Catalog Templates
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    Catalog Templates

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    Catalog Templates for supplier uploads are included here in an attached file. The file includes examples and blank templates for use.

    Catalog Templates

    All the Catalog Templates are included here for use in supplier catalog uploads through the BuyerQuest Network:


    This file includes separate sheets for each type of file, with examples and details, in addition to a blank template for each of the following uploads:

    Common Fields

    Additional Attributes

    Custom Options 

    Tiered Pricing

    Catalog Upload Templates - Detailed Descriptions

    For a fully detailed description of fields, upload types (delta and full), best practices, and errors and warnings in validation reports, see the following topics: 

    Self-Service Catalog Management Overview

    Catalog Files - Detailed Description

    Catalog Upload - Common Fields 

    Catalog Upload - Additional Attributes

    Catalog Upload - Custom Options

    Catalog Upload - Tiered Pricing

    Catalog Upload - File Attachments

    Catalog Upload - Bundles

    Catalog Upload - Replacement Parts

    Catalog Upload - Linked Products

    Catalog Content Quality Standards

    Catalog Upload Status and Validation Reports

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