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9.11.0 Release Features and Functionality (November 2019)

BuyerQuest 9.11.0, released November 27, 2019, offers a number of enhanced features.

Platform Module 

Enhancements to Receipts and Receiving Rules 

Receiving in BuyerQuest is appreciably improved with enhanced functionality in key areas. The Receipts grid benefits from a number of improvements, including a revamping of the filters available to locate and select Receipts. Available filters include Supplier, Received by, Created Date, and Received Date.

Receiving Rules have been changed and upgraded, to ensure that:

  1.  Each Purchase Order line is individually evaluated against receiving rules for how and who to receive. 
  2. Purchase Order history is a complete record of all receiving.

Enhancements to Receipt Creation and Receipt Details result in greater completeness and clarity in both Amount and Quantity-based Receipts. 

Receipts Exporter Supports Third-Party Integrations 

The BuyerQuest platform enables buying organizations to export Receipts in csv format for use with third-party tools. Date range and content groups may be selected for a Receipts Export and both header and line level information is included.

Example: Receipts Export


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Suppliers May Send Comments on Inbound cXML Invoices 

BuyerQuest provides an additional means of communication between Supplier and Buying Organization by allowing Suppliers to include header-level comments in cXML invoices. 

This ability to comment is currently available for Suppliers creating invoices online. When a comment is added during invoice creation, an email is sent to the appropriate contacts. 

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