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10.3.0 Release Features and Functionality (March 2020)

BuyerQuest 10.3.0, released March 31, 2020, includes a number of new and expanded features.

Marketplace Module

Display of Out-of-Stock Status for Items in Bundles 

Users ordering items using bundles in Marketplace are alerted to the Out of Stock status of any item that is currently out of stock. Display of Out of Stock status eliminates the need for separate additional communication on status and thus enables quicker and more efficient configuration of bundles. 

Out of Stock Item as Option in a Bundle


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Platform Module       

Reassign Reconciliation, Approval, and Receiving Tasks  

Flexibility in document workflow task assignment is supported by allowing the transfer of approval, reconciliation, and receiving tasks to another active user in the BuyerQuest system. This functionality is focused on supporting the continuation of the workflow when users who are assigned to these key tasks are no longer available to complete them. 

This functionality ensures that administrators have the ability to transfer tasks in bulk from one user to another user when necessary, such as when the original person leaves the company or takes extended leave. The resulting reassignment provides transfer of the task, but not the ownership of the document.

Administrators have the ability to transfer tasks in the Manage Users Grid. Users are notified via email when tasks are assigned to them.  These users will see documents that have tasks transferred to them listed in the DOCUMENTS section of the Main Menu. 

cXML Purchase Order Import Allows Shipping at Header Level 

Buying organizations may send shipping information at the header level (versus line level) in Purchase Order cXML files inbound to the BuyerQuest system. Additional support has been added for Header level shipping for the entire Purchase Order. 

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Purchase Order Inbound from ERP - cXML Specification

cXML Invoices for Imported Purchase Orders 

Buying organizations are allowed to create Invoices against Purchase Orders transferred from an external ERP. These Invoices follow the same workflow as Invoices created against a BuyerQuest Purchase Order while also respecting any validation, configuration, reconciliation and approval rules. 

The Invoice is displayed within the related records on the Purchase Order Details page. The creation history is captured on the Invoice Details Page. 

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Invoice Inbound - cXML Specification

Requesters May Reconcile and Approve Invoices 

Requesters have the ability to reconcile and approve Invoices generated against their Requests. Invoice Reconciliation Rule configuration lists the Requester as an Approver Type for buying organizations who allow this practice. 

Reconciliation Rule Configuration - Approver Type May be Requester 

BuyerQuest RequesterTypeReconciliationRule2020Mar31.jpg

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Item Type Added in Configuration Options for Invoice Reconciliation and Approval Rules 

Conditions available in the configuration of Invoice Reconciliation and Approval Rules have been expanded to allow for rules based on Item Type - either Product or Service. This expansion in conditions allows buying organizations to easily configure rules based on this distinction.

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Invoice Modified Date Added to Select Date Type on Invoice Exports 

The Transaction Invoice Report scope is expanded to include support for the selection of invoices that have been modified within a specifiable time frame. This expansion allows greater flexibility in the options defining the scope of exported invoices. 

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Legal Entity Added as Location Attribute

An additional attribute, Legal Entity, will be available in the configuration of Locations, supporting greater specificity and flexibility in identifying and labeling locations.

Legal Entity Location Attribute

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Accounting Splits Allow Integers Only

Validation has been added in the BuyerQuest platform to ensure that Accounting Splits are integers only and do not include decimal values.

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Product Attributes Included in Emails to Suppliers 

Information communicated to Suppliers is enhanced and expanded with the inclusion of product attributes in Purchase Order emails, when configurations specify. 

Sample Purchase Order Email to Supplier Includes Product Attributes

BuyerQuest POCreatedToSupplier2020Mar04.png

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AWS SES Configuration Added to Email Settings 

Email management includes the ability to specify the SES Configuration Set in Email settings in the Admin Control Panel to expand support for additional email services. 

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