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10.8.0 Release Features and Functionality (August 2020)

BuyerQuest 10.8.0, released August 31, 2020, includes a number of new and enhanced features.

Supplier Network

Product Visibility Field Added to Common Fields Import and Export Files 

Suppliers and Administrators will be afforded more control over product display with the ability to set the visibility of products using an optional visibility field in the Common Fields Import file. This field will be available for both full and delta loads and will also be included in Common Fields File Exports. 

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Product Exports

Platform Module

cXML Receipt Creation Failure Notification

Administration of receipts has been improved through email notifications of failed cXML Receipt transactions

Email Notification of Receipt Creation Failure

BuyerQuest EMailFailedReceiptTransaction2V2020Jul14.png

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Payables Module

Credit Memo Comment Notifications

Email Notifications are sent to Buyers and Suppliers when an external comment is added to a Credit Memo and benefit users by streamlining communication in the procurement workflow. The email notification is similar to notifications sent for external comments for Invoices. 

Credit Memo Comment Notification

BuyerQuest CreditMemoCommentNotification2020Jul28.png

See Documentation Topics:

Credit Memo Emails

Transfer of Credit Memo Approval Tasks for Administrators

Flexibility in payables workflow is bolstered with the ability to transfer credit memo approvals to other permissioned users. 

Transfer Credit Memo Approvals 

BuyerQuest TransferCreditMemoApprovals2020Jul14.png

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