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10.2.0 Release Features and Functionality (February 2020)

BuyerQuest 10.2.0, released February 28, 2020, offers the ability in the BuyerQuest platform to receive Purchase Orders from an outside system in cXML format.

Platform Module 

Import of cXML Purchase Orders  

The BuyerQuest platform fully supports import of Purchase Orders in cXML from external systems for transmission to suppliers and downstream payables processing.  This additional capability allows external spend to be channeled and tracked, enabling a complete spend profile to be analyzed within a single system.

Required values are validated on import and a Purchase Order document record is accessible to buyers and suppliers on successful creation in the BuyerQuest system. The import allows additional extrinsics at the line level.

An Imported Purchase Order Grid is accessible from the BuyerQuest main menu for both users and suppliers. The Imported Purchase Order Grid is similar to the current Purchase Order Grid and is searchable by ERP PO number or PO number. Properly permissioned users on both buyer and supplier sides are able to create invoices and credit memos against the imported Purchase Orders. 

Example: Imported Purchase Order Grid 
BuyerQuest ImportedPurchaseOrderGrid2020Jan27.png


The system can also be configured to send imported Purchase Orders to Suppliers via either cXML or email. 

The History of the Purchase Order includes an entry on Purchase Order creation via cXML import. Related records include Invoices, Credit Memos, and imported Receipts (if configured) created against the Purchase Order. 

Status updates and import logs also support this integration point. The new logs - PO Import Log and PO Status Update Log -  are searchable by either  the BuyerQuest or the ERP PO numbers. The logs also provide clear display of status and the incoming and outgoing cXML messages and responses for easy reference and troubleshooting. 

Example: Purchase Order Import Log 

BuyerQuest POImportLog2020Jan27.png


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