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10.11.0 Release Features and Functionality (November 2020)

BuyerQuest 10.11.0, released November 30, 2020, introduced the BQPay Module, providing fully featured e-Payment functionality.

Payables Module 

BQPay Offers Fully Featured Integrated Payables with Digital Payments 

The BQPay Module provides robust B2B electronic payment capabilities within the BuyerQuest platform for swift settlement, access to multiple payment methods, and detailed transaction tracing to enable frictionless and secure settlement. 

BQPay offers no-risk immediate settlement benefiting both suppliers and buying organizations. Suppliers benefit from guaranteed payment and buying organizations can leverage configurable controls and payment methods within a single platform.

Functionality includes:

  • SSO integration with a secure payment solution; 
  • Invoice batch submissions via API for payment; 
  • Payment scheduler
  • BQ Payment authorization document; and
  • Enhanced Invoice status functionality and powerful workflow to support payment-related processes and efficient status tracking. 

BQPay introduces the persona of the Payment Manager for paying or scheduling payment of invoices.

Credit Memo Reconciliation Rules May Be Configured 

Buying organizations benefit from expanded payables functionality with the ability to configure Credit Memo Reconciliation Rules similar to Invoice Reconciliation Rules. Credit Memo Reconciliation Rules may be configured and available in a Rules Grid and Lookup Table.  Lookup Rules may also be imported and exported.

The addition of lookup tables for Credit Memo Reconciliation Rules offers increased oversight and efficiency in the Credit Memo Reconciliation workflow.  Determination of responsible approvers through a lookup table saves effort in rule configuration by consolidating rules for the same condition but involving different approvers.

Example: Credit Memo Reconciliation Rule Configuration 

BuyerQuest CreditMemoReconciliationRule2020Oct26.png

See Documentation Topics:

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Configuration to Select Whether Supplier Invoice/CM Number is Editable 

A configuration has been added to specify whether a Supplier Invoice or Credit Memo Number is editable after submission. The ability to lock in the number enables buying organizations to comply with strict audit requirements and to avoid any inadvertent errors during Invoice and Credit Memo entry and processing. 

Example: Configuration for Editable Invoice and Credit Memo Number  

BuyerQuest EditableInvoiceCMNumber2020Oct28.png

See Documentation Topics:

Payables Configuration: Invoice and Credit Memo Configuration

Marketplace Module 

Approvers May Be Added Manually during Edit Request 

The BuyerQuest platform enables Users to manually add Approvers and Watchers when editing a Request. This added capability accommodates flexibility in the approval process and increases efficiency in the procurement workflow.   Manually added Approvers are placed at the end of the Approval Chain and may then be repositioned, 

Example: Manually Add Approver During Edit Request 

BuyerQuest ManuallyAddApprovers2v2020Oct14.png

See Documentation Topics:

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cXML Requests May Be Imported 

BuyerQuest expands the platform's integration points by enabling Requests to be imported via cXML. Items from imported Requests will be considered non-catalog items. Requests must conform to an import specification and header and line-level files will be validated. 

Billing Locations May Be Edited on a Request 

Users may update Billing information on Edit Request and Review Request pages. The Billing Location is accessible at the header level for quick and easy review and updating. 

Example: Edit Request Page - Billing Location 

BuyerQuest EditRequestBilling2020Oct26.png

See Documentation Topics:

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Accounting String Updated at Checkout for Users Not Able to Edit Accounting

Accounting Strings and Commodity Group to GL mappings will be automatically updated at Checkout for users not permissioned to edit accounting. The automated update results in successful validation at Checkout for clear creation of Requests. 

See Documentation Topics:

Create a Request at Checkout

Platform Module 

Products with Common Fields Export Offers Navigation to Products in Marketplace

The product url field has been added to the Export of Products with Common Fields to enable buying organizations to quickly navigate from the Export file to products in their Marketplace. 

See Documentation Topics:

Product Exports

Custom User Attributes Display in User Record 

User Attributes may be configured for display and editing in the User Record, resulting in easy access, reference, and maintenance of User attributes for Administrators. 

Example: User Attributes Accessible from User Information

BuyerQuest UserAttributes2020Nov29.png

See Documentation Topics:

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Extrinsics Defaults in POOM Configuration

A Punchout Connection configuration has been added to enable the system to read extrinsics in the Punchout Order Message (POOM) and capture the values of specific product attributes to pass back to buying organizations from Punchout suppliers. 

See Documentation Topics:

Manage Punchout Connections

Business Intelligence Module 

Good Data ASN Export Capability 

The BuyerQuest platform offers an additional integration point from Good Data featuring an ASN Export to be used for tracking Purchase Order items that have been shipped

See Documentation Topics:

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