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10.1.0 Release Features and Functionality (January 2020)

BuyerQuest 10.1.0, released on January 31, 2020, included a number of new and enhanced features.

Platform Module

Attachments on Web Forms   

Web Form display is appreciably improved with a revamped Attachments module. It provides a quick and easy to drop or upload files into a web form. Each attachment is clearly listed, along with delete and permission functions.

Example: Display of Attachments in Web Forms BuyerQuest WebFormAttachments2020Jan06.png

Receipt Export May be Specified as a Range in Hours for Current Day 

An option has been added to the Receipts Export module allowing export of receipts for a range of hours for the current day. This expansion effectively enables much more current, precise, and timely pinpointing of time frames for capturing receipt information for processing and analysis. 

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Receipts Export

Purchase Orders May be Exported Based on Modified or Created Date 

Updated Purchase Orders may be included in the Transaction Purchase Order Report Export. The option to include Purchase Orders by Modified Date as an alternative to the default Creation Date is available as a selection when the Report is configured prior to processing. 

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Purchase Order Transaction Report Export

Master Data Delta Import Functionality Updated

 Master data import functionality for delta uploads has been updated.  The system retains values of record in omitted optional fields in a delta import. 

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