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9.10.0 Release Features and Functionality (October 2019)

BuyerQuest 9.10.0, released October 31, includes new and enhanced features.

Platform Module 

Conditionally Required Accounting Strings Support Accounting Accuracy

BuyerQuest enables robust rules to define and enforce conditional requirements for the inclusion and specification of accounting information. Buying organizations may configure conditional accounting information requirements, where values selected for a specific accounting group or value require the inclusion of another accounting group/value. This conditional requirement for accounting information supports accounting accuracy from order to payment.

BuyerQuest enables import and export of conditionally required accounting values for easy updates and efficient management. 

  Examples of conditionally required accounting information:

When the Region Accounting Group with any of the values 002, 007, or 11003 is specified, the Sub Project Accounting Group is required.

When the Account Accounting Group with any values is specified, the GL Account Accounting Group is required.

Example: Conditionally Required Accounting Groups 

Configuration of Accounting Groups includes specifications for conditional requirements at both the accounting group level and accounting group value level. 

See Documentation Topics:

Manage Accounting Groups and Values
Conditionally Required Accounting Values Import
Conditionally Required Accounting Values Export

Accounting String Validation Ensures Accuracy in Accounting Information

Valid Accounting Combinations, consisting of specified accounting groups and values deemed to be valid by the buying organization, may be imported into the BuyerQuest system and used to verify the validity of accounting combinations. Validation of accounting information prevents user error in any and all of the areas where accounting selection must be made -- in Checkout, Edit Request, Change Purchase Order, and Invoice Creation and Edit. 

Validation of accounting values supports accuracy in accounting throughout the procurement lifecycle from order to payment. 

An importer and exporter support Valid Accounting Combinations, and the Valid Accounting Combinations grid is also available for review and reference. 

Invoice Editing Enables Updates to Key Information

Users with appropriate permissions are able edit invoices during the approval process to enable changes for corrections or updates to accounting or other key information. After an edit is submitted, the system reevaluates the invoice against invoice approval rules. If rules are triggered, appropriate notifications are sent to approvers. If no rules are triggered, the invoice moves to OK2Pay status. 

Enhancements to Change Purchase Order

Change Purchase Order has been enhanced to provide users with an improved Purchase Order change process that results in more complete information available for review. Enhancements include clear display of deleted line items and a more comprehensive Change History.

OAuth 2.0 Authorization Available 

BuyerQuest supports OAuth 2.0 for clients and partners to gain access to applications, in addition to the SAML 2.0, Google Connect, and direct login methods already offered.