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10.5.0 Release Features and Functionality (May 2020)

BuyerQuest 10.5.0, released May 29, 2020, includes a number of new and enhanced features, especially in Invoice and Credit Memo processing, approval, and reconciliation.

Platform Module 

Contract Price Added as a Condition in Request Approval Rules 

Support for Contracts is extended to include Contract Price as an available condition in configuring Request Approval Rules for line items. This expansion allows a straightforward implementation of Contract Compliance at the Request stage of the procurement workflow. 

Request Approval Rule Configured for Contract Price 

BuyerQuest RuleConditionContractPriceRequest2020May29.png

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Shipping Location Added to Request Approval, Invoice Approval, and Reconciliation Lookup Tables 

The BuyerQuest platform supports the assignment of Request Approvers, Invoice Reconcilers, and Invoice Approvers based on Shipping Location. The addition of this selection criterion in document rules provides greater flexibility in assignment of these key roles. 

ERP Purchase Order Number Added to Invoice and Credit Memo Creation, Grids, and Details 

Invoices and Credit Memos created from imported Purchase Orders will feature the ERP Purchase Order Number in Create and Details pages.  The ERP PO Number will also be displayed and searchable on the Invoice Grid to help easily locate, access, and manage these key documents.  

ERP Purchase Order Number Searchable in Invoices Grid 

BuyerQuest ERPPOSearchable2020Apr27.jpg

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Configuration to Allow Imported Purchase Orders to be Sent to ERP 

Expanded integration capabilities allow imported Purchase Orders to be sent from the BuyerQuest system to an external ERP. This addition provides buying organizations with the means to flexibly configure their processes and retain complete records within internal systems. 

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Invoice Status Updates of Denied and Validated Failed Added to Invoice Integration 

 The BuyerQuest system integrates with ERP systems via cXML to receive and process both Rejected and Validation Failed statuses in Invoice Status Updates. Rejected status translates to Denied when displayed in the Invoices Grid and Details.

Header-level Comments included in an Invoice Update Status transmission are displayed in the Additional Information section of the Invoice. The Invoice History is updated with Denied and Failed Validation entries to provide a comprehensive workflow record.

Status Update email notifications of Denial or Validation Failure are also sent to the Supplier and Buyer Contact.

History Displays Invoice Status Updates: Denied and Validation Failed 

BuyerQuest FailedERPInvoiceHistory2020May29.png

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Invoice Failed ERP Validation Status Workflow and Failed Invoices Grid 

BuyerQuest Invoice workflow includes the ingestion and processing of Invoice Failed Validation Status from an ERP and maintains a Failed Invoices Grid for efficient Invoice workflow management 

This expanded workflow supports email notification for Invoices failing ERP validation and allows permissioned access to the Failed Invoices Grid for viewing, editing, and resubmission to the ERP.

Invoice Reconciliation Exceptions Cleared when New Receipt Created 

BuyerQuest supports clearing of Invoice Reconciliation Exceptions when additional receipts are created against a Purchase Order.

Buying organizations have the option to configure the re-evaluation of Reconciliation Rules when a new Receipt is created to either Auto Clear Only or Auto and Manually Clear. The re-evaluation, when configured, will apply to both Receipts imported from an external system and those created in the BuyerQuest system.

When the system auto clears an Invoice Exception, the Invoice History displays the details of that change and an email notification is also sent to the Reconciler. 

Fields Added to Purchase Order and Invoice Transaction Reports and Receipts Exporter 

Reporting enhancements in the BuyerQuest system feature the inclusion of the ERP Purchase Order number in the Transaction Purchase Order and Invoice Reports, and also in the Receipts Export from an ERP.

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