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6.7.1 Bug Fixes (September 19, 2016)

Version 6.7.1 (Chicago), released on September 19, 2016, featured this list of CS bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

[CS-2490] - Punchout: Duplicated Transferred Carts are generated when user clicks "Transfer Cart" button for few time on Shopping Cart page

[CS-2502] - FE: Cleanup Home Page Widget word wrapping

[CS-2504] - CO/CR/ER: Content of the "Configure Your Product" modal window is not styled properly

[CS-2528] - Supplier Information Page Responsive Issue

[CS-2532] - Supplier Info page: Information in cut in the right side of the page

[CS-2563] - 'Save Changes' button doesn't respond when trying to create a new Favorite Account

[CS-2619] - CO/CR/ER/INV: Accounting can't be saved as a new Favorite

[CS-2620] - Create Invoice by Internal User: 'Submit Invoice' and 'Add Item' buttons don't respond

[CS-2621] - Create Invoice: All line items are expanded after adding an item to Invoice

[CS-2637] - CO/CR/ER: Accounting values are highlighted as required after saving the Favorite Account

[CS-2686] - Warning about currency has incorrect position on Supplier's products and Search results pages

[CS-2002] - Updating SQL scripts for Data extraction (GoodData)

[CS-2039] - Attributes: Core magento attribute "weight" can be successfully deleted without any errors

[CS-2055] - Categories should be listed in alphabetical order

[CS-2117] - Back-end - Custom Options: Price isn't removed after the deletion

[CS-2139] - Catalog upload: Catalog file is invalid when clicking "Clear" button and entering Title and File type again

[CS-2150] - Field set with enabled multi-row can be set for fields with Select, Select/Radio button, Select/Checkbox field types

[CS-2154] - Create New Quote: After clicking 'Create Quote' button the line with non-filled in fields disappears

[CS-2169] - RFQ: "Need by date" & Deadline Date Emails are not correct

[CS-2185] - Version should say 6.6

[CS-2264] - CompanyLocations Inefficent

[CS-2315] - Category pages: QTY containers are not aligned

[CS-2320] - ER - OBO User: It's possible to proceed to the Header Level if 'Accounting' block contains N/A values

[CS-2321] - Create Quote Response: Non-catalog item with non-existing in the System UNSPSC can be added to Quote via CSV file

[CS-2323] - ER: OBO User is saved without saving during the previous update

[CS-2352] - Approvals: Approver which is configured as approval manager for several Approval Rules can't approve REQ for 2 times

[CS-2403] - Missing Approval Workflow on Checkout

[CS-2411] - Category page: 'Clear All' button is missing after any filters are applied

[CS-2413] - REQ grid: Multiple filter by Supplier is unavailable

[CS-2419] - Update Message for adding items to cart from Saved Shopping Lists

[CS-2420] - Form value keeps getting reset in Product information screen

[CS-2421] - ER: OBO user can't be deleted

[CS-2424] - CHK: Wrong redirection after Requisition title change

[CS-2426] - CHK: Line row buttons aren't responding after saving "0" to "Current Line" field during split item

[CS-2427] - Products Grid with Large DB does not allow Search

[CS-2430] - Boost: Tag isn't removed from 'Product Tags' tab on Edit Product page after Removing Boost

[CS-2441] - SKU Delimiter "None" is not being respected

[CS-2444] - SSL: New line created after Split action is not added to SSL

[CS-2449] - ER: QTY field isn't highlighted after entering value, less than Min QTY allowed

[CS-2458] - Index needs to be added to catalog_product_entity mongo collection

[CS-2467] - RFQ Home Page Widget for Suppliers has spacing issue

[CS-2469] - International Date Issue on Receipts

[CS-2479] - Cannot update open status RFQ deadline and need by date

[CS-2483] - Description field in Admin of RFQ Name does not populate on front end

[CS-2484] - Improve / Remove outdated ImportExport cron jobs

[CS-2488] - Use New Relic Tool To Find Code Segments Slowing Down Search and Browse Results Pages

[CS-2494] - Unable to export Supplier report

[CS-2495] - Remove HTML Editor, Warranty, Compute and Hidden RFQ & Webform field Types from the Admin Control Panel

[CS-2497] - WEB Forms: "Add another Item" link is not moved beneath a new row if the last field in the multirow section has half size

[CS-2498] - ER - OBO User: REQ Accounting isn't changed to OBO's Accounting on the Line Level

[CS-2499] - Load / Walk Attributes Category Page

[CS-2505] - CO/CR/ER: Bundle product can’t be added as Catalog Item

[CS-2506] - WF: Form is saved with "Disabled" status if "Generate Product" is set to YES

[CS-2507] - ER - OBO User: It's impossible to proceed to the Header Level after updating Accounting values to valid ones

[CS-2510] - CO/CR/ER: Bundle product can’t be configured if it has required options

[CS-2511] - Quote's non-catalog items cannot be reordered

[CS-2512] - XAT: Punchout items get attribute 'Source' = "web_form" after reordering Transfer Cart

[CS-2513] - Custom option titles cannot be set by store view

[CS-2515] - Punchout suppliers display page takes about 1 minute to load.

[CS-2518] - BE: Admin User is not able to log in using Login and Password

[CS-2520] - Review MySQL Queries Causing Latency Throughout Product

[CS-2524] - Search Result page: 'Plus' icon is affected by Theme Overrides

[CS-2526] - CHK/Webform: Type ID is displayed instead of value

[CS-2527] - PO: History contains no record about Auto receiving

[CS-2530] - Quote's non-catalog item is added to Cart with QTY=1 after Reordering the REQ

[CS-2540] - Category Dropdown Missing

[CS-2547] - E-mail: Delegation Approval Notification isn't sent to User, set as a delegate

[CS-2549] - Translation Files for 6.7.1

[CS-2552] - RFQs, Quotes are not searchable via Global search for documents

[CS-2560] - CO/CR/ER can't be submitted

[CS-2561] - ER: OBO user's accounting is not updated after removing OBO user

[CS-2564] - REQs are not searchable via Search for Documents

[CS-2566] - CO/CR/ER: Bundle items are not added as separate Line Items

[CS-2570] - Quick Order: SKU is not displayed beneath the Product name in the 'Choose Item' pop-up if multiple products match the SKU search

[CS-2572] - Back - Supplier Edit Page: 'An error occurred while saving the supplier.' error appears after clicking 'Save Supplier' button

[CS-2579] - INVESTIGATE: 100 Line Item Cart Limit For ERP Punchout Only

[CS-2580] - Product can't be added to the Cart

[CS-2581] - CAT can't be uploaded

[CS-2582] - Create Non-RFQ Quote: 'Loading failed' error appears in 'UNSPSC CODE' field while trying to add Non-Catalog Item

[CS-2585] - Fatal Error on Supplier Information page

[CS-2586] - Admin: "Cannot initialize the indexer process." error is shown when running 'Sync Supplier Keywords with SOLR' and 'Sync with SOLR' reindex

[CS-2589] - POs aren't generated after successful REQ splitting

[CS-2600] - REQ Emails: Emails aren't sent to Requestor, Approver, OBO User and Watcher

[CS-2603] - "There was an error processing your order. Please contact us or try again later." alert is displayed when trying to submit REQ

[CS-2604] - Additional Product images are missing on PDP

[CS-2608] - FR/SP - Emails: Delegation Approval Notification contains Delegator's Preferred Language

[CS-2636] - Favorite Accounts: Valid Accounts are highlighted as invalid

[CS-2645] - CO/CR/ER: Bundle Item is always added with QTY=1 from the 'Add Catalog Items' page

[CS-2646] - Multi-currency / Punchout: Line items prices are incorrect on Outbound OCI

[CS-2649] - Multi-currency: Incorrect currency is shown on Transferred Cart details page

[CS-2659] - Unit prices for line items are being rounded up in Create Invoice page

[CS-2665] - Multi-currency: Currency conversion issue

[CS-2666] - ER/CO/CR: UOM is reset and Currency is set to Preferred User's Currency while editing Non-Catalog Item

[CS-2671] - User cannot proceed to Checkout with a product that has required custom option 'Date'

[CS-2682] - Cart: Typo in the notification when number of punchout items is exceeded

[CS-2683] - Cart: Duplicated notification that number of punchout items is exceeded

[CS-2519] - Increase Performance & Product


ETL Sub-defect

[CS-2061] - Updated Records count on Catalog Upload page

[CS-2173] - Catalog that is denied shows "Failed Verification" status instead of "Rejected"

[CS-2346] - Quick Order: Product with SKU that contains underscores can’t be added to the form

[CS-2500] - ETL: required_options should be a boolean.

[CS-2567] - Invalid Inventory Updates showing for Catalogs

[CS-2631] - ETL: Attributes process does not support zip files.

[CS-2660] - ETL: Catalog history "Fail" message appearing after "Validation Failed"

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