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10.12.0 Release Features and Functionality (December 2020)

BuyerQuest 10.12, released December 30, 2020, introduced a number of new and improved features.

Marketplace Module

Amazon Business: Support for Multiple Accounts and Regions

BuyerQuest supports multiple Amazon Business accounts in multiple regions to accommodate an organization's users across different countries. The platform enables multiple accounts and regions with Marketplace credentials maintained at the Supplier level. A User will have access to one Marketplace featuring one Amazon Supplier. 

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RFQ History Updated When Supplier is Invited 

When an RFQ is shared with a new Supplier through invitation on the RFQ page, the History of the RFQ is updated, offering display of a complete and accurate record of Suppliers associated with the RFQ. 

Example: RFQ History Update

BuyerQuest SupplierInviteRFQHistory2020Nov24.png

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Purchase Order Details Include Location External ID 

The addition of the Location External ID to Purchase Order details as viewed from the Admin Control Panel will bolster administrators' ability to locate, reference, and manage Purchase Orders.

Example: Purchase Order Details - View from Admin Control Panel

BuyerQuest ExternalIDPurchaseOrder2020Nov24.png

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Platform Module

Internal User Export Available

An Internal Users Export provides enhanced support for reference and management of key User Information. The Export is accessible from the Admin Control Panel and includes id, name and contact details, login id, user permission, content groups, preferred currency and language, approver and approval limit, delegation, and accounting. 

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ERP Purchase Order Transfer Log Includes Purchase Order Title

The ERP Purchase Order Transfer Log offers additional key information with the inclusion of the Purchase Order Title in the Data available from the log. 

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Payables Module

Credit Memo Reconciliation Workflow, Grid, and Details 

The Payables workflow benefits from a robust Credit Memo Reconciliation workflow, enabled by a Grid to view status and access Credit Memo Reconciliation Details through the signature BuyerQuest search and filter on key Credit Memo fields.  

The Reconcile Credit Memos Grid and Details is available to properly permissioned users to enable quick and easy Credit Memo Reconciliation based on shipping locations. Header and Line-level Exceptions and Status are prominently displayed, along with a listing of related documents: Purchase Orders, Receipts, Invoices, and Credit Memos. Actions such as Reject result in status and history updates and email notifications being sent. 

Automatic Clearance of Invoice Reconciliation Exceptions 

The BuyerQuest system enables a configuration to auto-clear Invoice Reconciliation exceptions when a triggering event occurs. Examples of conditions that may be configured to trigger auto clearance are Purchase Order update, Invoice moving to Denied Status, and Creation of a Credit Memo or Receipt.

Email notifications alert users to an exception being auto cleared, and the Invoice History reflects the auto clearance. 

Email Notification to Requestor for Supplier Comments on Invoice

Email Notifications are sent to Requestors when a Supplier makes a comment on an Invoice, providing timely communication between buyers and suppliers. 

Example: Notification of Supplier Comment on Invoice

BuyerQuest NotificationInvoiceComment2020Nov24.png

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