load from Mongo

[CS-2816] - Additional Information: Move to Ajax

[CS-2822] - ER/CR/CO: Accounting can't be saved after editing

[CS-2824] - Error message update when log in via ERP

[CS-2825] - Error message should be updated when log in via ERP with user A email and User B ID

[CS-2827] - Punchout Supplier's displaying when they shouldn't

[CS-2829] - BQN/Create ASN: Menu doesn't reflect where the user is

[CS-2836] - CR: User can not add Non-Catalog Item of Supplier which is not present in REQ

[CS-2837] - PDP: Product Final Price is not updated when user selects Text or Date Custom option that has price

[CS-2838] - Remove log of start-stop cron jobs

[CS-2839] - Shell products for Forms have "Saved Shopping Lists" button in Quick View

[CS-2841] - Update Line Limit Cart Error Messaging

[CS-2844] - Shouldn't Be Able to Edit QTY for Supplier PunchOut Sites

[CS-2846] - Webform: Type field is not populated with "Product" value when editing webform from the cart

[CS-2851] - Reconcile Invoice page: PO, Receipt, Previously Invoiced, Remaining, Current Invoice data is N/A, "Update & Re-Validate" action is missing in Actions dropdown

[CS-2855] - "Clear" button is not working on the "Resubmit Catalog" page

[CS-2856] - Edit/Reorder RFQ: RFQ ID is duplicated in the breadcrumb

[CS-2857] - Incorrect qty is displayed in cart icon in header after quick adding of several products at once

[CS-2858] - Triangle icon for the 1st line is shifted down and is black when submitting Quick order form with several invalid SKUs

[CS-2859] - FR/SP: English version of quick order blank template is downloaded from French or Spanish stores

[CS-2861] - 6.7.3 Translation

[CS-2863] - Product view loading additional Information

[CS-2865] - Webforms: Images are not displayed in webform description and success message

[CS-2866] - "Product" service type is displayed as N/A in webform submitting notification email

[CS-2867] - Multiple rows webform: rows are displayed in incorrect order in form submitting notification email

[CS-2869] - Webform is not displayed in Menu on "Manage web forms" and "Dashboard" pages after saving the webform with "Display in menu" = Yes setting

[CS-2871] - RFQ details page: Warning after clicking "Submit RFQ" button

[CS-2873] - Compare page: "Add to Cart" button is missing

[CS-2878] - Defect: Manage supplier does not display any active items.

[CS-2879] - Multiple rows webform: "Date" fields data from the last row is displayed for all previous rows

[CS-2881] - FR/SP: Catalog filtering with FR/SP types and statuses returns no results

[CS-2882] - XAT: Hosted catalog items get 'Source' = "punchout"/"web_form" after reordering Transferred Cart with punchout and web-form products in different combinations

[CS-2883] - Catalog Changes: User preffered currency symbol is displayed in Compare popup for prices in other currency

[CS-2886] - FR/SP: Change types are displayed in English on Catalog details page

[CS-2887] - Google Analytics Search Terms tagging no longer works

[CS-2891] - Supplier report opens in Browser instead of Excel

[CS-2899] - PDP: Company's Product Placeholder is displayed instead of additional Product images on front-end after re-saving Product in back-end

[CS-2901] - CO/CR/ER: Catalog Item, added twice, but with different Custom Options, is displaying as 1 Line Item with only last added Custom Option

[CS-2907] - Defect: Adding a non-catalog item from saved shopping list returns error page

[CS-2910] - Change Order Qty does not work on Form Item

[CS-2913] - Error while creating the new (6.7.2) build on cscurrent

[CS-2915] - Currency Scheduled Imports Not Updating

[CS-2926] - Cannot Deploy on dev/etl1

[CS-2930] - WebForms - Multi-line form with currency does not produce expected results.

[CS-2931] - Configurable Item - Contract Price not updated when changing options.

[CS-2933] - Products aren't filtered while trying to shop by supplier

[CS-2934] - Admin: INV import doesn't work "Could not establish FTP connection, invalid host or port"

[CS-2935] - FE: Product Search returns irrelevant results and fatal error

[CS-2936] - Supplier Product Listing page: Navigation Menu doesn't respond

[CS-2937] - Supplier Product Listing page: 'Add to Cart' button doesn't respond

[CS-2938] - 'Could not upload file, please, try again later.' error message while Common Fields CAT uploading

[CS-2939] - Quick Order: Valid SKUs fail validation

[CS-2940] - 'Unable to save scheduled operation' error message while UNSPSC uploading

[CS-2942] - cXML order copy is not sent to ftp

[CS-2944] - Shop by Supplier - Disable PunchOut Tab if User Does not Have Access to Punchout Suppliers

[CS-2945] - FE: PLP: Disabled products are visible on PLP in Marketplace

[CS-2946] - Build fails on cscurrent1

[CS-2948] - Two URLs for Shopping Cart Page

[CS-2949] - Admin/PO History: INV link redirects to Dashboard

[CS-2950] - Quotes - non-catalog lines do not send data in the outbound Description field

[CS-2951] - Create Invoice: Price for the Non-Catalog Item is not converted from EUR to USD

[CS-2956] - php-fatal-errors for cscurrent1

[CS-2966] - SP - ER/CO/CR: "Add Catalog Items" button isn't translated

[CS-2968] - Redesign cXML POOM processing to handle duplicate SKUs

[CS-2969] - BE: Rejection Reasons’ ‘Is Enabled’ check-box doesn’t remain checked after saving configs

[CS-2970] - REQ Email: "Reason for Purchase" line is displayed

[CS-2972] - cXML PO - UOM Does Not Reflect Product's Marketplace UOM

[CS-2973] - PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getData()

[CS-2980] - Supplier User - Category Product Listing Page: All the existing Products and fatal error are displayed

[CS-2982] - php-fatal error cscurrent1 - (line 85)

[CS-2983] - Call to a member function getEmail()

[CS-2987] - BE: Rejection Reason should be editable

[CS-2988] - Email: "QUOTE-# was created in response to by Supplier_username" Subject is displayed when Supplier Creates Non-RFQ Quote

[CS-2989] - Company Users page displaying incorrect information

[CS-2991] - United UAT Webform Changes Not Saving

[CS-2992] - 6.7.3 Translations

[CS-2993] - Remove "Suggestions" from Type Ahead

[CS-2994] - Create Quote: Catalog Item with Custom Options is not visible in Submitted Quote

[CS-3003] - Supplier User Can See other Catalogs

[CS-3004] - Remove _CL tables *COMPLETELY*

[CS-3006] - Remove outdated ImportExport cron jobs

[CS-3007] - RFQ ID is displayed in Email when Supplier Creates Non-RFQ Quote

[CS-3010] - Type ahead Search supplier_id Search Incorrect for Supplier Users

[CS-3011] - BE: Admin User is redirected to the Dashboard first, when he tries to delete Punchout WEB Forms

[CS-3013] - Manually Uploaded PDF Attachments

[CS-3014] - "Method "removeSupplierCatalog" is not defined in "BuyerQuest_CatalogWorkflow_Model_Observer"" error message while trying to delete Supplier from admin

[CS-3015] - Slow SELECT query against `catalogsearch_query`

[CS-3016] - Admin: Notice while trying to proceed to 'Manage Products' page

[CS-3018] - Fatal Error when accessing Manage products in admin

[CS-3019] - Blank Product Images on Load

[CS-3021] - Mongo Timeout

[CS-3022] - Update search result performance

[CS-3027] - Manage Webforms page slow to load in prod/disney

[CS-3028] - Request Details Reports: "Requester" drop down is displayed already expanded

[CS-3036] - Quick Order: SKU field validates by Product Name

[CS-3041] - Disney PROD main search shows products in wrong order than Solr returns them

[CS-3046] - Performance: Javascript Global Messages

[CS-3047] - Mongo is using supplier_id instead of supplier for indexes

[CS-3050] - ER: Pricing should be in approver's preferred currency on Add Catalog Item page

[CS-3054] - Bundle Product: Base Currency affects the Product Currency

[CS-3059] - Products are not displayed in Admin panel, REQ/PO changes are not possible on frontend

[CS-3072] - Related Products and Up-Sells are not displayed on PDP

ETL Sub-defect

[CS-2976] - CAT-Common Fields: The data loading process fails

[CS-3020] - Create a SolrSyncProcess job flow to run SolrSyncProcesFiles.grf