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10.9.0 Release Features and Functionality (September 2020)

BuyerQuest 10.9.0, published September 30, 2020, includes a number of new and enhanced features.

Marketplace Module

Option to Lock SKU and UOM fields on Web Forms and Non-catalog Orders 

Buying organizations can lock the content in SKU and UOM fields, removing the ability for users to edit them in Web Forms and Non-catalog Items during Change Orders.

The change order editable fields specification in the Supplier record currently available for catalog orders has been extended to these fields across the board and governs line items in Web Forms and Non-catalog Orders. 

See Documentation Topics:

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Platform Module

Accounting Periods and Validation of Received On Date

Using accounting periods ensures that documents created during the procurement workflow occur within a specified time interval. The ability to specify accounting periods is available in the Admin Control Panel at Manage Accounting Periods. 

Validation of Receipt (Received On Date) is also configurable and applicable to Receipts that are not imported. Validation serves to ensure that Receipts are created within an open accounting period. 

Manage Accounting Periods in the BuyerQuest Admin Control Panel

BuyerQuest ManageAccountingPeriods2020Aug13copy.png

See Documentation Topics:

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Payables Module

CSV Import of Non PO-Based Invoices

The BuyerQuest platform enables the import of non PO-based csv invoices using the Data Load Import feature. The import functionality provides for field mappings and validation of content in the header-level and line-level files.  All items in a Non PO-Based Invoice are considered non-catalog items. 

See Documentation Topics:

Invoice Import

Spend Limit Approvers Respected for Invoice and Credit Memo Approval Rules 

Approval types Spend Limit Approver, Spend Limit Approval Hierarchy, and Sufficient Spend Limit Authority may be specified in Invoice and Credit Memo Approval Rules. The option to assign these approval types allows approvals irrespective of the Invoice or Credit Memo total. 

Invoice Approval Rule Approval Types

BuyerQuest InvoiceApproverTypes2020Aug19copy.png

See Documentation Topics:

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Updated Field Added to Invoices Grid 

The Invoices Grid in the Admin Control Panel offers additional functionality in the Updated Field, which can be used to target invoices by last modification date. This field enables searching on a date range for administrators to target and view invoices that were updated and sent in the Ok to Pay export. 

Updated Field in Invoices Grid

BuyerQuest UpdatedFieldInvoicesGrid2020Aug31copy.png

See Documentation Topics:

Invoices Management

Bulk Update Available for Failed Invoices

Administrators are able to bulk update the status of invoices that failed ERP validation via the Admin Control Panel. The Invoices grid offers the functionality of Update Status to Denied for Invoices selected by the administrator. This update capability affords greater efficiency in the invoice processing workflow.

Update Invoice Status to Denied 


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