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9.12.0 Release Features and Functionality (December 2019)

BuyerQuest 9.12.0, released December 27, 2019, offers a number of new and improved features.

Platform Module 

Platform Support for Items Rejected or Returned During or After Receipt  

Receiving in the BuyerQuest platform is extended to include items rejected when received or returned after receiving. The entry of key information - such as amount or quantity accepted or rejected on receipt or returned after receipt - is supported on the Receipt and available on the Receipts grid, in addition to reasons for the rejection or return. 

Buying organizations will benefit from the ability to track and reference this information from the Receipts page. 

Create Receipt Accommodates Items Rejected or Returned 

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Selected Category on Web Form Mapped to UNSPSC  

Web Forms will accommodate the entry of a Commodity Group value for a Product or Blanket Request, which will then be mapped to UNSPSC and GL Account values. This feature will help ensure the accuracy of the accounting mapping for items ordered via web forms. 

The mapped values will display on the checkout page for the item. 

Example: Web Form Field Type Commodity Group in the Admin Control Panel 

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UNSPSC Added to Purchase Order Transaction Export  

UNSPSC and Commodity Group will be added to the Transaction Purchase Order Report export file at the line level. Buying organizations can leverage this additional information in spend management and reporting.  

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Configuration for Number of Retries for Failed ERP cXML Purchase Order

A configuration has been added for buying organizations to specify the number of times an ERP PO is re-sent when a transmission fails.  This configuration allows for maximum flexibility in setting system tolerances. 

BuyerQuest RetransmitERPPo2019Dec27.png

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