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9.9.0 Release Features and Functionality (September 2019)

BuyerQuest 9.9.0, released September 30, 2019, includes a number of significant new and enhanced features.

Marketplace Module

Allow All Items in a Bundle to be Selected  

The BuyerQuest Marketplace offers user the option to Select all Bundled Items when all the items in a bundle need to be included in the order. This option speeds ordering when all or a large number of items in a bundle is typically selected for order.

Example: Select All Items in Bundle 

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Platform Module 

cXML Purchase Order Status Update Integration   

The BuyerQuest platform will be adding an integration for receiving cXML Purchase Order status updates from a third party. Status updates can include notice of invoices or receipts generated against Purchase Orders. Purchase Order status will be kept up to date with this integration. 

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Purchase Order Status Update Integration    
Purchase Order Status Update Integration - cXML Specification

Split Purchase Orders on Item Type 

Purchase Orders may be split based on item type - Product or Service -  in order to flag each item type for downstream process differentiation. Such splitting of Purchase Orders by type supports different business process profiles for Accounts Payable and Fulfillment. 

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Purchase Order configuration - Split Purchase Order Setting

Locations Export 

Locations Export provides a list of all Locations within a BuyerQuest system, including ad hoc locations created by Users. This new Locations Export enables more thorough review and management of locations and is available in the Admin Control Panel in the Manage File-based Integrations section.

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Locations Export

Payables Module 

Invoice Reconciliation Rule Condition Prevents Creation of Back-dated Invoices or Credit Memos

An additional condition to Invoice Reconciliation Rules triggers a rule to prevent back-dated Invoices and Credit Memos from being submitted and processed.

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Invoice Reconciliation Rule Management

Business Intelligence Module

Invoices from External System May be Imported to Business Intelligence Module for Reporting

Invoices created in an external system may be imported into the Good Data Business Intelligence module. The BuyerQuest platform accommodates the data from header and line items csv files in a daily import for use in Business Intelligence reporting. 

Receipts from External System May be Imported to Business Intelligence Module for Reporting 

BuyerQuest offers an Receipts importer to the Good Data Business Intelligence module. The importer accommodates header and lines files for data from either the BuyerQuest system or an external system. This data may be imported on a daily basis and is available to be configured in Business Intelligence reporting. 

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