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6.7.2 Bug Fixes (October 17, 2016)

Version 6.7.2 (Chicago), released on October 17, 2016, featured this list of CS bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

[CS-2129] - Global Search: 'Showing results for... instead' suggestion can be used as search query

[CS-2535] - Webform: Text is duplicated under 'Show more' link in the Shopping Cart if more than 50 characters are inserted in text area

[CS-2624] - Unsupported Browser Button Update

[CS-2673] - 'Shop by Supplier' widget: Supplier name is displayed instead of 'i' icon for some suppliers

[CS-2722] - Quick Order: Error List is displayed If Product QTY is less than Min allowed QTY

[CS-2754] - REQ: History section is always expanded

[CS-2789] - Quick Order: Validation check-mark is shifted beneath the SKU field after editing the QTY

[CS-2100] - Notice is shown when trying to download Validation report for uploaded via FTP and rejected catalog if one is already pending

[CS-2342] - SKU malformed in admin > product > edit field when using _ as part of SKU

[CS-2406] - Create Invoice/CM: Due Date set while creation differs from Due Date displaying after creation

[CS-2501] - Shop by supplier: Different spacing is between categories in Categories dropdown, invalid count in "Show xxx more"

[CS-2503] - RFQ Filters Displaying English text

[CS-2522] - CAT-Common Fields: If 'Supplier SKU' contains underscore then 'SKU' is saved as only part of the 'Supplier SKU' before underscore

[CS-2523] - BQN/Quote: Price can not be changed for a Catalog item

[CS-2525] - Cart: User can't proceed to Checkout with Bundle Product which Bundle Items are Shipped together

[CS-2533] - Quote's non-catalog items in Transferred Cart can't be reordered

[CS-2534] - XAT: Quote catalog Items get attribute 'Source' = Hosted value

[CS-2537] - Queries on Admin Dashboard Page

[CS-2540] - Category Dropdown Missing

[CS-2544] - Supplier attribute cannot be removed from filters

[CS-2548] - Supplier-Initiated Quote cancellation email template should be updated

[CS-2554] - User can Go directly to checkout though cart has bundles with not available required options

[CS-2558] - Remove Calls to enterperise_catalog_product_rewrite

[CS-2559] - SOLR4 Read Replicas

[CS-2568] - CM: 'Create Credit Memo from PO' Action is not removed from 'I would like to' dropdown

[CS-2571] - PDP: QTY for Bundle Items with 'Checkbox' Input Type is not editable

[CS-2574] - COLL CART: Timer doesn't appear on checkout interstitial page

[CS-2575] - SSL / Merge items in Cart: Punchout items and Web forms are not added as separate lines when adding SSL for few times

[CS-2584] - "0 product(s) successfully added" message is displayed when adding products from quick order to the cart if 30 products are in cart already

[CS-2588] - WebForm price in SSL is mistakenly converted to user prefered currency from US currency when it was submitted not in US but already in User preffered currency

[CS-2590] - Punchout Search terms do not stay searchable

[CS-2595] - Unable to delete suppliers from admin

[CS-2596] - Custom options have incorrect prices when product currency is EUR

[CS-2601] - Quotes: Quantity Increment Validation is missing

[CS-2605] - SP/RFQ Grid: There is no "Actions" column

[CS-2606] - FR: Can't add product to SSL

[CS-2609] - Standard reports in "cscurrent1" aren't working

[CS-2611] - Multi-Currency/Admin: Can't import Openexchangerates from the first try

[CS-2612] - Excessive errors in exception log

[CS-2614] - Company File Storage: File that was uploaded first is downloaded instead of files with the same name

[CS-2616] - File which upload was aborted is attached to the document

[CS-2618] - Quick Order: User can proceed to the Cart with Product QTY, more/less than Min/Max allowed QTY

[CS-2627] - SP/FR - SSL: Product, previously added to SSL, is incorrectly added to Cart after setting Minimum Qty Allowed in back-end

[CS-2628] - Quick View: Product with set Minimum Qty Allowed is added to SSL with '1' QTY value

[CS-2629] - XAT: Quote catalog Items should have 'Source' = "Quote" value

[CS-2635] - SP/FR: It's possible to proceed to CHK from Saved Shopping List after setting required Custom Options for the Product, previously added to SSL

[CS-2638] - FR - Shop by Supplier: 'market_shop_by_supplier_all' and 'market_shop_by_supplier_punchout' keys are displaying

[CS-2639] - SP/FR - Non-RFQ Quote: Date format is interpreted incorrectly for 'Valid Date' field and Statuses are incorrectly assigned

[CS-2640] - SP/FR - Non-RFQ Quote: Impossible to add Catalog Item

[CS-2643] - SSL: WF's price is not correct

[CS-2644] - SSL: Products with custom option have incorrect price

[CS-2650] - Quote Deadline

[CS-2652] - CR: User can not add a New Catalog Item of Supplier which is not present in REQ

[CS-2655] - SSL: Products with tiered pricing have incorrect price

[CS-2672] - Product is added to Cart only with single Value for 'Multiple Select' Custom option

[CS-2688] - CHK: Impossible to submit REQ for Collaborative Cart if another User is trying to Shop for the same Group

[CS-2689] - REQ: Denial Reason is not displayed in History section

[CS-2690] - REQ Denial Reason is not displayed in Notification email

[CS-2693] - Custom Options - Radio button does not stay selected

[CS-2695] - Simple product with different chosen custom options can't be added to one SSL from product details page

[CS-2696] - Create Quote: Error message is not displayed for line item with Qty less than Increment Qty when several products with qty less and more than increment are added

[CS-2697] - PO grid: "Fully Received" status is duplicated in "Filter" section

[CS-2698] - Order Summary by Supplier report is NOT generated

[CS-2701] - SSL: Base price is displayed for the Product with Custom options instead of configured price in the SSL

[CS-2707] - Collaborative Cart can't be created

[CS-2708] - Admin: Error is shown when trying to delete a product from admin

[CS-2711] - Attributes are not all showing up on PDP

[CS-2712] - Unable To Re-Save Users

[CS-2715] - quotation_ref not always being set.

[CS-2717] - Cart: WEB Form is added to Cart again after edit action

[CS-2724] - Collaborative Cart: Product’s price is zeroed for the Non-checkout User in the Locked Shopping Cart

[CS-2747] - Cart: Product with Multiple-select custom options can't be edited

[CS-2753] - Order Summary by Supplier report: Notice after clicking 'Export to Excel' button

[CS-2755] - ER: Warning after opening the REQ Details Page if OBO User was added while editing

[CS-2763] - RFQ Deadline date field is not validating correctly

[CS-2764] - CAT can't be uploaded

[CS-2770] - RFQ link is displayed in "RFQ #" column on "Submitted Quotes" grid for Non-RFQ Quote

[CS-2771] - Company Profile: Broken image is displayed instead of Company's Product Placeholder

[CS-2775] - CAT can't be uploaded for newly imported Supplier

[CS-2779] - Performance: Improve "Add To Cart" Action

[CS-2780] - Delete functionality should be added to Attachments which sending to the server starts after clicking action button

[CS-2781] - The newly submitted Quote is not displayed for requester on Supplier-Initiated Quotes grid

[CS-2785] - Global Search: Supplier listing is missing in the search drop down while entering Product query

[CS-2799] - Defect: Unable to add bundle items to cart from a supplier initiated quote

[CS-2802] - Catalog item can not be added to Quote

[CS-2803] - System throws error when navigating to Catalog > Manage products.

[CS-2804] - Notice is shown when trying to Accept & Add a Quote to Cart filled with 30 products

[CS-2831] - Document Search: REQ Statuses don't match the real Statuses on REQ Details pages

[CS-2854] - 6.7.2 Translation file

[CS-2864] - Improve / Remove outdated ImportExport cron jobs

[CS-2872] - Manage Product Page isn't loading

[CS-2892] - “restore” and “restrict” punchout webforms functionality

[CS-2894] - Wrong Supplier Bucket Name is being created

[CS-2904] - Catalogs in S3 aren't transferring to BQN

ETL Sub-defect

[CS-2536] - BE: Errors are shown after saving the Product that has additional images uploaded via CAT - Additional Attributes

[CS-2594] - Bundle PDP: Incorrect prices are shown for Bundle options

[CS-2669] - Change Report - Category Change

[CS-2791] - Not All Images Importing