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11.11.0 Release Features and Functionality (November 2021)

BuyerQuest 11.11.0, released December 2, 2021, included new and enhanced features.

Marketplace Module 

Correct Quantity for Linked Product on Reorder from Request or Purchase Order 

The BuyerQuest system handles the inclusion of Linked Products in reorders to ensure that the number of Linked Items in the reorder is the same as in the original order. 

Reorders from Requests or Purchase Orders will include Linked Items in the proper quantity so that users can be assured that extra Linked Items need not be removed during the reordering process.  

See Documentation Topics:

Each of these topics clarifies the behavior of Linked Products in reorders. 

Manage and View 

Withdraw or Reorder a Request

Catalog Upload - Linked Products 

Platform Module 

Supplier Master Data Import May Include Specification of Transaction Email Notification Recipients  

The BuyerQuest Supplier Master Data Import accommodates the specification of individual supplier users as email notification recipients.  Optional fields may be included in the Supplier Master Data Import for each type of email notification, with recipients specified for each notification in a pipe-delimited list.

Import of Email notifications recipients is supported for Purchase Orders, Catalogs, ASNs, Invoices, Credit Memos, and RFQs. 

The ability to import email notification recipients provides a significant gain in efficiency, as recipients may be specified in batch, rather than manually updated in the supplier record in the Admin Control Panel. Batch specification affords easy maintenance of this key information when supplier contacts change. 

See Documentation Topics:

Supplier Import - for the listing and details of optional fields for email notification recipients

Ordered Date Maintained at Line Level 

Ordered date as featured in the Purchase Order History is assigned at the line level when a Request is edited or a Purchase Order is changed.

Newly created or changed lines will feature Ordered Date instead of the date of the entire Purchase Order. The Ordered Date at the line level accommodates processes in ERP systems and provides accuracy in Purchase Order line level data. 

The Line Ordered Date field may be included in the Purchase Order Export and in the Transaction Purchase Order Report Export.  

Example: Line Ordered Date as an Optional Field in the Purchase Order Export 

See Documentation Topics:

Change, Cancel, or Close a Purchase Order - for an explanation of changes to order date on Purchase Orders

Purchase Order Export - for the selection of Line Ordered Date as an optional field to be included in an export

Transaction Purchase Order Report Export - for a sample export file that includes the Line Ordered Date field

Payables Module 

Invoice May be Denied or Reopened from Invoices Grid or Details Page 

Users may be given permission to change Invoice status to Denied on the front end and to reopen Invoices from Denied status.

The action is available from the Invoices Grid and Details page and the user may provide a reason for denial. The system adds a History entry recording the denial and sends email notifications to specified recipients.

Example: Invoice Denial from the Invoice Details page 

See Documentation Topics:

Payables Configuration: Invoice and Credit Memo Rule Configuration - for system configuration to control the retriggering of rules when an Invoice is reopened

User Permissions (ACL) - for the permission to deny or reopen an Invoice

Create Invoice and Invoices Grid - for the available actions to Deny or Reopen an Invoice

Invoice Reconcilers May Provide Reason for Denying an Invoice  

Invoice Reconcilers may add a rejection reason for denying an Invoice. The reason is sent to the Supplier in the denial notification.

A rejection reason provides more complete and readily available information when the invoice is resubmitted by the Supplier. The additional information increases transparency and efficiencies in Accounts Payable processes.

Example: Reason for Denying Invoice Exception 

See Documentation Topics:

Reconcile Invoices and Handle Exceptions - for the ability to provide the reason for the denial

Create Invoices and Invoice Grid - for the display of the reason for denial in the Invoice history

Invoice Email Notifications - for the display of the reason for denial in the email notification

UNSPSC Available as a Line Level Condition for Invoice Approval Rules  

Invoice Approval Rules support UNSPSC as a line level condition to accommodate routing of invoices based on purchasing types.

This functionality is the same as that for Request Approval Rules.

Example: UNSPSC as Line Level Condition for Invoice Approval Rule 

See Documentation Topics:

Invoice Approval Rule and Approval Rule Lookup Rule Management - to reference UNSPSC as a rule condition at the line level