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9.5.0 Release Features and Functionality (May 31, 2019)

BuyerQuest 9.5.0, released May 31, 2019, offers significant enhancements for buying organizations, users, and suppliers.

New Video

BuyerQuest Service Requests

The video provides an overview of the rich functionality available from the BuyerQuest platform to use in creating a wide variety of Service Requests - to meet the unique needs of any buying organization. 

Robust functionality supports the creation of a one-stop shop for a full array of service requests, including requests for internal and external suppliers, one-time projects, links to external provider sites, and requests from approved suppliers at negotiated rates. 

See the Video at: Service Requests and Non-catalog Orders Using Web Forms

Marketplace Module 

Tiered Pricing Icon and Information Clearly Displayed

Product information in Marketplace features clear presentation of the tiered pricing icon in all views, including grid and list view.  The tiered pricing icon indicates pricing discounts at specific quantities for applicable products. Pricing discounts in effect display when a user hovers over the tiered pricing icon.

The presentation of clear and complete pricing information in all product views facilitates informed buying decisions by Marketplace users. 

Example: Tiered Pricing Icon Displayed in Product Information in Grid View 


See Documentation Topics:

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Revamped Display of Relevant Attributes in Grid View 

Display of product information in grid view has been redesigned to offer a more useful presentation of relevant and available attribute information provided by suppliers.

Attribute values provided by suppliers are clearly displayed and filterable. They facilitate efficient product information review necessary for confident buying decisions. 

Example: Improved Product Information Display in Grid View 

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Platform Module

Increased Efficiency in Content Group Selection 

Content Group selection for key functionality and access to BuyerQuest features has been retooled to accommodate choices to automatically select content groups created in the future. This enhanced content group selection provides an easy way for administrators to set automatic selection of future content groups and eliminates the need for future manual selection. 

Administrators may  configure content group selection in any of the following ways: 

  • Manual selection of individual content groups
  • Manual selection of individual content groups with automatic selection of all future content groups
  • Selection of all current and future content groups 

Areas in the BuyerQuest solution benefiting from this expansion in content group selection are:

  • Request Approval Rules
  • Receiving Rules
  • Supplier Filtering
  • Location Filtering
  • Home Page Sliders
  • Static CMS Blocks
  • Content Pages
  • Data Load Exports

Admin Control Panel Enables Search on Multiple Content Groups

Administrators will benefit from the ability to select multiple content groups when searching in the Manage Users area of Admin Control Panel. The search filter selection mechanism has been changed to a search select, allowing many content groups to be included in a search. 

Multiple Content Group Selection in User Search
BuyerQuest MultipleContentGroups2019May31.png

Product Export Files Include Supplier Name

Catalog file downloads from the Admin Control Panel include supplier name so that emailed files may be properly identified and differentiated. Supplier Name is included for the Export of Products with Common Fields and Export of Products with Additional Attributes. 

Supplier Network

Common Fields File Provides Status Column to Easily Disable and Enable Products 

The Common Fields file used for upload and export includes an optional status column to accommodate disabling or enabling products in full or delta uploads. This new column provides suppliers with an easy way to make quick changes to product availability through delta uploads. 

Providing this functionality also supports consistent and clean data,  as it can be used to upload only the changes to product enablement without the requirement to include correct data for all products. 

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