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9.7.0 Release Features and Functionality (July 2019)

BuyerQuest 9.7.0, released July 31, 2019, includes a number of new and improved features.

Platform Module

Approval Rules for Budgets 

Request Approval Rule functionality is extended to Budgets, where evaluation logic is used to determine if a line item in a Request is within budget. When the order of an item results in a Budget being exceeded, a warning will be included in emails to the Approver and in messages displayed in the Request to inform Approvers of the over-budget line items. 

Video: Budget Support in Request Approval Rules

Watch the video for an overview of the configuration and display of request approval rules for budget conditions.

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One-Click Request Available on Search Listings and Product Details Pages

BuyerQuest offers a  significant boost to Speed to Selection with One-click Requests available on search and product details pages for simple, in-stock products. Using One-click Request immediately creates a Request for users with valid default billing, shipping, and accounting information. 

Video: One-click Request Available from Search Results and Product Details pages 

Watch the video to see the BuyerQuest One-click Request in action.

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Enable Internal Users to Upload Catalogs 

Properly permissioned users and administrators at buying organizations may upload catalogs from their own accounts on behalf of suppliers. All the catalog upload functionality available to suppliers has been extended to internal users. Catalog upload capability will also be available on the Catalog Details page for both internal users and suppliers. 

The ability for a buying organization's internal users to upload supplier catalog can result in more timely and effective product updates and enables close collaboration between suppliers and their buyers. 

Example: Upload Catalog for Internal Users from Global Catalogs Grid 



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Default Commodity Group and GL Account Maybe Configured

Buying organizations may specify the default Commodity Group and GL Account values when their mapping is not specified. This functionality enables the organization to exercise greater control over the assignment of Commodity Group and GL Account values.

The configuration is available in the Admin Control Panel, as shown below.

BuyerQuest V2DefaultCommodityGroupGLAccount2019Aug08.png        

See Documentation Topics: 

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