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10.4.0 Release Features and Functionality (April 2020)

BuyerQuest 10.4.0, released April 30, 2020, includes a number of new and enhanced features, especially in the payables area.

Platform Module 

BuyerQuest Accepts Non-Purchase Order Based cXML Invoices and Credit Memos  

The BuyerQuest system accepts non-PO based Invoices and Credit Memos in cXML. This new capability provides a robust integration point with external systems and extends powerful spend management capabilities to all categories of spend. The BuyerQuest platform offers the same status, workflow, history, notifications, and actions as for Purchase Order-based Invoices and Credit Memos.

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Inbound cXML Purchase Orders and Invoices Accommodate Comments and Attachments  

Comments and attachments are enabIed on Inbound cXML Purchase Orders and Invoices at both the header and line levels. Both will be displayed on Purchase Order and Invoice detail pages, as well as downloaded pdfs. Comments and Attachments will also be transmitted to suppliers via cXML or emails. The addition of this key information on inbound documents provides complete communication throughout the procurement workflow.

Integration with OCR Systems to Receive Scanned Paper Invoices in cXML  

The BuyerQuest system accommodates an integration with OCR systems to receive submissions of OCR invoices in cXML format. Supplier Information in the OCR invoice is validated and the Invoice Information and History sections indicate OCR submission. 

Example: Invoice Information Displaying OCR Submission Method 

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Full Support for Import of cXML Receipts, Imported Receipts Grid, and Details 

The BuyerQuest platform fully supports imports of cXML quantity-based Receipts from external systems for downstream payables processing. This expanded capability broadens the platform's capacity for integration with external systems and its support for a broad spectrum of procurement processes. 

Required values are  validated on import and a Receipt document record is accessible upon successful creation in the BuyerQuest system. The import allows additional Receipt-specific extrinsics in the cXML file. Imported Receipts are listed in the Related Records of their associated Purchase Orders. 

An Imported Receipt Grid is accessible from the BuyerQuest main menu and is similar to the existing Receipts Grid. Imported Receipts are available for access for three-way matching during Invoice Reconciliation. The Receipt Details page for an Imported Receipt features the same History and Actions available as for existing Receipts.  

Additional Fields in OK2Pay Export Files  

Buying organizations and their procurement processes will benefit from an expansion of data included in OK2Pay export files. The revamped OK2Pay Export from the BuyerQuest system offers comprehensive information, with additional fields included for Buyer information, Shipping and Billing details, Approver details, Product Information, Accounting information, and others.

The OK2Pay Export includes both Purchase Orders created in the BuyerQuest system and Purchase Orders imported from external systems. 

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