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10.7.0 Release Features and Functionality (July 2020)

BuyerQuest 10.7, released August 7, 2020, included new and enhanced features.

Marketplace Module   

Transfer of Requests to Active User  

The BuyerQuest platform enables Requests to be transferred to another user when the original owner becomes inactive or is otherwise unavailable.

Transfer of ownership of a Request to an active user provides robust support for keeping documents moving through the procurement workflow and maintaining consistently high levels of efficiency. Updating the Requestor also updates the Requestor on all related documents, in addition to the Request. 

Transfer Request to Active User 

BuyerQuest TransferRequests2020Jun22.png

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Delegation Available for Receipt Creation 

The BuyerQuest platform extends delegation to include creation of receipts by the person designated as acting on behalf of the delegator. The expansion allows the full array of procurement document access and actions to users acting on behalf of a delegator, supporting efficient processes and workflow. 

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Payables Module 

Credit Memos May be Edited 

Credit Memos are editable in the Credit Memo Approval flow, with the same editing functionality currently available for Invoices. Credit Memo editing is subject to permissions, and configurations may limit edits to specified fields in PO-based and Non PO-based Credit Memos.

The Credit Memo editor is also able to update the Requestor by selecting a user from the same Content Group. All edits and updates are included in the Credit Memo History. 

Credit Memo Approval rules may also be retriggered as applicable, for edited and saved Credit Memos that are Pending Approval, and notifications will be sent to Approvers. 

Edit Credit Memo on Credit Memo Details Page 

BuyerQuest EditCredit Memo2020Jun23.png

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Credit Memo Workflow to Include Failed ERP Validation Status  

The BuyerQuest system may be configured to receive ERP validation failed status messages for Credit Memos failing validation. Credit Memos failing validation are placed in AP users' queue to be updated and then resent to the ERP for approval. Emails notifications alert users to failed status and a Failed Credit Memos Grid provides access. Credit Memo History is updated on the Credit Memo details page.