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10.10.0 Features and Functionality (October 2020)

BuyerQuest 10.10.0, released October 30, 2020, included a number of new and enhanced features, including an integration with Amazon Business.

Marketplace Module

Amazon Business Integration Provides Dynamic Pricing and One-Stop Shop

The BuyerQuest Marketplace offers a robust integration with Amazon Business that provides full support for Amazon Business product search and selection, ordering, and procurement workflow.

Buying organizations benefit from a purchasing experience that integrates their favorite Amazon Business products in a one-stop shopping experience, featuring: 

  • Dynamic pricing retrieved in real time for Amazon Business products - shown throughout the ordering process - from Search Result to Cart Checkout 
  • Selection and order of Amazon Business products optimized through all the signature BuyerQuest quick shopping features:
    • Commonly Ordered Items List, Shopping List, Collaborative Cart, Subscription, Quick Order, One-click Request

The Amazon Business Integrated Catalogs process uses the existing Supplier catalog loading function to enable this powerful integration of Amazon Business products within the BuyerQuest Marketplace. 

Buying organizations experience a true one-stop shop that includes all the the products they need, as they benefit from the BuyerQuest signature speed to selection features, touchless transactions, and automated AP processes. 

Here's how Amazon Business Products can appear in the BuyerQuest Marketplace: 

Amazon Business Product in Search Results 

BuyerQuest ABinSearchResults2v2020Oct30.png

Amazon Business Product in a Saved Shopping List:

BuyerQuest ABShoppingList2v2020Oct30.png

Amazon Business Products Listed in the BuyerQuest Marketplace Commonly Ordered Items Widget 

BuyerQuest ABCommonlyOrderedItems2V2020Oct30.png

Product Tag Grid Enhancements

Product tags are easier to leverage with the addition of key information associated with each tag to enable quicker review and management.  Administrators are able to view the date a product tag is added to the system, in addition to having access to Supplier and Catalog information relevant to the product that has been tagged. 

Product Tags Grid  

BuyerQuest ProductTagGrid2020Sep28.png

See Documentation Topics:

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Users May Belong to Multiple Content Groups     

BuyerQuest extends the powerful functionality of Content Groups with support for user membership in multiple Content Groups. Multiple Content Group membership provides greater efficiency and flexibility in managing users and their access to suppliers, documents, and actions.

This expansion supports efficient management of autonomous business units when a user manages or owns more than one unit. Likewise, it enables effective management of Owner-operator businesses and centralized business functions, such as Shared Services. 

 Multiple membership also supports users from different Content Groups accessing the same Supplier and reduces the number of Content Groups needed to view Suppliers. 

This October release allows users to select additional Content Groups to belong to and adds the ability to switch between them via an easy-to-use option in the Main Menu.

Platform Module

Enhanced Support for Supplier Locations 

Changes to the Supplier Location Import allow for locations to be associated with more than one Supplier, and vice versa. Additionally, the inclusion of a Status column in the Supplier Location Import allows for the more efficient management of locations associated with Suppliers. These enhancements are available for both Full and Delta Imports. 

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Currency Code Displays on Email Notifications 

The Currency Code displays with totals in all email notifications, including those for Requests, Purchase Orders, Invoices and Credit Memos.

Currency Code Displays in Total in Email Notifications 

BuyerQuest CurrencyCodeEmailNotifications2020Sep23.png

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Payables Module

cXML Invoices May Include Items from Multiple Purchase Orders   

The BuyerQuest system supports processing of cXML invoices referencing multiple Purchase Orders.  The system creates multiple Invoices from a single cXML Invoice, to support a 1-to-1 relationship between Purchase Order and Invoice.  Invoice Reconciliation and Approval Rules apply to all invoices created from a Multiple Purchase Order Invoice. 

Invoice Header from Imported Multiple PO-Based cXML Invoice

BuyerQuest MultiPO-BasedInvoice2020Oct26.png

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ERP PO# Added to Purchase Order Transfer Log

Buying organizations gain significant efficiencies from the ability to reference ERP Purchase Orders in the Purchase Order Transfer Log. The ability to Filter and Search on ERP Purchase Order numbers provides a quick and easy means to locate specific documents.

ERP PO # in the PO Transfer Log

BuyerQuest ERPPOTransferLog2020Sep23.png

See Documentation Topics:

Integration Logs

Homepage Widgets for Invoice Approval and Reconciliation

Invoice Approval and Reconciliation Widgets on the BuyerQuest homepage provide quick access to Invoices needing review and action.  Similar to the Request Approval Widget, Invoice Approval and Reconciliation Widgets offer a clear listing of Invoices needing action directly from the home page. They also provide one-click access and greater speed and efficiency in the procurement workflow.

Payables Configuration to Include both Invoice and Credit Memo Configurations

System configurations for Invoices and Credit Memos are combined in the Admin Control Panel in a Payables Configuration area. The combination affords an increased measure of efficiency for administrators, since many specifications in these configurations are similar. 

Header and Line Level Conditions Available in Credit Memo Approval Rules

Both Header and Line Level Conditions are configurable in Credit Memo Approval Rules to provide a wider array of conditions for Approvals at the Line Level. The design of Line Level Conditions is similar to those in Invoice Approval Rules. Total Value is added to Conditions at the Header Level; Item Type and Accounting will be available as Conditions at the Line Level. 

Credit Memo Approval Rule Line Level Conditions

BuyerQuest CreditMemoRules2020Sep23.png

See Documentation Topics:

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OK2Pay Export Includes Payment Terms Code

The Payment Terms Code has been added to the OK2Pay Export  to assist administrators in their review and management of key Invoice information. This additional detail is included in the csv file exported from the system via the Admin Control Panel. 

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