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9.1.0 Release Features and Functionality (January 31, 2019)

The BuyerQuest January 2019 Release, 9.1.0, includes a significant technical stack upgrade in addition to a number of updated and new product features.

New Feature Video 

Marketplace Home Page Customizations

See the topic BuyerQuest Marketplace Home Page Customizations for a video overview showcasing popular customizations implemented by BuyerQuest clients to create buying environments to meet their users' needs. Administrators can easily create home page CMS blocks and links to provide access to service forms, custom product collections, key information, ordering instructions, surveys, and direct links to special supplier offers. 

Infrastructure Upgrade

Technical Stack Upgrade Improves Speed and Performance 

This January 2019 release is largely dedicated to a significant technical stack upgrade that results in overall improved speed and performance for BuyerQuest clients. BuyerQuest commits an appreciable level of development effort to keep the system technically current for the general benefit of our clients.

Features for End Users

Commonly Ordered Items Widget Displays Last Ordered Quantity

Buying efficiencies are significantly improved by the addition of the display of the Last Ordered Quantity listed for each item in the Commonly Ordered Items Home Page Widget. 

The display of this key information provides increased speed to order when users reference this popular shortcut feature - shoppers can use the list to purchase the proper quantities directly from the Marketplace home page. 

Example: Commonly Ordered Items Widget  - Displays Last Quantity Ordered

BuyerQuest CommonlyOrderedItems2V2019Jan22.png

See Documentation Topics:

UI Management - Home Page Widgets

Features for Administrators 

Configuration of Invoice Approval and Reconciliation Rules May Use Supplier as Condition

An additional condition of Supplier Name is available to be used in the configuration of invoice approval and reconciliation rules to allow for rules to be applicable to invoices from specified suppliers. This condition supports, for example, differences in price tolerance across suppliers.  The rule serves to filter invoice rules by Supplier. 

Supplier Available as a Condition in Invoice Rules

BuyerQuest SupplierInvoiceRuleCondition.png

See Documentation Topics: 

Invoice Approval Rules Management
Invoice Reconciliation Rule Management 

Catalog to Content Group Mapping Displayed for Administrators

Administrators may quickly review, by Supplier, Catalog mappings for Content Groups in the Supplier Information area of the Admin Control Panel. Each Catalog is listed with its number of products and the selected Content Groups having access to it. The order of display for Catalogs is by number of products, so that the Catalog with the greatest number of products is listed first.

This listing provides an easy reference for administrators who need to quickly check and adjust product and catalog access for any or all of their organization's Content Groups. 

Catalog and Content Groups Mappings in Supplier Information

Controlled Access to Standard Reports 

User Permissions (ACLs) have been added to specify access to standard reports to make these reports available only to users who need them. 

New ACLs in the User Permissions area of the Admin Control Panel are available to control access to Request Details and Pending Approvals by User (Request Reports); Order Summary by Supplier (Purchase Order Reports)l and Items Not Yet Received (Receipt Reports). 

See Documentation Topics:

User Permissions (ACL)

Suppliers May Specify the Display Order of Items in Bundles 

Suppliers may use the position field in the Additional Attributes file to specify the display order of items in bundles and of replacement parts.

The field options_position can be used in the bundles importer to display the order of custom options within a bundle item.

The integer value in the position and options_position fields determine the display order for the item and custom options when a bundle product is viewed in Marketplace. If no value is provided for the item, the position and options_position value defaults to 0.

See Documentation Topics:

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