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10.6.0 Release Features and Functionality (June 2020)

BuyerQuest 10.6, released June 26, 2020, included a number of new and enhanced features.

Platform Module

Currency Precision for Unit Pricing Available for Display and Export 

The BuyerQuest platform displays and exports the full precision of item unit price values provided via cXML, supplier upload, or manual entry into the system, up to 8 places. Document totals continue to reflect the currency precision as configured, with at least 2 decimal places. 

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Payment Terms Import and Export and Support for cXML Supplier Payment Terms    

A capability to import and export Payment Terms via csv file is available for easy maintenance of this key information. The BuyerQuest platform supports both full and delta imports. 

Additionally, payment terms that are transmitted by Suppliers via cXML Invoice files are processed to determine the correct terms for inbound Invoices

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Access to Attachments on Incoming Documents Enabled Through Configuration of Credentials 

Incoming Purchase Orders and Invoices may include attachments requiring credentials for access. BuyerQuest enables easy access to these attachments through configurations for OCR and cXML transmissions. When configured with appropriate credentials, the system processes and stores the attachments for users to access when details pages are viewed. 

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Permissions for Imported Purchase Orders and Imported Receipts Grids

Permissions for access to Imported Purchase Order and Receipts Grids are available to configure availability of these documents to users who need them. 

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Payables Module

Increased Control over Invoice Changes

BuyerQuest offers the ability to specify editable fields for both PO-based and non PO-based Invoices. User permissions for Invoice editing will be expanded to specify permission to edit line details, taxes and shipping, and accounting combinations for each type of Invoice. Edit Invoice pages reflect the configured permissions. 

A permissioned user editing an Invoice may also select and update another Requester in the same Content Group. The Invoices and Credit Memo Histories will detail the edits made. 

See the video below for details of this feature in action. 

Expanded Invoice Permissions

BuyerQuest ExpandedInvoicePermissions2020May27.png

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Invoice Approvers May be Added and Permissions to be Extended  

During Approval, an Invoice Approver is able to add another Approver to the Invoice approval chain on the Invoice Details page. Properly permissioned Approvers may manually select another enabled user from the same Content Group and also enter a reason for adding the selected user.

See the video below for details of this feature in action. 

Adding an Approver in an Invoice Approval Chain

BuyerQuest AddingInvoiceApprover2020May19.png

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Video: BuyerQuest Invoice Enhancements - Edit Invoice and Add Approvers During Approval

Watch the video for details of the invoice enhancements offered in this release.

Invoice Reconciler May be Reassigned During Reconciliation

The Invoice Reconciliation page features the option for an invoice reconciler to reassign invoice reconciliation to another user. This capability allows flexibility in reconciliation processes when assigned Reconcilers may not possess the requisite authority to reconcile invoices under specific circumstances.

An email notification is sent to the new Assigned Reconciler and the Invoice history will reflect the reconciliation reassignment. 

Reassign Invoice Reconciler

BuyerQuest ReconciliationReassignment2020May27.png

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Robust Support for Credit Memo Approval Rules, Details, and Work Flow

The option to route Credit Memos for approval is configurable on the BuyerQuest platform. Included is the capability to configure approval rules to distinguish between PO-based and non PO-based Credit Memos.

Specific Rules may designate Requesters as Approvers or may be configured using select header level conditions, such as shipping location. Lookup Rules are available for import or configuration to determine an Approver via a Rule Lookup Table.  

Permissioned approvers/users are able to access a Credit Memo Approval Grid, showing Credit Memos in Pending Approval, Denied, or OK to Pay status.

Credit Memo details pages feature an Approval Chain and a History section.  Email notifications regarding approvals and rejections are sent to Buyers, Approvers, and Suppliers.

Invoice Approvers May Provide Reason for Denying Invoice

Invoice Approvers are offered the option to provide a reason for denying approval of an Invoice. The reason provided will be added to the Invoice History and also be sent to the Supplier in the email notification denying the approval. 

Deny Invoice on Invoice Details Page

BuyerQuest InvoiceDenialReason2020Mar13.png

Reason for Denial Shown in Invoice History

BuyerQuest InvoiceHistoryDeniedReason2020Mar13.png

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Receipts Imports Benefit from Log 

Receipts imported into BuyerQuest will be logged and records will be accessible from a grid listing Receipt Number, ERP PO #, Request, Response, Message, Status, and Submission Date.

Receipt Import Log

BuyerQuest ReceiptImportLog2020May28.png

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