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9.3.0 Release Features and Functionality (March 29, 2019)

The BuyerQuest March 2019 Release, 9.3.0, includes a number of new and updated product features.

New Feature Videos

BuyerQuest Cart Rules

See the topic Shopping Cart Rules Management for a video detailing the configuration and use of Shopping Cart Rules to support supplier order minimums, a feature in the 9.1.0 (February 2019) release. 

Videos Describing Current Release Features

Additional videos are included here for the following release features: 

Product Recommendations
Active Date Range for Product Display 
Active Date Range for Home Page Sliders

Marketplace Module

Similar Products Powered by BuyerQuest AI

BuyerQuest applies the power of cognitive functionality to display product recommendations as a suggested set of similar products that are comparable to an item currently being viewed. This robust feature is based on the analysis of name, manufacturer part number, and UNSPSC. Product recommendations display as Similar Products on product details pages and need no manual effort for creation and maintenance.

Recommendations are focused on surfacing lower-cost items with specifications similar to the products displayed. This listing of Similar Products, in addition to the existing list for Related Products, displays up to 4 products when the configuration allows. 

Administrators may test and calibrate the Similar Products feature by adjusting configurations in the Admin Control Panel.  

Video: Product Recommendations in the BuyerQuest Marketplace

Similar Products Feature Banner for Display in Home Page Sliders

BuyerQuest offers the Feature Banner Image below for administrators to include in their organization's Home Page Slider image rotation. It alerts users to the display of Similar Products on Product Details pages. 

P2P Banner2019Mar.jpg


See Documentation Topics:

View Products and Services Details
Similar Products Configuration

View Details of Items on Bundle Detail Pages 

BuyerQuest supports fully informed buying decisions by providing access to the complete details of items included in bundles from links on the product name and SKU. The links provide detailed product information that users may review before selecting items to include for purchase in bundles.

Supplier Module 

Active Date Ranges for Product Display and Enablement

BuyerQuest administrators and suppliers may specify a date range for products to "go live" and be available and displayed in Marketplace after a catalog is uploaded and approved. The ability to specify the timeframe for the availability of a product in Marketplace provides robust flexibility and control in product enablement.

Suppliers can specify display effective dates in the Common Fields file in the Display Product Start Date and Display Product End Date fields. These effective and expiration dates are available for review and adjustment by administrators in the Product Information record in the Admin Control Panel. 

Platform Module

Active Date Range for Home Page Sliders  

Time-based display of home page sliders allows promotional and informational images to be uploaded in advance and then displayed according to specified date ranges. Start and End dates governing activation of sliders allow loading of a sequence of promotional images to fulfill a buying organization's strategic or logistic needs without relying on manual external reminders. 

Video: Active Date Range for Home Page Sliders

See Documentation Topics:

Home Page Sliders - Management

Export of Custom Options File 

Suppliers may  download a report of products having custom options in the system. The resulting report from the export can be used to review and adjust products with custom options. 

See Documentation Topics:

Catalog Downloads

Updated Display Order of Standard Reports 

The listing of Reports in the Main Menu has been reorganized for easier selection and execution. The reports are listed in the order they occur in the procurement workflow. 

Example: Reports Available in Main Menu

See Documentation Topics:

Marketplace Home Page - Documents and Reports

View, Search, and Manage Global Assigned and Transferred Carts 

Global permissions for viewing and searching all Assigned and/or Transferred carts provide access for users who need to review all carts in a system.  Permissions may be set for Global Search in the Admin Control Panel. These allow administrators total visibility into all Assigned and/or Transferred Carts in the system through search and browse.

See Documentation Topics: 

User Permissions (ACL)
Manage Transferred Carts
Assign a Cart

Transaction Purchase Order Report Export - User ID Column Added  

The Transaction Purchase Order Report Export has been expanded to include the Requestor's External ID and Shipping Method. This additional information serves to identify requestors and provides greater functionality in the reports used by buying organizations. 

See Documentation Topics:

Purchase Order Transactions Report Export